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CNN Caught Lying About Delegate Numbers! (True Updated Delegate Numbers Included)

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They have been lying about

They have been lying about this every day for months now just like every other network.

...and all other stories

What they do is programming. They program US.

Their entire purpose is to lie to US, to keep us in the dark, to keep us scared, to keep us divided.

They NEVER tell the truth about anything, it goes against their purpose.

PsyOps. It's been going on

PsyOps. It's been going on over mass-media since at least WWII. It's not even a secret.


The massive global control system is not a secret. It is all documented and is easy to verify if we have an open mind.

It's only a secret to all the people who don't really want to know.

Truer words were never

Truer words were never spoken, except that Obamney is a douche.

Haha well said

Obama, Romney etc are all agents - puppets - for the masters of the control system.