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Ron Paul Winning!

The mass media and all their hangers on are becoming irrelevant to the political discourse in the United States.

This will be proven when Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination in Tampa this coming August. The only reason many will find this hard to believe is because they depend for their “news” on the mass media and their acolytes.

Of course the special interests who own the mass media and their coterie of sycophants will continue to oppose Ron Paul because when he is President their gravy train will hit the buffers with a bang.

My curiosity is somewhat piqued with the question of what strategy of avoidance and denigration they will come up with when Dr. Paul becomes the Republican nominee?

The members of the public who oppose him are less culpable since they have been lied to consistently about Ron Paul’s beliefs, his political positions and his character. They will simply have to come to a different understanding of how the world actually works and what is really going on everywhere.

The fact that they have no understanding of their political system and how it is manipulated by the secret government for their own ends is is one example of how they have been deceived for at least a century. Even the commentators whose job it is to know these things have become no more than noddy dogs with scripts to read that have been written for them.

An article in the Cornell Daily Sun by three Ron Paul supporters from three different political persuasions summed up his record in these memorable words:

“Analyzing Ron Paul’s congressional record dating back to the 1970s provides almost archaeological proof of a lifelong dedication to making true his message of limited government. We absolutely know where he stands and that he won’t budge.”

That these politically astute young men should find Ron Paul’s message so persuasive and his consistency of character praiseworthy ought to be a sign to others that this man is of historic stature.

It must surely challenge them to leave the mass corporate media and their slavish emulators to discover just why so many millions of Americans who are both intelligent and well informed should support Dr. Paul so passionately.

Ron Paul has already won, it is the rest that may not be in the know that need catching up.

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WHY say things like this when

WHY say things like this when in just 3 1.2 months you are going to look silly?

You know who isn't saying that Ron Paul is winning? An older gentleman named Ron Paul.

Member for two hours..

and all negative posts. Nice try, troll.



Is this what DW was going to announce?
Think Romney is under water legaly over the Swiss Bank thing?

It has to mean Romney is out, not big news that Ron Paul is the only OTHER canditate standing!



CHECK THIS OUT: http://beforeitsnews.com/story/2112/345/Romney_Will_Be_Disqu...
You may be right after all. Ignore the Romney trolls.

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

THINK for a second...if it

THINK for a second...if it was about Romney dropping out, do you honestly think that the Ron Paul campaign would be the one to report it before all the other news. And that they would have said "Something big is going to happen" for almost a WEEK before actually revealing it?