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Federal prisoner earns votes against Obama in West Virginia primary

It is pretty bad when a federal prisoner takes almost half of the democratic vote from the usurper criminal.

What is notable is seeing these voters also go to Ron Paul.

"In the Democratic primary there, 4 out of 10 cast votes for Keith Judd, a prisoner in Texas serving time a for making threats at the University of New Mexico in 1999.

Obama earned 59 percent of the vote. Judd received 41 percent.

Some voters clearly wanted to make a statement against President No. 44, even if it casts a vote for Inmate No. 11593-051.

"I voted against Obama," said Ronnie Brown, a 43-year-old electrician from Cross Lanesm, W.Va. told the Associated Press. "I don't like him. He didn't carry the state before and I'm not going to let him carry it again."

Brown said he instead voted for "That guy out of Texas."



We are winning. Accept that.


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