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We Have Already Won!

No matter how long Ron Paul stays in. We have installed leadership at all levels. We will have a HUGE impact at convention. The revolution IS STRONGER than ever!!!!!!!!!!!

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What do you mean..

.."no matter how long Ron Paul stays in"?
You up to your old tricks again topgunner?

Yes, but we want to win the

Yes, but we want to win the Grand Prize.

Just keep winning, just keep winning, just keep winning!


Sooner or later we will win! Keep it up yall, Just keep winning!

Maybe so

But I want Ron Paul in the Whitehouse to bring back honor and integrity this government needs. It's Ron Paul or Ron Paul. He is the only choice to re-introduce the constitutional role this government needs to abide by.


but cannot have tunnel vision.

egapele's picture

But tunnel vision is what it takes.

There truly is no one else in our lifetime that can fill this space.

I agree

Ron Paul will be the best in my lifetime