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An idea for a video ad.

Hey guys I have a great idea for a video ad. Here is the idea:

The ad would be directed at Tampa delegates. Display a delegate ballot as if you were a Tampa delegate. Show the names on the ballot, with each name having a check box next to it. Show the pencil checking the Mitt Romney box; then the video jumps immediately jump to the events that are GUARANTEED to occur if the Mitt gets elected; Iran War, show the bloodshed, show a graph of the national defense budget, show a chart comparing our national defense budget to other countries, show the dollar crisis, show charts of our insane deficit and the increased spending, show the continued corruptions, politicians imprisoned on a regular basis...

Then show the pencil checking the Ron Paul box... The video jumps to soldiers coming home to their families, show headlines of US companies choosing keep their business in the US, show headlines of more people wanting to buy "made in America" products, show headlines of US education improving internationally, show headlines of health care practices and costs becoming "down to earth," show headlines of "Americans more satisfied with how well their local govt is working for them."

Then at the end of the ad, zoom back to the ballot and the check boxes, and say "it's your choice," "you decide," or "it's up to you."

I am not personally into the video editing and all that, but I have this idea. I could even storyboard it a little if someone was interested.

What do you think?

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It's a great idea for an ad

but it would involve a lot of time and money. It's not just an editing job. You need actors, cameras, lighting, sets, graphics etc. I think it's beyond the scope of a grass-roots effort.