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Why we must fight

I was revisiting some of my posts here from 2008. This one was a good reminder for why we must keep on fighting, no matter what.


So, It is around 9:30am here, I have been up all night following links, researching Ron Paul, and generally getting informed and excited. I needed to grab something from my car, and so I walked downstairs and out my front door.

As soon as I was outside, I felt a breeze of cool fresh air. I smelled wet asphalt, (I live in a city) and I heard the birds chirping away. There was a nice state of calm around me in the natural world, and I realize that it was this that Paulites are fighting for. We may get caught up in the details of monetary policy or foreign policy, but ultimately, it is about LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

And so, as I walked inside, I thought to myself "How is it that such a perfect sentiment, as described by our founders, had been corrupted into our current state of affairs." And I was saddened almost to tears for a split second. And then I thought to myself, "There is hope," and the spring returned to my step.

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I do not believe that many remember the end of the Pandora's Box story. It goes something like this:

...And after all the evils had escaped the box, pain, suffering, hardship, greed, hatred; a small white dove slowly emerged from the depths of the box. It had clearly not seen the light of day for a long time. It fluttered its wings, opened its eyes to bright sky and a beautiful earth, and took off into its new world. Although the box had contained the most evil things, it contained the one thing that could combat them all: hope. And so, whenever you are plagued by any evil, remember that white dove that flew boldly into the world.


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Thanks for that Hunter, I needed that about right now.