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*100,000 Texas Super Brochures Mailing*

Click here to Mail Super Brochures to TEXAS now.

We have less than 24 hours to get these last mailings to take us over 100,000.

Help the grassroots in Texas spread the message of Liberty!

COMPLETED!!! $5,000 Matching Challenge: COMPLETED!!!!

A person has put their money where their mouth is and just moved the mailings from 64,286 to 73,380.

The challenge: Will you match their mailings?

The goal is 82,471. DONE!!!!!

Original Post:

We are going into the last innings of a very close game. And we need a home run in Texas. And it is up to us to make the big play.

Texas is a proportional delegate State and will be one of the reasons Dr. Paul wins in Tampa. Texas is not Romney friendly and needs to be shown that Ron Paul is the right choice. Even the media is now admitting Ron Paul is WINNING!


"GOP Contest Not Over for Ron Paul"


"Ron Paul Dominating State Conventions"


"All Republican Delegates Are "Free Agents" and Unbound?"


For over a year, the grassroots has been working hard to get to where we are today. And we do it because it is our way of thanking Ron Paul for taking a stand. And now it is our time to make a stand in Texas. Let's win Texas!!!

Click here to Mail Super Brochures to TEXAS now.

After you mail your Super Brochures, please forward this message to everyone you know. This must go viral on the Meetup Groups, Facebook, Twitter, and other web sites.

If you need anything, please let me know.

In Liberty,


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first time poster

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Invoice Number:
Description: TX-Collin Precincts:96
Item Description Qty Taxable Unit Price Item Total
54355 96 1 N US $14.85 US $14.85
Total: US $14.85

Saw this on another thread

+3 I Just Joined The Daily Paul
Submitted by libertydoc on Mon, 05/14/2012 - 20:00.

I have been a Ron Paul supporter since 2007, donated to every moneybomb, donated to the Daily Paul, ron Paul Country, the blimp, I have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on both my cars, give out bumper stickers, share videos and I read The Daily Paul everyday (usually several times each day)

I had been planning on joining for a while but have had paypal problems (what a PIA)

I live in NJ, I am a registered Repub (because I needed to vote for Ron 4 years ago), am a Medical Doc. How can I best help in NJ. Can I become a delegate?

I of course will continue to donate (in my wife's name because I maxed out months ago), give out bumper stickers and tell anyone who will listen that Ron Paul is my hero.

Precinct 3129 Bexar County

It Said transaction went through on my end, however there is a problem at your site, it could not confirm the receipt. what's up?

Your order went through.

Your order went through. You can find your name here:

If you have any questions, please call me.

In Liberty,


Super Brochure: "Right To Bear Arms"

Thank You

Thank You

Did you check your email?

Unless it was mistyped (don't ask how I know about these things) you should get a confirmation in you email too.

You're the

You're the man!

Merchant: RonPaulProducts.com
Description: TX-Bexar Precincts:3129

Date/Time: 14-May-2012 07:18:53 PM PT
Transaction ID: 4377......

Wake up People, we need to put this away! Mail, go door to door, It's your battle to win, no one else's!

Ok, I'm in. Maybe it is only a handful but it is 102 more homes.

Here is a small one today. More later.

As folks can see, many of these are less than $20.00 and you can start with just one. Almost anyone can afford this. Tell all your friends and lets keep the ball rolling.

Item Description Qty Taxable Unit Price Item Total
55989 347. 1 N US $10.45 US $10.45
55961 313 1 N US $11.00 US $11.00
55992 389. 1 N US $11.00 US $11.00
55930 217 1 N US $11.55 US $11.55
55935 222 1 N US $12.10 US $12.10
Total: US $56.10

Let's keep the momentum going. LibertyUSA PAC

just received $300.00 more dollars to win Texas. Will post the buys, here. Help, you maxed out people, let's keep sending this message of liberty to Texans.

Post the link for www.LibertyUSApac.org everywhere to encourage more donations.

Let's get it started, c'mon everyone: $4800 to go!!

TX-Travis Precincts:216+460

Item Description Qty Taxable Unit Price Item Total
60218 216 1 N US $30.25 US $30.25
60388 460 1 N US $172.15 US $172.15

Total: US $202.40

Here is some good advice at the best use of the money

for mailings. This is related to the type of machine used. Hart Intercivic is made in Austin. The machine is more reliable and less vulnerable to hacking than ES&S. Researchers in the RP movement have shown that the Hart systems are less likely to suffer stolen votes from the Central tabulators. Here is a list of counties which exclusively use Hart Intercivic:

Deaf Smith

More will posted later. Pick from these as an option.

Wednesday Morning

Wednesday morning will be the last chance to mail Texas to guarantee that they arrive several days ahead of the primary.

In Liberty,


Super Brochure: "Right To Bear Arms"

jaseed's picture

Just Donated

Bexar Co
Remember The Alamo!

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

There are lots of opinions

about how best to buy brochures. My idea is to attack the area with the highest 2008 Ron Paul support. Here's an update on those counties I found with 10%+ support in 2008, and how much it would cost to finish them off with SBs:

County 2008% $
Brazoria 15 6827
Calhoun 11 772
Fayette 10 1178
Frio 11 234
Jackson 11 271
Lee 10 283
Matagorda 11 586
Travis 17 13625
Wharton 10 903
Williamson 10 8690

Also, I know it is human nature to want to feel a sense of accomplishment and that means some people (like myself) enjoy knowing we closed out an entire county. For those people, here are some smaller North Texas counties that anyone on a budget could complete on their own. Since I first posted this list, I have been able to remove 5 whole counties. Good work guys!!!

Childress 71
Cochran 107
Coke 80
Collingsworth 66
Crosby 194
Dickens 180
Donley 133
Garza 119
Lipscomb 90
Motley 40
Oldham 86
Roberts 56
Sherman 96
Sterling 52
Swisher 186
Wheeler 58

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$5,000 Matching Challenge:

$5,000 Matching Challenge:

A person has put their money where their mouth is and just moved the mailings from 64,286 to 73,380.

The challenge: Will you match their mailings?

The goal is 82,471.

In Liberty,


Super Brochure: "Right To Bear Arms"

Early voting starts today


Just bought the biggest available district in Dallas

tem Description Qty Taxable Unit Price Item Total
54676 2016 1 N US $158.95 US $158.95

Keep 'em coming!

These two buys are dedicated to the warriors of OK and AZ

Fight back, everyone. Don't stay on the fence. Where are all the warriors? Let's win Texas for the good doctor. We get enough of these out there and we can win the primary.

Let's win Dr. Paul's state hands down as his first 'admitted' primary win.

Who will join me? If someone else will buy $100 bucks or more, it might motivate me to buy more:

Description: TX-Travis Precincts:361+446

Item Description Qty Taxable Unit Price Item Total
60323 361 1 N US $63.25 US $63.25
60380 446 1 N US $63.80 US $63.80

Total: US $127.05

Can someone from Texas tell us EXACTLY where people should buy, list the top 12 counties? I'm assuming Travis, because he did extra good there last time.

And if you're a newbee or a person on the fence about this direct mail campaign, see this:

If you don't live in Texas

I would suggest focusing on the counties that are closest to the State Convention site, because more of the delegates that live near Ft. Worth will most likely show up than delegates from far off. Why is this important? The congressional districts under Texas Rep. party rules is "bound" proportionately to the vote in the primary. I would suggest the following counties in order of importance:
Parker and

Giving this a bump

We are doing well across this country. If you are maxed out with donating to Ron Paul, please consider helping with the phone from home and the Super brochure. Also, lodging in Tampa for our delegates needs to happen. Stay involved guys!!

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U

Bump for Texas and Thank You to Curt!

Thank you Curt and company for all that you're doing with the Super Brochure!

Joe in MD


Texas Needs Help With Super Brochures!

I bought some the other day for one of the south Texas counties.

I've also purchased superbrochures for precincts in Iowa, Florida, and South Carolina.

And, I've sent slim jims and super brochures to boots on the ground in New Mexico, Texas, and Oregon.

What have you done?

Got an extra $15 or $20? Buy a precinct in Texas. It's simple. As Dr. K said, if you only open-up one mind, you've done so much for the cause of freedom and the Constitution.

Make it happen!

Joe in MD


Texas Bump!

When's the deadline for mailings?

The deadline is most likely Tuesday night. We don't

have much time left. Let's contact all who we know, especially people who have maxed out in donations. Let's let everyone know that they can do their part to change this country for the better and reach the hearts and minds of fellow Americans.

If even ONE person is influenced positively by your mailings, it was worth it!! Liberate someone. Join the mailings.

And look at this: we get $1500 donation to mail Super Brochures if by achieving this drive, aimed exclusively at FIRST-TIME SB buyers. So, you newbees on the fence, click on this link:


Donate today

Early voting starts Monday!

Super Brochure Mailing Advice

I would like to mail Super Brochures to Milam County, Texas - Precinct 318, which is where I was raised. However, I do not want my name listed as the sender. I want the recipients to view these objectively and come to the realization that Dr. Paul is the only logical choice in this election - without feeling as if someone they know is persuading them to vote for 'their' candidate. Any advice? I am not sure if you can list a different name than the name on the card with which you pay.

Read way below

or check your email account associated with your dailypaul account.

$1000.00 more for victory

Freedom-fighter from Monroe, LA (health food business) and antique dealer from Kansas City, MO, have just donated $500 each. We're buying thousands more mailings in Travis County. Hoorah to all!!

Thank You

Freedom Fighter