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*100,000 Texas Super Brochures Mailing*

Click here to Mail Super Brochures to TEXAS now.

We have less than 24 hours to get these last mailings to take us over 100,000.

Help the grassroots in Texas spread the message of Liberty!

COMPLETED!!! $5,000 Matching Challenge: COMPLETED!!!!

A person has put their money where their mouth is and just moved the mailings from 64,286 to 73,380.

The challenge: Will you match their mailings?

The goal is 82,471. DONE!!!!!

Original Post:

We are going into the last innings of a very close game. And we need a home run in Texas. And it is up to us to make the big play.

Texas is a proportional delegate State and will be one of the reasons Dr. Paul wins in Tampa. Texas is not Romney friendly and needs to be shown that Ron Paul is the right choice. Even the media is now admitting Ron Paul is WINNING!


"GOP Contest Not Over for Ron Paul"


"Ron Paul Dominating State Conventions"


"All Republican Delegates Are "Free Agents" and Unbound?"


For over a year, the grassroots has been working hard to get to where we are today. And we do it because it is our way of thanking Ron Paul for taking a stand. And now it is our time to make a stand in Texas. Let's win Texas!!!

Click here to Mail Super Brochures to TEXAS now.

After you mail your Super Brochures, please forward this message to everyone you know. This must go viral on the Meetup Groups, Facebook, Twitter, and other web sites.

If you need anything, please let me know.

In Liberty,


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ElPaso counties bought

100% super brouchures and call campaign can win Texas

Item Description Qty Taxable Unit Price Item Total
55472 167 1 N US $3.30 US $3.30
55458 154 1 N US $3.30 US $3.30
55478 173 1 N US $3.30 US $3.30
Total: US $9.90

Date/Time: 12-May-2012 10:35:30 AM PT

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Why I make calls, not mail Super Brochures

Think of a Dyson or Apple Commercial. Do you have 100 reasons for the product in the advertisement? What if one of those reasons turned off the viewer. What if the ad said that Al Gore was on the board of Directors at Apple. You might find the one reason to not buy.


Has anyone published the effectiveness of the brochures? We can see how effective the calls are. We make them each and everyday, either through Phone from Home (phone.ronpaul2012.com) or our call centers. We can make hundreds of thousands of calls in a week using either program. Why reach only a handful of people with the brochures, when you can make an ASTRONOMICAL difference, and Phone from Home.


Rand Paul didn't have Super Brochures, but he had calls. They won him Kentucky. Our calls made the 4 person difference at the Maine convention last weekend. They will make the difference today in Arizona. Join us!



I simply do not understand people like you

WHY do you come on a site that promotes Ron Paul and discourage people from helping HOW THEY SEE FIT. You are just like the gdamn neocons running the country - telling me how to live, how to eat, how to spend my time and money-"my way of supporting Ron is better than your way so you are wrong and should only do what I do" - sounds like you and Pelosi share a few views on how to get things done.

Every time we have a vote we here people on here saying how pissed off people are getting 20 calls from Ron Paul - like that helps. What if one of those phone callers is a complete idiot that has nothing better to do all day because they are a friggin rock and can't find a job to occupy themselves all day? What if one of those callers is really a Romney supporter making us look stupid.

If you feel to spend your time calling - call - and if I feel to spend my time working and sending in money from that work to pay for brochures I will. I think it is way out of line to come to the Super Brochure post and bash it. Start a post about calling and sell your point without putting the brochures down.

I have a more money than time - so I choose to spend money - not time.
By the way - the brochure won over MY wife - even after years of me explaining to her. Saw one in the local supermarket and grabbed it to show her it - she read it on the way home and suddenly it clicked.

You call, I'll mail.

Actually, by reading such a fact-filled brochure you might

find several reasons to be won over to the powers of freedom, liberty, and sound money!!

Do Both....I just bought Somervell County

Going to Ron Paul Meetup in SD right now, took 5 minutes to buy brochures for Somervell County.
This is an over the top effort we need to do both.

59474 3 1 N US $15.40 US $15.40
59476 6 1 N US $18.70 US $18.70
59473 2 1 N US $43.45 US $43.45
59475 4 1 N US $45.10 US $45.10
59472 1 1 N US $45.65 US $45.65

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

I so agree

Do both !!!! BOOOM!!

DO both-A call to someone who has received a SB

is better than a cold call

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Direct mail is between 1%-3% effective

I've yet to talk to ANYONE who has said they've seen or read the brochure. These are people who are registered to vote, likely republicans and are persuaded by our personal messages, not facts.

450k brochures in Iowa likely netted between 4500 to 13500 votes according to direct mail statistics. If you buy a $75 box of 900 brochures, you're spending about $4 a vote. If Texas requires converting close to half a million Ron Paul voters, you need to spend about $2 million to make that happen via Super Brochures.

This isn't about information unfortunately. This is why we have a Republic process, because most people are uninformed, and CHOOSE to stay uninformed. It's not that they don't have the right information, it's that they ignore it. Calling adds the emotional, human element. Your personal message to another likely voter is gold. I cannot stress that enough.

Phone from Home has dropped off since January. It's time to step up and win this marathon with the best chance we've had for Liberty.

Experts say 3 types of contacts:

Over and over experts tell me that people need three types of contact to get action when voting.

1. Mail Super Brochure
2. Phone
3. Signs and Bumper Stickers

A few other ways to contact voters are radio, tv, newspaper ads, and internet. But these can be far more expensive.

We need to do them all.

In Liberty,


Rand Paul 2016: Help Now:

Super Brochure: "Right To Bear Arms"

I agree

all 3 super good!


Calls are the most effective tool for a grassroots campaign. Unless we can afford air time for primetime commercials, calls are the most effective tool the campaign has, and it is being neglected.

Obama had call parties all across America and organized a very, very effective voter turnout.

Why can't we take a couple hours each week and win massive amounts for Ron Paul?

Do both!

Why tell people not to do something???

Buying a mailing for Super Brochures takes 5-10 minutes. That leaves plenty of time to make telephone calls.

This is about projects and people getting matched up. Some people have money and no time. Some have time but no money. This is what is so great about the grassroots, we find what we like to do and do it.

This is about us taking action now, and not waiting for someone to tell what to do.

I suggest you make a thread: "Texas Phone Banking Bomb: Calls to Win". You will have far more success by encouraging what you want.

Good Luck!

In Liberty,


Rand Paul 2016: Help Now:

Super Brochure: "Right To Bear Arms"

I'm not saying to stop

I'm just saying what the MOST effective tool is that we have. It's being neglected and we still have a marathon to run and WIN.

Phone Banking Tread

Go Promote it!

Rand Paul 2016: Help Now:

Super Brochure: "Right To Bear Arms"

Voters need reinforcement

so even if they only get the brochure and look at it for a few seconds before tossing it, if they get a phone call or see signs Ron Paul starts to click in their head.
IF they don't throw out the brochure and then get a call or see a sign they may go back and read the brochure.

Please subscribe to smaulgld.com


ItemDescriptionQtyTaxableUnit PriceItem Total
585833061NUS $8.80US $8.80
58585307A1NUS $9.35US $9.35
585641081NUS $9.35US $9.35

Total:US $27.50

Could someone point me in the right direction?

What counties are most in need of donations?

Let's win Dr.Paul's home state for him and put a BIG smile

on his face. Donate generously.

Look, imagine if you enlighten a few hundred people about Dr. Paul. Like the brochure says they go and study him on the Internet.

They are revived.

Then,they donate. It helps the campaign, thus, to mail these!!

Ron Paul

and his campaign are strongly opposed to "super brochures" and have asked that they not be distributed.

Why is there a picture of him

Why is there a picture of him with one and the guy who made it then?

Comment, above, is patently false. Plus, this tool brings out

the vote, while fighting the blackout:



Can understand peoples' different opinions, but why post something that isn't true, especially in a grass-roots thread aimed at spreading Dr. Paul's message?

Hey, those of you on the fence, let's look at the basics: the SB is a piece of direct mail that goes DIRECTLY AND STRATEGICALLY to Republican Super-Voters. These are Registered Republicans, who have voted at least in two consecutive presidential primaries/elections.

There could be no more strategic piece of direct mail than this.

One more time, it's just direct mail, which spreads Dr. Paul's message and also reminds people, right before they vote, that he's still in this. How there being anything "wrong" with this?

The SB guys are our friends, working 18-hours-plus per day. I've found Mr. Schultz still working, still organizing mailings, still posting, at 12:00 a.m. It makes NO sense to cut this program down, unless you are an antagonist.

C'mon, help us saturate Texas with Dr. Paul's message. I'm working all weekend to raise funds. How about you?

good morning

kinda busy day, but will poke this string when I can... (eyes still got some sleepy in them) [yawn]




I've seen this claim thrown around before, but no one ever provides proof. I don't see any logical reason why RP or the campaign would object to the super brochures anyway.



His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Good luck

Let us make it work. Honesty and work goes a long, long way

Life deserves liberty and freedom

Texas Brocuhre Concentrated Application

The brochure distribution needs to focus on the following Counties, where the majority of the votes are:
HARRIS COUNTY (Houston area)

By focusing on these counties, specifically Harris, Tarrant and Dallas and Denton the money will hit the counties that impact elections the most. Check the voting history... as goes Harris County, so goes the State.

Areas for Brochure

I think you can leave Dallas and Tarrant County out of it some what. Sounds crazy but we have some amazing grass roots here and work is being done big time. May want to focus on other counties with less help. I promise in Tarrant we have people on foot!

OK, we'll focus for now on other areas

Travis County uses the more reliable and less hackable Hart Intercivic machines, which are American-made and are not owned by the Rothschild group.

Dr. Paul did 20% there last time. Unless someone can demonstrate otherwise, we should clean up that whole county.