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Guerrilla campaigning on gun forums

Long time lurker here, but I have been active in this campaign and the 08 campaign. I am attending the TX state convention again this go 'round...I don't WANT to, but i feel it is my DUTY to do so. Anyway, I wanted to post an example of Guerilla campaigning that could/should be very effective. I recently learned of Mitt Romney's anti-gun history, and have been letting all my Republican friends know about it. Please, go check it out. It's on a site where you can register for free and list firearms for sale or trade. Pretty cool site. If your state doesn't have something like it, maybe you should be the one to run that .com!!! Fight the good fight!! Give 'em Hell!!!

From Texas


Give me some "views" on this ad! Post it everywhere! (I don't do facebook or I would do it myself!)

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bumpiddy bump bump

for liberty!

hittin it widda full clip

just do it wild bill !!!!

fo sheezy!

alot of voters vote based on this single issue! texans especially! "...shall not be infringed"!!!


for all those gun totin' Texans!!!