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Total delegate count for Romney and Paul (updated)

I went through every state one by one and counted up all the delegates myself. Keep in mind that I've only included the delegates that can be 100% confirmed. So this doesn't include states where Ron Paul is expected to get the majority of delegates but have not yet assigned their delegates. Feel free to correct any mistakes you notice

Iowa- Paul:14..? (not official yet)

N. Hampshire- Romney: 7 Paul:3

S. Carolina- Romney:2

Florida- Romney:50

Nevada- Romney: 14 Paul:5 (22 Nevada delegates are Paul supporters bound to other candidates)

Colorado- Romney: 13 Paul: 13

Missouri- Romney: 12 Paul: 4

Minnesota- Paul: 20

Maine- Paul: 21

Arizona- Romney:29

Michigan- Romney: 16

Wyoming- Romney: 23 Paul:1

Alaska- Romney: 8 Paul: 6

Georgia- Romney: 19

Idaho- Romney 29 (These delegates may end up being unbound at the convention)

Massachusetts- Romney: 38 (over half of these are Paul supporters)

N. Dakota- Romney:17 Paul: 2

Ohio- Romnney 38

Oklahoma- Romney:13

Tennesse- Romney:16

Vermont- Romney: 9 Paul:4

Virginia- Romney:43 Paul:3

Kansas- Romney:7

Guam- Romney:6

N. Mariana- Romney:6

Virgin Isl.- Romney:3 Paul:1

Alabama- Romney:12

Mississippi- Romney:12

Hawaii- Romney:9 Paul:3

Samoa- Romney:6

Puerto Rico- Romney:20

Illinois- Romney 42

Louisiana- Romney: 5

Maryland- Romney:37

D.C.- Romney:16

Wisconsin- Romney:30

Connecticut- Romney:25

Delaware- Romney:17

NY - Romney:92

R. Island- Romney:12 Paul:4

Indiana- Romney: 27

N. Carolina- Romney: 36 Paul:6

W. Virginia- Romney: 24

TOTAL= Romney: 840 Paul:110

(In this update I have added the results from the Indiana, W. Virginia, and N. Carolina primaries.)

UPDATE 5/10/12 - I accidently included the RNC delegates in Guam, Samoa, and N. Mariana. I subtracted a total of 9 delegates from Romney because I'm not including the RNC delegates in this count.

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I dont believe these numbers

I dont believe these numbers are correct. Most state conventions havent been voted yet. Also you forgot to add the U.S Virgin islands

The virgin islands are

The virgin islands are included. You must have missed it. Most States are winner-take-all or proportional so delegates are allocated on the day of the Primary. I don't include non-binding States that haven't held their conventions. There is a lot of talk about whether or not these delegates are really bound or if they can abstain. So consider this a theoretical count assuming that no delegates abstain and they all vote for who they are bound to.


I thought we took the delegates from LA?

No - Yes?

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LA has their state convention

LA has their state convention Sat. June 2nd. The plurality of RP delegates from the district caucuses will attend. Romney won 5 bound delegates in the state primary and Santorum won 10...

we took from county

we took from county conventions I believe, state convention hasnt been held yet.


You should add 9 for Paul in Oklahoma. They are bound delegates for either Santorum or Gingrich who will be free to vote for Paul since those two have dropped out. They were elected at District Conventions and they are dedicated Paul supporters.

Ok. But Gingrich and Santorum

Ok. But Gingrich and Santorum havn't released their delegates yet have they? So wouldn't that mean that they are still bound to Santorum and Gingrich? Btw, was that from the CD or State convention?


Of course Gingrich and

Of course Gingrich and Santorum will unbind delegates before the first ballot. They we from the CD's. In VA 3 CD conventions have been held. Paul has won 7 delegates, Romney 2. Another 5 CD's are being held today.

They might but they haven't

They might but they haven't done it yet. Once they do I will try to update this as accurately as I can.



Hi Brad, great job! In NV, my understanding was that RP was entitled to 8 delegates, not so? Thanks

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Nevada was a proportional

Nevada was a proportional Caucus. Out of the 28 bound delegates Romney is supposed to get 14, Gingrich got 6,Ron Paul got 5, and Santorum got 3. The reason some media sources are now saying that Romney got 20 and Paul got 8 is probably because Santorum and Gingrich have dropped out of the race, so people are guessing how many delegates Romney and Paul will get now that they are out. But Gingrich and Santorum have not yet released their delegates so as far as I know, they will still be getting delegates from Nevada. I may be wrong though.


The Reason for the extra Three

I think it is because three Ron Paul supporters got elected to State GOP positions and they get an automatic vote. I believe this happened in Alaska also but they don't get to vote this year due to some stupid supporting lame ducks rule. Don't quote me on this!


This is a helpful, realistic "worst case scenario" of the current situation. What it shows is that Romney is still about 300 short without giving Dr. Paul any of the delegates that are still possibilities, but uncertain.