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Texas US Senate Candidate Glenn Addison Endorses Ron Paul

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Glenn Addison's KNOWN ro be a good man..

And he's a strong Constitutionalist! Also has pledged to be a Citizen Representative; in other words, he doesn't WANT a CAREER in POLITICS!

Susie 4 Liberty

We need to get behind this guy!

The other choices are Dewhurst a former CIA Jackal (coup man) who as Lt Gov blocked legislation in the Tx Senate, to end TSA groping and to end the free ride for illegal aliens in unconstitutional 'Santuary cities'. He is a major warmonger Zionist, as proven by the Huckster's endorsment! He isn't worth $200 million, because he is a great business man. He is said to have had dinner in the CIA with Gestapo Klaus Barbie aka 'The Butcher of Lyons'. http://blog.chron.com/texaspolitics/2011/05/patrick-lashes-o...
Then, we have Ted Cruz, who 'Corporatist Attorney' and who's wife is a VP at Goldman SUCKS! Do you actually think he would would go against his wife's company, and vote to expose their corporate thefts? Hell No! I think Rand has mislead his father into supporting Cruz, probably because Dewhurst is much more dangerous and unpredictable. However, lesser evil, is still evil, period!

Anyhow, just like out delegate fight, we should ignore the campaigns misguidance, and get behind this man. We don't need another big government warmongering replacement, for the current one we have in Hutchinson. Let's help him out in the primaries!

People need to hear this about CRUZ

I am serious...

By the way

the wonderfull "Club For Growth" supported Cruz today and will spend 1 million to combat Dewwy..

I hope it hurts both of them...



Thanks I agree


Senate Debate from January on Federal Reserve


All candidates claim to support more transparency of Fed.

Glenn Addison: displays the greatest understanding of how the Fed prints money, and causes bubbles. Credits Dr. Paul specifically for being right.

Craig James: has read End the Fed and encourages everyone to read it. Credits Dr. Paul with knowing what he's doing.

Ted Cruz: pledged to co-sponsor Dr. Paul's audit of Fed. Says he has support of Rand Paul. Credits both Ron Paul and Rand Paul as being clarion voices for liberty and bringing transparency to Fed. Understands quantitative easing is merely printing money and a tax on everyone.

David Dewhurst: questions lending of hundreds of billions to foreign banks.

Tom Leppert: aware that current Fed reports do not disclose important details of where money went.


Knows what is up...

Glen is not liking Jesse Benton!

Here is a video of Ted Cruz refusing to endorse Ron Paul.


Do you know whats the deal

with Glenn not liking Jesse Benton? What is that all about?

Ron Paul 2012

Jesse is thinking about Rand's future. He and Rand support the movement but they are not constitutional hard liners like Paul they have bigger aspirations. They won’t go all in for us but they will make token concessions to get our vote and support. We can’t let the Revolution be consumed and get coopted by the GOP like the Tea Party. Endorsements don’t matter allow no leaders think independently actions and policy positions are the only thing that matter. This is why the movement will survive because it is an ideological battle. Vote and support people that will hold the line and that will not compromise on the constitution. We already have news out from Ben Swann that 10 Tea Party freshmen are taking money from banks. Don’t get caught up in the verbiage again only vote for hard liners that will not compromise on the constitution at least they can hold the line after the election on the debt ceiling to force the government to make deep cuts.

I doubt the Liberals and the unions will give up their programs without a strong fight and more money printing so we have to mobilize and take Senate, House and local elected positions to choke them to death fiscally.

What are everyone’s thoughts on how we will organize and maintain this momentum after the election?


has had my vote a while back. I have been going door to door for him also.


This is our guy. Go check him out!


Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947


I will be setting up a robo call for Glenn tomorrow... Lets ROLL PEOPLE!!!

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Big Texas Endorsement!

Thank You.