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The story of tonight's "big announcement" PLUS: clarification on Doug Wead's email

Like many people, tonight I thought Doug Wead would announce something absolutely amazing. I had been well aware of John Stossel predicting, on two separate occasions, that Ron Paul would "catch on" this week. I was also well aware of Doug Wead saying May 9th is an "important day" and that he would be on tonight to chat about it. Also like many, I had waited days and, after connecting the dots, expected something big tonight.

I personally fantasized about how we would all hear about how Ron Paul is actually winning, with Wead pulling up all kinds of numbers showing how our delegates laughably outnumber Romney's. Yes, yes, I know all about how if you actually go through the numbers, we pretty much already are winning, but still, hearing it from Doug himself and seeing it like that would've been great. Then, I saw this comment by the member "DEEKEY"


wonder if Romney is disqualified because of the swiss legal issue

AND is THIS the announcement DW was going to make??????

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post: http://www.dailypaul.com/232153/good-news-mn-delegates

I read that and my mind was blown. I thought, "this has to be it".

I came home at about 4 PM Central time today, and spent most of the four hours before the announcement came at 8 PM CT customizing my new laptop that I had just gotten due to my previous one being broken. I had been aware of Doug trying to get on at 2 CT, but having technical difficulties. Doug said everything would be okay by tonight. I thought, no worries, he'll be all set by 8.

8:00 PM on the dot and me and my bowl of ice cream were ready for the big announcement, with "Sing Sing Sing" by Benny Goodman in another tab blaring in victorious anticipation. Then, disaster struck. The numbers of people on the live chat kept going up. 300, 400, then soon 1000 and 1400. I never saw it higher than 1457, then the numbers began to go down. Within seconds, I knew why. My stream cut out. Connection lost. No big deal, I thought. Just need to refresh. Or so I thought.

Literally at least 20 times I refreshed and still got nothing. Then, I thought I had it. After audio cutting out and being choppy to the point of unintelligibility, I heard Doug Wead say the words, "making sure we're taking care of you", and then the stream cut out again. Fellow Paul supporters began telling people in the chat that Doug was making updates on his Facebook and Twitter. People in the comments were divided between those who were closely engaged with what Doug was saying, and the people crying out, "Get on with it!" "What's the big announcement!" "Stop beating around the bush!" "Get to the point!" Admittedly, I sympathized with the latter group of people.

In my mind I was thinking, Doug Wead is not telling me anything I don't already know. Is something wrong? My enthusiasm began to die.

At approximately 8:40 CT, Doug Wead was live on Ustream, hosting another live chat in order to make up for the failure of the 8 PM livestream on facebook. Noticeably, he was saying some of the exact things he wrote already in his facebook posts, about how this is 2012, not 1992, and all that. He then began responding to comments that people were making on his official facebook page. The only one I remember in full was that someone asked, why did Ron Paul's website scrub all of their events? Doug Wead said he didn't know. Um, okay...

Wead began to talk about how the media is about to go all out on us big time, and to be prepared and inform people about everything correctly and politely. He said if you are a delegate, email him at dougwead@gmail.com He also said that the campaign needs an SEO team, which, at least how I understand it (and I in no way am an expert on these things) means that the media will come down hard on Ron Paul, and SEO people do certain things to help positive coverage of Ron Paul come up higher in search engines when people look him up.

I was about to post a question on Wead's facebook about the ponzi scheme Romney is possibly connected to, post credit: http://www.dailypaul.com/232210/romney-investigated-for-two-...

Then, all of a sudden, Wead says that he's ending the stream. Night everyone!

To all DPers reading this, I feel the pain of everyone disappointed by the "big announcement" that never showed up.

Did we bring this on ourselves by expecting too much? Maybe, but really, no one expressed how I feel better than someone on Doug's facebook page named Eric Gibbs. This is what he wrote:

"No talk of Rule 11, No Talk of Rule 38, No talk of Romney illegal activity, heck not even about fake delegate list. No talk of the campaign announcing anything. He doesnt know why Ron Paul events were cancelled. He tells us to stand up and continue working while the national campaign does what? They dont call out the media. They dont call out the RNC. They dont call out Mitt Romney. They just tell us to keep giving money in their same monotone style email, and to keep doing the legwork. I for one want to see more out of the campaign itself. You tell us not to keep quiet, well then YOU SHOULDNT KEEP QUIET EITHER. DO SOMETHING. You wants us to tell people and the media they are incorrect, so should you! Bring up Rule 11. File a request for the chairman to step down. Bring up Romney paying people to survey current delegates to see if theyre Ron Paul supporters. Bring up Rule 38. Bring up Romney people passing out Copyright protected Delegate slates. If you want me to do something, YOU do something also. I'm tired of being a work dog for this campaign who wont help us in return."

Really, in my opinion, there is no better way to put tonight's events than that. I am not angry at Doug Wead. He is a patriot who does all he can for the campaign and the cause of liberty. But really, there is a right way and a wrong way to hold events like these. Hopefully next time things turn out better...


And about Doug Wead's email? Well, judging by the upvotes on this post, apparently a lot of people are worried or skeptical about it.

post credit: http://www.dailypaul.com/232221/do-not-email-doug-wead-if-yo...

I for one saw him live on camera asking people to email him at dougwead@gmail.com If he said out of his own mouth to email him, I don't understand why it would be a problem.

There is a very important comment by fellow patriot "jz4maine" that I felt the need to showcase on the post, saying:

this tomorrow... people think for yourself. I'm a delegate from Maine and i'm going to take two steps tomorrow morning:

1. Contact HQ in Maine
2. Contact national HQ

This will provide the clarity I need.... I didn't see Twead's video, but it sounds like this was done in a haphazard way. I will confirm it for myself... good night all

comment credit: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2443428

DPers can expect a post from him soon detailing everything with real confirmation on what's what, no doubt.


So there you have it, folks. Don't be too down about tonight. There is always the next state convention to win! Ron Paul 2012!

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Guys, I also watched the

Guys, I also watched the video live last night. When you compare that video to Ron Paul's big message today reassuring us, I can tell you everything is just fine. We are doing very very well. We just need to keep charging forward. We need to pray hard. And we need to leave no stone unturned. The Battle of Tampa is going to be one for the history books.

A possibility ??

Maybe he had planned to go into detail about something, but was unable to share it at this time. He had set up the conference in advance and clearly had something important to share, but by the time of the event, the information could not be divulged due to some kind of internal circumstance. Maybe there really is something that he wants to say but can't just yet.

Of course, this is only speculation, but it could be a possible explanation as to why there was a big build up and then..... basically nothing.

Freedom is the answer !!
What's the question ?
-Jack Blood-

That's what I'm thinking as well ...

... It's the only thing that makes sense.

Heh, was pretty much expecting this.

People always blow things WAY out of proportion. I haven't lived that long compared to some, but from what experience I do have, rarely have things turned out the way I would have liked them to be. That's why I never expect too much. The best mantra to have is to assume the worst. That way, all surprises will be relatively pleasant.

The same mantra can be applied to things regarding rule 11, rule 38 and Romney's Ponzi scheme. People have been hanging their hopes too much on these items. As much as I love the dailypaul, hanging around too much with people here who have the same views as yourself, distorts your sense of reality. If you bring up these things to an outsider, you will be labeled as a RP nut and/or desperate. There's a reason people don't take much stock in these things and that's because rarely do surprises happen. An why don't they happen? It's because the reality is that the game is rigged.

Mind you, I'm not trying to be negative here. Merely trying to bring back some sense of reality to this place. Some people won't like hearing the truth, so I'm expecting massive downvotes, but the truth is the truth is the truth. You won't win by living in Lala land and by only taking those truths as true that are convenient and by ignoring truths that are inconvenient. You can win, but you MUST also take into account the inconvenient truths.

And the incovenient truth is that rule 11 and Romney's Ponzi scheme will probably never ammount to anything. That's because Romney is the chosen one. This election process has been choreographed for him to win it. Somehow, people still operate under the illusion that we live in a fair world and that by simply discovering and following the rules that have been discovered, people will simply fall in line and follow those rules. That's simply living in dreamland.
The more I watch these proceedings, the more George Carlin's viewpoint has been verified each and every time. The establishment will choose to ignore these matters, simply because the world has accepted the notion that fraud and breaking of the rules is all part of the game. That's why the people on top don't even bother hiding their actions anymore. The only reason the people have sometimes been able to score some minor victories, is because some news items have been so sensational (or easy to grasp in mere seconds) that they became viral. In other words, it leaked out to the majority. And that's something the people on top can't allow to happen, since control of the majority is of utmost importance to them.

Rule 11 is unlikely to become viral. It's not a sensational enough of a news item, nor do people instantly grasp why rule 11 exists in the first place. Romney's ponzi scheme has slightly more chance, but it's been surpressed by the media's narrative of Romney being the nominee. If this scheme was found out at the beginning of this election process, it would have been incredibly damaging, but at this late stage, it will have no impact at all. Disqualifying Romney at this stage will be incredibly embarassing for the RNC and we've seen how the stablishment is willing to break the rules just to save face. Mind you, I'm not saying one should stop spreading above facts. There's a possibility that some news outlets will run above stories and there's a small chance of it hitting critical mass. But it's best not to expect too much from it.

As for rule 38, there have been some posts here that argue that the unit rule can only be applied to winner take all states. I didn't see anything wrong with the arguments used, yet I see people conveniently ignoring these posts and taking the optimistic approach that the RNC will allow usage of this rule. I even have doubts that the RNC will allow this rule to be applied on winner take all states. If people ignore this, there's a chance that the RNC will make use of this to the detriment of RP.
Let's suppose that delegates will use rule 38 on states that aren't winner take all and vote for RP. There's a possibility that the RNC will state that since a delegate can only vote once, that vote must be turned into a vote for Romney. Thus by erronously applying rule 38, you may have effectively wasted your vote and given it to Romney instead. This risk may be averted by abstaining instead of using rule 38.

And there's a certain risk to abstaining as well. From what I understand, if a majority of delegates abstain, those delegates will be replaced by the alternates. For example, many have been screaming about Nevada delegates saying they would honor the first vote and that they should abstain instead. These people optimistically assume that the RNC will allow this to happen and that the Nevada delegates will not be replaced by the alternates. Let me remind you people: THE GAME IS RIGGED. If the Nevada delegates abstain, don't assume a 30% or 60% chance of them being replaced. Assume it being 100%. And the alternates are all Romney delegates.

Above situation may have been prevented if they unbind the delegates at the state level, but as you might remember, Romney immediately brought in the RNC lawyers. They will never allow the unbinding of the delegates. The only way they would allow an unbinding of the delegates, is if they cannot make a strong case or if by unbinding the delegates it gives RP only a marginal advantage. In the case of Nevada, Romney could bring in the lawyers, because the popular vote was in favour of Romney. If this weren't the case, Romney would have likely been powerless to stop the unbinding of the delegates. But since the popular vote is rigged as well, don't count on it that there will be many instances where we can press such an advantage. Unbinding of the delegates can mostly be done if by doing so it gives RP only a slightly bigger advantage. If an entire state goes to RP, it is only logical that Romney will never allow that to happen.

There's only one way to win this game and prevent all of the shenanigans as described above. Ron Paul must not only win the majority of delegates, he must win the alternates as well. That way, even if they replace the delegates with the alternates, the result will be the same. At that point, Romney will most likely try to replace the entire selection of delegates, including the alternates. It's at this point that I recommend a noisy and messy protest. You see, for people controlling the majority, IMAGE is incredibly important. That's why they have been so frantic about Ron Paul, despite them having the advantage. By having RP delegates make a ruckus at the convention, it will make it exponentially difficult for him to replace all the delegates. Since the convention is covered worldwide, the establishment is limited in sweeping rule breaking under the rug. If Romney tries to brute force the delegates with police or anything of the like, it will damage the image of the US for the entire world to see.

Of course, above situation only works if the delegates stay on the floor. They will most likely try to lure delegates away from the floor, so that when they are replaced, they cannot protest. That's why delegates must stay on the floor at ALL TIMES. Not even a toilet break is allowed.

Anyways, Doug Wead understands the importance of image. It's not only a war of delegates, but a war of image as well. If our side has a good image, it makes it incredibly hard for the establishment to employ their tactics. It is through image that the people on top control the majority. If we can use that image to our advantage, the people on top lose their one advantage and cannot break rules so easily anymore.

I'm with you there. I wasn't

I'm with you there. I wasn't expecting much from the stream either. Prob. why I didn't watch it and am reading about it this morning.


The drama!

-quiet engineer

An all out assault by the media

Can only mean one thing.

Think about it.

And no, I ain't gonna come out and actually say it.

Continue to push hard for delegates, bound & unbound.

Infiltrate Tampa, get your own Press pass, or volunteer for security, be the lonely dude setting up the chairs, whatever it takes.

Best get ready.

I will say again, I almost guarantee the RNC might pull a 'bomb threat' like they did in Iowa to relocate the vote count there.("Security concerns", remember?)

So be flexible with your Tampa dates if at all possible, don't buy the non-refundable/exchangeable tickets, etc.

Watch it here


So no big deal.

Ok, so everybody got excited and started dreaming and now they are disappointed. What is this, a nursery?

How long have people asked the campaign to reach out and tell us what we can do? So now they did just that, so let's thank them for that.

Ok, I agree, they could probably have done it all a little better. I guess they have to get used to the fact that millions of people are watching them and we have high expectations. Nothing wrong with that, I am sure Doug will learn from this.

But the important thing is that it all makes sense. They couldn't tell us about the strategy before for obvious reasons. The strategy worked and Ron Paul has now got a real chance in this race. Now they are telling us to respectfully explain to everybody that our delegates were chosen months ago and they have now gone through the process and have won - just like the campaign said back then.

He also asked delegates to report to him on his email. This to me sounds a bit more risky as the establishment can surely get hold of this information. On the other hand they must know already as they have people on the ground at all the conventions. I don't know how to way the pros and cons on this but I can understand that the campaign wants to know how many delegates they have - and probably wants to contact them all to remind them to turn up or even help pay their bills.

We can all calm down now. It was all no big deal.

emailing stealth delegates??

There is no security in email....and certainly not gmail. I think we need better security for stealth delegates than that.

I tend to agree

An old style letter through the mailbox maybe better.

However if the campaign wants to contact them that may be somewhat cumbersome.

Well, our masters know all about us anyway....

watch out for trolls!

Romney delegates will likely be emailing him claiming to be Paul supporters. This is getting really interesting. We won't know til they vote in Tampa!

Exactly my thoughts

How will the campaign know if those who contact them are ligit?


To correct you Doug said tonight that the campaign has been very open with their delegate strategy beginning months ago. He uses that point to argue against the establishment's contention that we are being underhanded in our plan to obtain maximum delegates.

What I was referring to

was that he said that they could not tell all about the details of the strategy at each convention as that would have given their opponents some advantages (I am paraphrasing).

He also made the point you make, yes.

Decoding Wead


Oh boy

I'm only 19 and even I think that's too funny hahahahaha

Decoding Doug Wead

Gouda dew?

(mmm, sounds foul, I'd prefer mountain dew)

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

OMG, will people stop with

OMG, will people stop with the John Stossel "prediction" of something big "next week." he was being cute and even EXPLAINED what he meant -- that is -- that he think Pauls IDEAS will soon catch on... It's annoying that people keep relying and repeating utter nonsense that means nothing...

If there is a REAL announcement, don't you think Paul or the official campaign would make it? Instead of some facebook conference call. come on...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I know, I totally thought

I know, I totally thought they were gonna announce Mitt Romney's agreed to step down and Obama's getting impeached for not being a citizen tonight and I was so PISSED they didn't!

I'm SO pissed I've decided to go to the Casino to strike it rich


I watched John Stossel say what he said in those clips. Would you make the same joke two times in a row?

The fact is the DPers saw the same vague comment get repeated multiple times by different people and started asking questions. That's what sets us above the rest, we're always skeptical about everything.

"Only a government can take a useful commodity like paper, and by adding ink, make it utterly worthless." - von Mises

well maybe

There's something in the works about to break after all. check out this thread. http://www.dailypaul.com/232271/reince-priebus-rnc-rule-11-a...

It wasn't a joke.. he was

It wasn't a joke.. he was being optimistically cute.... that doesn't mean there was any substance to the statement.....

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

egapele's picture

Lesson: STEP...


Your life tonight

sounds like all the rest of us and how disappointing.


Hold on

This is a revolution, not an authoritarian centrally controlled business plan.

WE need to do the job. WE need to figure out how to win.

Stop blaming a handful of people in the campaign who are doing their best. They have changed the minds of millions. WE need to do the same.

AND they are risking their lives, their carriers and their families. Think about that for a second. How would you all like to be in the firing line against a tyrannical system?

Ron Paul and his team are brave patriots.

Show them some respect and get your own fingers out of your ar... and go do the work, make the plans, think of the best strategies. Ron Paul has fought for us for 40 years with nothing to show for it until a few years ago, but that didn't stop him now did it?

Get real!


Just take a deep breath people, I too am eager too see Romney get the f--- outta here, really want to slap that smirk off his face. As for the campaign, how do we know they haven't been hesitant because of the possibility of assassination, or blackmail, they know exactly who there pissing off by winning, were taking on the empire!

we lost many leaders over this, what if the campaign is being threatened by the government secretly, at this point anything is possible, we are challenging an ancient evil, this is what Lennon and MLK dreamed of happening, it's a crazy time were living, no matter what happens just be cool, in the end the people will take matters into their own hands, we have to be united.

The Shadow Gov

Are Ugly, Ugly. They do unlawful Sh..
Remember the anthrax mailings after 911.
As I recall Ross Perot's family re'cd D.... Thr...s

The RNC dirty pool will cost them.
Exposed/Busted - Losers

Well said!! People are

Well said!! People are looking to have their hands held like a lot of liberals want Obama and the federal government to hold theirs and tell them everything is going to be okay. I was surprised to see so many supporters act so disrespectful, all because they set their expectations so high in the first place and his live FB chat didn't satify them. I can honestly say he did try hard to reach out and allowed other users to help him get on ustream for us.

egapele's picture

A member for two hours. Please, enlighten me more, RP Girl.

I happen to be a liberal conservative female. I bet you can't wrap your silly head around that one. "Move on" - you're wasting your time here.

Also, if you label yourself a

Also, if you label yourself a conservative in anyway, why are you even taking my post personally? I'm not obviously talking about your type. So please stop being condescending and rude. What a way to represent.