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Reince Priebus, RNC Rule 11, and the invalidation of the Romney campaign, State by State

As everyone is well aware there is now a campaign gaining momentum to unseat Chairman Priebus for his violation of Rule 11 ([PDF](http://www.gop.com/images/legal/2008_RULES_Adopted.pdf) page 20) by [endorsing and supporting a candidate while a primary is still on.](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYfHzqd6myk) under section (a).


The Republican National Committee shall
not, without the prior written and filed approval of all
members of the Republican National Committee from
the state involved, contribute money or in-kind aid to
any candidate for any public or party office except the
nominee of the Republican Party or a candidate who is
unopposed in the Republican primary after the filing
deadline for that office.

But what everyone seems to be overlooking and is the most important part of the law is under part (b).


... No person nominated in violation of
this rule shall be recognized by the Republican National
Committee as the nominee of the Republican Party
from that state.

Meaning any state where Romney and the RNC have worked together, without the written and filed prior approval of ALL GOP State Committee members of that state, IS INVALID. He cannot be recognized by the RNC as the nominee of those states. Meaning, we win those states.

This should be the new focus along with unseating Priebus of the Rule 11 Campaign, to invalidate his nomination in any states where this occurred.

After reading over this again several times I am certain that the final sentence includes the entire Rule, not just clause (b) meaning it's the punishment for the violation of the entire rule. to Summarize.

The RNC can't

contribute money or in-kind aid to any
candidate for any public or party office

Unless it has.

prior written and filed approval of all members of the
Republican National Committee from the state involved

Exceptions include:

the nominee of the Republican Party


a candidate who is unopposed in the Republican primary



The RNC will not recognize any state GOP bylaws that allow,

persons who have participated or are participating in
the selection of any nominee of a party
other than the Republican Party


No person nominated in violation of this rule shall be recognized
by the Republican National Committee as the nominee
of the Republican Party from that state.


If you can verify my analysis is sound please go vote up this information at Reddit where trolls are already down voting it.


Proof on Romney's page of this violation.

and a screenshot in case they get jumpy.

On 4/25/2012 the RNC made this statement:

"Governor Romney's strong performance and delegate count at this stage of the primary process has made him our party's presumptive nominee," Mr. Priebus said. "In order to maximize our efforts I have directed my staff at the R.N.C. to open lines of communication with the Romney campaign." and "It's my intention to have a seamless and complete merger between the presumptive nominee and the Republican National Committee," Mr. Priebus said. "That means political, communications, fund-raising, research and the chairman's office, along with the governor's main operational team, are completely merged."



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Nicie is nice but right is right

I have had enough. We can't just bend over and take any more enough is enough and we are way past enough, they do crimes they must be made to pay same as any one. Sue, have them arrested what ever it take examples must be made or there is no example set. I pledge 100 bucks toward attorney fees, these criminals must be stopped.

I agree

We have to act if the veracity of this information is validated.

Romney is not unopposed.

Romney is not unopposed. It's a blatant violation. They're breaking the rules...again.

What about a ponzi scheme? Mitt Romney smells like a French whorehouse. Does the GOP really want to saddle up with the 4th horseman? Something's got to give....

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

So the State Level National Committee members

will just post date a bunch of documents and lie about it under oath if necessary (don't ya think?).Perhaps the word "filed" could cause them trouble - what does "filed" really mean? This could still help us in a few states where we have national committee people.

prior written and filed approval of all members of the
Republican National Committee from the state involved

Filed implies official recorded electoral business

Think about where else it's used.

Is anyone an attorney?

Is there an attorney who will file the lawsuit on behalf of supporters? We can all chip in some to pay him for it. Any good attorneys out there willing to tackle this? Or does someone know a good attorny who will?

I don't think we should fall back to immediate litigation

We may be able to bring about what we want simply by taking over the party process on this one still.

Totally disagree!!!

This would preserve our rights.

Could establish class action for everyone who has donated and worked for the campaign with punitive damage award. We need to threathen them with the only thing they fear: Loss of money.

It would cause immediate awarness of the frad this is NOT being reported by the MSM whores.

The sheeple are voting for Mittens because there is a media blackout but one thing, the sheeple won't vote for someone who is cheating. It would force people to really look at Presidant Pauls platform with new eyes. This is his thing! When people really look at him with fresh eyes, they join the revolution and never leave. Your idea steals recuits not only for the campaign but for the revolution.

The chairmanship would be unseated! HellO!!!! There maybe a vacume and/or a powerplay of people wanting it. Its a great diversion from having the F'ers hamering away at President Paul and his supporters. Plus one of our guys might get it!!!! HELLOOOOOOO.

What about other delegates alternates. Assuming most are decent people, except for those GOP worms, we don't even have to try to join forces. They will come join us merely to prevent the scums from gaining any more power.

I'm not going to write any more on the subject. Your totally off base and should really think about what your saying. Besides. This is a liberty platform. I fully understand why President Paul and/or his campaign would NOT presure such actions. The beauty of Liberty and Freedom, is that we as individuals, are free to choose our own paths.

I hope a group of individuals; Santorums, Gingrich and RP supports will take up this fight to stop the corruption and file a civil injunction to cease, remove from office offenders, reimburse for donationsm time with punitive damages AND a public apology.

Plus we better be taking interviews for attorneys. Going against Obama, we're going need some on retainers.

Considering time is tight

Considering time is tight (especially when talking about legal matters), doesn't it make sense to attack on two fronts?

building a case

We want as strong as case as possible that not only were they flagrantly violating their own rules, but that they did so with impunity before it goes to a legal arena.

bumping again!

should be front page news!


Thanks for the support

Keeping pushing this, we'll keep stoking the fire until it boils over.

Do you have any ideas to further promote this?

For example, letting Ben Swann know about it, class action lawsuit, etc.. I'm not sure what a good avenue would be, but I get really sick of all the nonsense that we have to put up this and this is just so blatant that I feel they should be held responsible. They have really done everything they can to stop what should have been a fair election process.


Well, letting Ben Swann know about it is probably a good idea.

But I'm thinking that a lawsuit right now might be a bit foolhardy. I think that it's best to let the campaign decide whether or not to bring a lawsuit.

EDIT: On second thought, it might be best NOT to let Ben Swann know about it. OWNtheNWO may have had a good point when he wrote: "We don't want the media to know about this until we take action on it. Because w want Romney and the RNC to continue to do this."

You are so correct!

Obviously I missed that!


Without some mainstream news

Without some mainstream news source picking this up it will probably go nowhere or be reported after the November elections. I hate the msm.

We don't want the media to know about this until

We take action on it. Because w want Romney and the RNC to continue to do this.

I think the hard part

is trying to prove or show that the Romney campaign is taking money and support from the RNC. If so, then yes this could be huge for us. However, I think it's going to be difficult to get that evidence, the Romney campaign could say they denied the financial support. Wouldn't that only fireback on the RNC chairman?

Busses in Navada?

Who paid for the busses? Who made contact to the school district for those buses? You tell me Romney knows the school board from wherever those buses came from? How about the fake delegate badges which just so happened to be in the exact same size and type of plastic that the real delegate badges wore. Hell you can find an injury lawyer to take the case. For that matter find ten. But you have do it without the support of the campaign.

This is a liberty campaign. We are free. President Paul supports the freedom of the individual and contract rights. We can file a civil action not because the RNC has hurt President Paul but because the leaders of our provate organisastion which we pay dues and donate money have violated their own rules. Its a shut and dry case!

not hard at all

all you gotta do is go look at his donation page :(

Except that it says they are financially supporting Romney

On his donation page.

Please read the whole original post.

Oh snap

sorry I missed those links on the very bottom. Thank you for taking a screen shot. This is definitely something that must be pursued by the Paul campaign, thanks again for the very articulate article.


Please front page this, DP!

I'm bump to keep this discussion up!

This is one of the most important breakthroughs we have had - this needs to be on the front page!


could a class action lawsuit work?

thoughts please!


Sure, if a group is formed and are paying members of the RNC.

A violation seems to have been committed by the chairman and evidence also suggests this. His direct misappropriation of resources and funds garnered from the RNC are enough to file a class action lawsuit by rule abiding members who has been disenfranchised.

"For Life, For Liberty, and For Freedom, OUR MOVEMENT IS ONE... And We Will Change The Course of History!!"

Are you sure about that?

it would seem a lawsuit could be bought by the injured party, in this case RP and his supporters. Perhaps I'm mistaken. I would like to find out the consequences listed in the RNC if they break the rules.

Perhaps I should call them and discuss this issue - I won't seriously! Besides, even if I did, it would be total waste of time!


Breach of contract

Violating the rules of the RNC with impunity endangers the integrity of every paying and participating member of the party, top to bottom.

This could be very, very useful.

I hope that this becomes a case of the trappers (Romney/Priebus/GOP) falling into their own trap.

Out fox

the fox