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Ron Paul on CNN 5/9/12

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Perhaps we can win her over

by having a money bomb to pay for more botox for her.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

I like defending Dr. Paul,

I like defending Dr. Paul, but I think you guys are being a bit sensitive...I didn't think the interview was that bad. It was pointless because she continued harping on about endorsing Romney, but it wasn't bad.

Think bigger.

Try and watch it with the perspective of someone who doesn't visit the Daily Paul or at least know / fully understand Paul's positions.

These ridiculous interviews have a much stronger effect on an undecided / uninformed voter than those of us who know better.

I'm more angered about their attempts to manipulate these people than anything else.

Before I started following politics, I must admit I would always lean towards whoever in my mind stood out. Problem was, the media was a huge player in that decision.

Dr. Paul handled this bad interview with diplomatic grace.

The interviewer was blatantly rude and condescending with no intelligence to back it up. Adding insult to injury she avoids all questions of substance, "harping" on as you say, about Mit Romney, annoyed, psuedo-politely amused that she has to interview someone she considers irrelevant. Clearly, in her estimate, Romney is relevant, substantive discussion of issues is not. Dr. Paul manages to state these issues, which she totally ignores. Clearly he is light years outside her league, and she doesn't even know it. This was a very bad and a very typical interview by the MSM Corporate Interests. If we don't remain "sensitive" to what bad is, we will forget what a good interview looks like.

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There are Legions of us working for RP's WIN IN TAMPA

And all that is necessary to Reverse Course, Reclaim and RESTORE America will come at that point in time.

Until then, as a strong supporter, I have no interest in his having 'influence' in Tampa - except that necessary to win the GOP Nomination for the Presidency of the United States.

Say It LOUD, Dr. Paul! THAT'S WHAT THIS CAMPAIGN IS ALL ABOUT! (The other will follow as a result of our winning!)

Susie 4 Liberty

One of the most cringe-inducing interviews I have ever

heard with RP. This woman is pathetically inept and is the perfect example of why I don't give a hoot in hell if the MSM ignores RP. His message gets trashed by interviews like this. WE are his best media.

Dumb Broad

Someone slap her. Media whore!


Everyone Just CHILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would everyone here just PLEEEEAAASSSSEEE just take a chill pill!! Dr. Paul wouldn't have done everything he has thus far just to change a few things the GOP should stand for. Of course he's trying to become the next President of the United States. You guys all think that he's traveling around the country every week just to get a pat on the back from us and for a speech? Seriously, the Dr. and his campaign staff are working very hard to win. Remember there are Romney spies who are trying to figure our what were up to (if they haven't already) so they can stop us. Keep the Faith and fight for our Constitution everyone!!! Lets put the above interview in context here, after all it was a crappy CNN interview. No wonder CNN is dead last in ratings ha ha ha ha!

Does Ron have a plan here?

He has like 9 chances in that interview to say, "Yo bitch, I'm in it to win it!"

Why would he endorse someone else when he's running to be the nominee? Dumb question #12

You think he's raising millions of dollars, campaigning all over the country, drawing crowds of 3,000-8,000 just so he can make a speech at the RNC? Dumb question #19

Seriously bad interview. But also Ron, you better...

1) Have a plan. Maybe you don't want to talk about winning it so the establishment stays asleep to your methods.
2) Man up. You're in this to WIN it. We don't care if you change the party platform. We want you as PRESIDENT!

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I don't get it. Why is he

I don't get it. Why is he still running for the GOP nomination when Romney's already got it in the bag?


Joined CNN?

I would agree that Dr Paul is

I would agree that Dr Paul is just not aggressive enough when it comes to expressing his desire to win. Also, he did pretty well right up till the end where he stuck his foot in his mouth by saying any Republican can beat Obama. he should have been adamant that HE is the only Republican that can beat Obama, and why.

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Thank Goodness I didn't listen to the rest of it!

I believe it would have put me to bed! In fact, I believe I'll take a break this weekend.

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I happen to agree with you here

Also, I hope Dr. Paul understands that some of those candidates that have changed their positions on certain issues have done so because of politics, not because of a change in heart. If Mitt Romney came out at the last minute and said, "Yeah, I'd look into the Fed" or, "I'll bring the troops home... end the income tax", etc., I would still not vote for him - I just wouldn't believe him. I don't trust the other politicians. I only trust Ron Paul!

Congratulations go to CNN..

..that was probably the dumbest talking head I've ever seen - and that's saying something.

She's one of these people that puts a microphone and asks somebody who just lost their entire family in a house fire.. "So.. how are you feeling right now?"

CNN is so creepy. Her voice is like chaulk on the blackboard

Notice he didn't waste bothering to disagree with her. WTF was this all about anyway. We haven't heard that much from Ron Paul lately, at least not on TV... how come you don't drop out. you just want a speech... blah blah

Ron Paul is going to lose

My friends tell me to face it, and I deny it, I say he's going to be president.

But really--no. He's not. He apparently doesn't want to be president. Why should I argue that he's going to be the next president any longer if he himself isn't willing to do so?

Her first question, the only right answer is "I want to be president." "I intend to win the Republican nomination and then win the 2012 presidential election." He needs to announce that he's not disrupting Tampa, he's winning Tampa, and then the White House.

I'm losing faith, because Dr. Paul is not grasping for the win. He's babbling about improving the Republican party; well, I want to rescue the GOP, too, ON THE WAY TO THE WHITE HOUSE. The White House is the goal.

If Ron Paul doesn't say to the American people, "I want to be president, please elect me," then they won't elect him.

I'm not donating another dollar until I hear him on national TV say he intends to be the next president of the United States.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

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I wish that you would write the campaign

Every single word you've posted, Old Poor Richard.

If all of us can still come out swinging and working and donating and attending State Conventions and organizing and BELIEVING in HIM and the URGENCY of his nomination as Candidate for President of the United States, I want him to continue to make it clear the GOAL is that END.

Susie 4 Liberty

He did mention the

He did mention the nomination, he just kind of brushed over it. But really, he IS in this. I mean now is not the time to quit, we are achieving far more than most suspected and the strategy is working perfectly. I see a path right now for this race to get turned upside down. Romney needs a LOT of delegates and he's going to have trouble getting them. This is actually getting interesting. Now is NOT the time to quit.

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I agree with your sentiment...

But Dr.Paul is just being conservative (no pun intended). He is being cautiously optimistic. It would be too easy for the already hateful CNN to ridicule Dr.Paul if he made that claim outright because they are all currently acknowledging Romney as the clear and definite winner.

Keep donating, keep working hard to spread the word and see what magic we as a concerted community can make happen!

Stay positive and have faith that he knows exactly what he is doing!


"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."


Another reason to not watch CNN.. I can't stand that woman. What a worthless interview. You know that that woman is voting for Obama. Why does she care so much about Romney? Why not bring mittens on the show? She needs to ask him why no one is excited about his candidacy. Thanks for posting but everytime I watch something like this my blood pressure rises....

Okay lady

Are you in love with Mitt Romney or something?
I mean about 9.10 questions is about Mitt Romney... Mitt Romney... Mitt Romney...

Geez... if you want to know about Mitt Romney so much, go ask Mitt Romney himself!

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Is it me?

Or does that chick look like Aerosmith?

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Seems to be working,

Derp: "Seems to be working, doing all this to give a speech and be disruptive amirite?"
Dr. P: "Lady, I give multiple speeches on a daily basis. I'm not looking for them to listen to me. I'm looking for them to listen to the American people. If that's your idea of disruptive, have a five-minute chat with one of my supporters."

Derp: "K so Mitt Romney."
Dr. P: "He, as well as your industry, could support and endorse me just as easily."

Derp: "K, but, Mitt Romney."
Dr. P: "A few possible reasons they backed Mittens instead are that they didn't share my enthusiasm of maintaining personal liberties, upholding the constitution and delivering plans for substantial spending cuts in an effort to end this huge problem in our economy."

Derp: "Mitt Romney <3."
Dr. P: "Well, you know, at this point, it's not 'if' I can. I KNOW I can. Imagine what I could do with your support instead of these misleading questions and negative media, of which now is a prime example."

** Dr. P's thought process [my guess, anyway]: "Do not answer like above, as nice as it would be to fire back once in a while. Be vague, don't reveal anything. Be polite, do not get aggravated. As much as people would like to see me lay down my hammer of truth to each individual member of the press that tries feeding me this fodder, it would not be an effective campaign strategy at this point. Just keep swimming. Go America." **


They pay these people way too much to act like TOTAL imbeciles...LOL

Sometimes I think they have him on just to tease and make fun of him. I'm sure they think he is a fool for staying in the race. Some of these people really don't know how well he is actually doing.

- - - - - - - - - FATAL MISTAKE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Romulan made a fatal mistake in allowing Paul to take over the delegate process. I think Romulan is starting to get worried. His people didn't see Paul's delegate strategy coming..Romulan got cocky and lazy.

Its like George Washington crossing the Potomac and catching the red coats off guard in the middle of the night...

Romulan must feel like he's stuck between the elevator doors and can't seem to free himself..


I wonder if these media

I wonder if these media whores realize that they are puppets? I would imagine they think they are where they are because of their great tallent, intellect and education. I am sure they never realize that they have been ALLOWED to be where they are because they have proven that they are are willing to do and say anything their owners tell them.

god i can't even watch this

god i can't even watch this garbage tv anymore.

f___ all forms of govt.


The lady is getting paid to read the lines from a camera, lines that were written by someone who gets paid to write those lines, who gets his/her orders from someone who is getting paid to do as he/she is told by the owner of the station.
And it all comes down to the fact that on tv there is no journalism anymore, and these people are no journalists. They are just actors in a bad play.
But it does not matter: nothing is gonna stop Ron Paul!



She's a witch.