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The "Anyone but Obama" Mentality and Why It Is Destroying our Political Process!

I do not support a second term for Barack Obama. With that said, I want to comment on this "anyone but Obama" mentality that seems to be a popular campaign slogan for the Republican party. I have a lot of beef with this. It is not because I don't agree that Obama is steering this country in the wrong direction. It is because I don't believe that any Republican would be better than him. This kind of logic says - at least to me - that the Republican party is the answer. I have no faith in any party and this logic only strengthens the two party system which I despise greatly. "Anyone but Obama" is an ambiguous statement that has no meaning to me. I don't want just anyone. I want a president with principles and who respects our individual liberties.

People need to question their allegiances to their parties. The Democrat/Republican seesaw that has been our political process for over a century is a problem that has been destroying this country from the inside out. I'm no scholar when it comes to history but you might benefit from reading George Washington's farewell address. He speaks about the growing influence of political parties in detail. He argues that political parties must be restrained in a popularly elected government because of their tendency to distract the government from their duties, create unfounded jealousies among groups and regions, raise false alarms amongst the people, promote riots and insurrection, and provide foreign nations and interests access to the government where they can impose their will upon the country (Wikipedia "George Washington's Farewell Address"). This is coming from the first president of the United States. Wake up people! Something has got to change! We can no longer 'hope' for it or it will never come!

Related: How many of you in here pledge to *never* back Romney?

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Anyone but Obama...Don't

Anyone but Obama...Don't waste your Vote...He can't Win...

All lies to control the popular vote.

Don't vote your conscience...Vote for the winner...Vote for the lessor of 2 evils...

How could I have been so stupid for so long?

God Help Us.

I posted this reply on a different thread

but it really belongs here:

Dr. Paul's supporters wouldn't be voting FOR Obama, they would be voting AGAINST Romney.

By making it clear that if Romney wins the nomination Paul's supporters will make sure that Romney will lose, Republicans will understand that Dr. Paul is the only candidate that can defeat Obama; ANY DELEGATE THAT VOTES FOR ROMNEY IS REALLY VOTING FOR OBAMA!

Not that there's any real difference between Romney and Obama, but we know Obama is "the wolf" and if Republicans take both houses of congress then Obama will have the choice of either being a lame duck for four years or doing a "180" as Clinton did in his second term. As a "wolf in sheep's clothing", Romney, like Bush before him, is far more dangerous to our hopes for liberty, peace and prosperity than Obama.

If Dr. Paul loses, we need not vote FOR the lesser of two evils, but AGAINST the greater of two evils; putting it this way makes it clear that we have not only the moral right but the moral obligation to vote for Obama over Romney if we should be faced with that unfortunate choice - a right that's base on our fundamental right to self defense with the additional virtue of making it clear to Republican delegates that Dr. Paul is the only realistic hope for Republican victory; that they need to be realistic and vote for Dr. Paul - even if they prefer Romney - or they will be wasting their vote on an unelectable candidate.

People who vote this comment and the one I'm replying to down are only serving to make it clear to the delegates that Romney has Dr. Paul's supporters either safely in his hip pocket or at least they won't do anything meaningful to oppose his neoconservative candidacy and can be ignored.

Just a word of advice for any delegates...

If you expect to be elected as a delegate, especially to the national convention, you had better learn to throw a "down with Obama" in your delegate speech. Remember, we are a growing minority still, and until we get the majority of delegates, you may need the party die-hards' votes. We need to change our game plan from defense to offense. I know it is difficult to bite the tongue, or to not offer up love for our man RP, but engaging in too much of either will get you head-hunted off the delegate slate. So, in my quest to stay on the slate (for weeks until our convention) I find it useful to engage in party sales. :P

"I am a constitutional conservative! Obama must go! He doesn't own the youth vote! Let's bring America back to it's Republican roots! We want an active party! Small government!" ...and don't forget to mention the importance of that 2nd Amendment! We all know and love it, but the diehards will fall all over you for even bringing it up. :) It's all the same info, you're just leaving out the parts that hurt their ears. :)


Ron Paul has a little somethin for everybody

I was literally in a debate today over this exact issue with an old man that told me he was going to vote for Romney because "there is no one else" and we just need to get Obama out of the white house. I tried to be as polite as i could when i asked him if there was anything that Obama has done as president that Romney would not have done. He muttered something about over-regulation and i urged him to look at Romey's campaign website to find anything that says specifically which regulations that Romney planned to cut and how he intended to down size any regulatory departments.

To make it short and sweet, after convincing him of Romney's spinelessness, i just broke it down to social security (big issue cuz the man was old) and explained that SS has to collapse because it, combined with medicare and medicaid, make up about 4 TIMES our gdp in unfunded obligations and will collapse without significant overhaul which Romney does not plan on undertaking.

To avoid making this post unbearably long i just want to say that anyone trying to spread the word of Ron Paul needs to remember that Ron Paul has a little something for everyone. Liberals should be disappointed in Obama for basically taking a neoconservative foreign policy and conservatives just dont like Ron's foreign policy until you ask them why we should send one dime over seas if we have to cut programs to OUR OWN AMERICAN CITIZENS. Moderates and intellectuals will come around when you can prove that you know what you are talking about economically (just read a book by Mises or Hayek and you will be able to hold your own with any conventionally educated economist) specifically bring up why the bailouts were such a bad idea.. It is a position held only by Ron Paul in this presidential race and it is a perfect example of how government takes care of their friends and only makes the economy worse. Once again read either of those authors or even just their chapters on money and monetary policy and you will be able to have this debate

Good point

Anyone but Obama really means anyone but Paul. Don't be deceived by the brainwash.

Vote Paul, if he's Republican.

Vote Paul, if he's third party.

Vote Paul, if you have to write it in!

I'm a blue Republican this

I'm a blue Republican this year mate, and I'm going Independent for the rest of my life after this election. I'm dead a$$! These wankers expect you to pledge allegiance to a party. As Jacque Fresco put it, I'd rather pledge allegiance to the Earth and everyone on it. My vote goes to what's best for the people. Not just the people of America, but of the whole world. And I know that Ron Paul is the best choice for the WHOLE WORLD!!! Neither Romney nor Obama will end these wars. Barack's only taking the troops out Afghanistan now because their government is demanding it, and Obama's using it as a political advantage. Mitt and Obama are sickening. And now I'm seeing all these bloody ads on Youtube telling how Obama killed the boogieman (who actually died on 12/13/01 in an American hospital in Dubai) and created jobs (Although it's now understood that the US has 45% unemployment as opposed to the 8% that they tell you). It's just one big damn mess! I can't BELIEVE I voted for this poser.

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine

(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯┻━┻ "RON PAUL 2012 DAMNIT!"

"My vote goes to what's best

"My vote goes to what's best for the people. Not just the people of America, but of the whole world. And I know that Ron Paul is the best choice for the WHOLE WORLD!!!"

I like that!

I was kicked off Huffpost

I was kicked off Huffpost because i supported Ron Paul.Freedom of speech is only free if you agree with certain moderators opinions.visit youtube: watch Romney Obama the Same? and The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection. I can't believe how many people still believe that either party care about us.If we had statesman in office then this would be true but since most are politicians and have sold us out for their own gain it isn't.

Bob Marshall

This is what it means

Anyone but Obama is just neocon speak for "we gotta get that n***er outta the white house y'all. It won't work. Because not all racist are brain dead morons. Everyone knows there is no difference between Romney and Obama, even racists. Now the dumbass racist may fall for it, but that would most be the baby boomer racist crowd. But most modern racist are not dumb enough to fall for it.

That being said they can use that chant all the way to hell, it won't get Romney in office. lol

Romney just said he is against RP's budget

Just today (I think it was today) Romney made a jab at Ron Paul. Romney said he wanted to cut the budget, but definitely NOT $1 trillion the first year.

Well, what the hell does Romney stand for?

- He wants to continue increased spending, while spouting empty rhetoric about cuts that he won't specify

- He is in favor of government bailouts of industry - his campaign guy said the GM bailout was Romney's idea. And just watch, it will come out that Romney's Bain Capital got government handouts when turning around some of those companies

- He is in favor of government-mandated health care. He will claim he only wants it at the state level, but what PRINCIPLE is he relying upon? Cradle-to-grave nanny state is okay if done at the state level???

- He favors NDAA - murdering people without trial, much less any pretense of due process.

I cannot see how anybody thinks he is any different from Obama. And to boot, he will be perceived as a rich, Wall Street fat cat during an election year in which the rich, Wall Street fat cat is the enemy in the minds of many people.

Bush was a disaster. Obama is a bigger disaster. I see no evidence that Romney wouldn't be the disaster to trump all disasters.

Although I cannot stand Obama or anything he stands for, at least it is obvious that he DOES stand for something (namely, totalitarian government of a Marxist flavor).

What does Romney stand for? Not a damn thing, it seems.

"Well, what the hell does

"Well, what the hell does Romney stand for?"

Allow me to answer that for you:

The Romneybot 2012 is designed not to offend anyone. We did this with our amazing new technology-the blandinator. We programmed it to have absolutely no beliefs, principles or passion about anything other than to get elected and once in to do whatever his "experts" tell him to. Experts of course being Goldman-Sachs, the CIA, the military, the pharmaceutical, oil and insurance lobbies.

Let's just look at the Romneybot 2012 in action shall we?

“So Governor Romney, do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream?”
“Well...they're both really good flavors and that's the great thing about America, we can have a choice of both of these great American flavors.”

Wow, what a politician! The average voter will be left with the impression that only in America and no other country can people enjoy the choice of both flavors thus subtly teaching the doctrine of American exceptionalism!

Did you notice how the Romneybot 2012 not only evaded an answer to the question but it managed to glorify America and even credit both chocolate and vanilla with being exclusively American! This makes the Romneybot 2012 very convincing with stupid people who are easily swayed by patriotic rhetoric and who by experts estimate make up more than 2/3rds of all voters! Wow what a product!


The blandinator. LOL!

Oh boy, oh boy ... can I try one???

Question: Mr. Romney, what is your view of gay marriage?

Romney: Well, that's a great question, Wolf, you always ask tough questions, and that's what America needs ... tough questions and tough answers ... because America is tough ... tough and free ... home of the free ... and I have to say, the more tough quesitons I get, the prouder I am to be an American ... just like that song, Proud to Be an American ... where at least I know I'm free ... and if you ask me, I really look foward to taking it to President Obama in this election because he just doesn't get it.

Question: That's terrific, and I'm glad to hear it ... and do you have any thoughts on gay marriage?

Romney: Well Wolf, that's a great name by the way, Wolf ... Wolf and Mitt ... a couple of interesting names ... but as you know, Wolf ... I have been endorsed by Rick Santorum ... and he is strong on traditional marriage and we need to keep that in mind ... and of course, I was the governor of Massachusetts and there are a lot of great gay people I love there ... and this is what makes me proud to be an American ...

lol I think you've got it!

lol I think you've got it!

If the "Choice" is between Obama vs Mittens, I'm for Obama

For the simple reason that with Obama out in 4 years, then the R3VOLution can have RAND/NAPOLITANO 2016.

But if Mittens wins Obama, then come 2016 the entire GOP will be all supporting "President Mitt Romney's reelection 2016" vs the Democrat.

Hence, our RAND/NAPOLITANO will have to WAIT UNTIL the year 2020. Yuck!!!! That is HORRIBLE!

The R3VOLution must absolutely continue: Hence if the "choice" is between Obama vs Mittens, I vote Obama for the simple reason he's out in 4.

Does it bother me? Yes, about 10cents worth, because that is all the difference is between Obama & Mittens. On the other hand, given how the GOP has treated us Paulbots, I say F'em. Hey GOP, its either Paul or if you force me, I'll vote Obama. Stick that in your eye GOP!

Does Mitt speak up against this? http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=7SGWH3kirzg&vq=medium Hell No.

Mittens supports Obama on that and he supports Obama on NDAA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8k2F-7Eaok

Did I say dimes worth of difference? Oooops. I was wrong, ZERO difference.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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I think you're right. I could

I think you're right. I could never bring myself to vote for Romney or Obama, so whether or not Paul gets the nomination I'll be writing his name in as a way to stick it to the GOP and Democrats. If Obama wins because Paul supporters withheld their votes and gave them to Paul even if Romney got the nomination, then it's for the better, because there is virtually no difference between Romney and Obama other than one has a lot more money and is Mormon, and the other is half-black (with an equally questionable theology, if his ideas and his "church" are any indication).

In fact I rather relish the idea of making the GOP establishment elites angry because I voted for Ron Paul and not for their puppet candidate.

you couldntve said it better

you couldntve said it better my friend. this is so true. we shouldnt just be picking opposition to him, that means nothing. that could mean a fascist is better than obama and i dont really think that thats true. i think were all in agreement here



"If you think we can't change the world, it just means you're not one of those that will"

Jacque Fresco

Right on!

Right on!

Slippery Slope

The big danger in the “anyone but ___” strategy is that it is a losing one. It is a slippery slope of voting for the lesser of two evils year after year and watching as both sides drift away. John F. Kennedy would be an extreme conservative by today’s standards even though in his day he was seen as far left.

We can continue to ignore this drift because we need to keep out Obama or we can stand up to our own party like we did with McCain and hope to lose this election by a landslide again. What does this accomplish? While I do believe Mitt would do a better job than Obama, we need to send a message to the GOP that you will continue to lose everything unless you change. "You will lose presidential elections by landslides year after year until you move our way."

The “anyone but X” strategy is by nature very short-run that will be not as bad now but disastrous in the future. Unfortunately I think the GOP needs to lose a few battles to wake up and win the war.

I understand unconditional

I understand unconditional loyalty to a sports team because the end result is ultimately inconsequential. I don't think we should treat the leadership of this incredible country the same way.

How did they convince us party loyalty usurps loyalty to principle?

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I'm not sure who got convinced

All I can say is, I never was! I was apathetic for many many years. Then, I joined the Libertarian Party. I switched from the Libertarian Party to the Republican Party to vote for Ron Paul, because of his idea/plan to take back the Republican Party to it's due to the two-party duopoly, and return it to the principles it left behind long ago.

"If we lose freedom here there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." -Ronald Reagan

When they took us off the Gold Standard they took away our money... in order to make it theirs. -OneTinSoldier

That is a very good and well

That is a very good and well worded question and it describes precisely what has happened. The answer of course is that no one convinced us to place loyalty to a party above loyalty to principles, it just comes natural to humans. The most natural although stupid thing that all people do is blind tribalistic loyalty to "our team." Much of what we see today is not love for the repubicans but hatred of the democrats and vice versa.

The danger of using common sense.

The Quo;

The ideology of the status quo will be the end of America as we know it. They want Socialism, they beg for it without even knowing they are. Most think we live in a Democracy.

There is just no more time and they can't see what's coming. This actually can be used as an advantage.

If you think you can change the minds of the majority by trying to use common sense, we lost already.

The Romney;

Start attacking Romney now and hard with grass roots activity, many like minded people will come forward, even if they don't support RP it will help him or may at least force a debate.

Maybe find people that he screwed over, fired, and raped their companies. I am sure they are pissed.

Use this to show his real "management style".

Starting today I will concentrate some of my efforts on that, becoming a delegate is not my strong suit, sign waves are great, I keep putting out signs for awareness.

What about using some of that time to put signs out with Romney and Obama factoids as well? Leave RP out of it.

Not to be negative. They are rushing the nomination process for Romney for a reason.

I can push RP all day, but the people I speak to, "Anyone one but Obama" has taken hold and you can't get through to enough people in time.

The Spoiler;

It seems we have become the enemy of the status quo now, RP is seen as a spoiler that will just get Obama re-elected. They just want RP to go away.

I don't think the campaign will ever really attack Romney in the way it needs to be done.

It's Romney's turn to be President, that's the deal that has been made. Obama has set the stage for him. That's what they do.. make deals and take turns.

Why can't some of us concentrate on Romney?

Enough people will be attacking Obama without intervention by the campaign.

The Wedge;

Obama put himself in a terrible political position yesterday, I do not care if they get married, but I am not happy this just rolls out of his mouth now.

No offense, but I am tired of the gay marriage issue, year after year, the states have more power than the Federal Government. What do you gain from Obama saying "I support Gay marriage." It meant NOTHING.

A few days before, Obama's position was he supported Civil Unions.

I think Government shouldn't have anything to do with marriage. I did vote down on the NC Amendment 1, but I think it's better to end this debate, and focus on the financial global collapse.. maybe?

He is playing you with this..

Plus.. I'm tired of gay men buying out all the decent mens clothes to :)

The End;

He said he "supported medical marijuana" and they are still kicking down doors with armed SWAT teams. It meant NOTHING.

He said he would "bring the troops home" It meant NOTHING.

The Announcement;

After last nights announcement.

Needing help with SEO? I know there was possibly another reason for this and it appeared different to us. The "same old message" or was it?

I am so frustrated, sorry for the rant...

Tune in next week.. same bat-time, same bat-channel ;)

Romney is worse though! I prefer 4 years of Obomba.

I've been a Republican most of my life, but after I grew a brain it was easy to see that Mitt Robme is all too similar to Obomba, with the same motives & backers, who flip-flops just as much or even more, and of course has federal criminal issues going on too, pointing to the lowest set of morals this country has ever seen run for any high office!

Shall we count the ways Romney is worse than Obama?

  1. Obomba can only screw things up until 2016... Romney would be able to screw them up until 2020!
  2. Obomba is a confirmed socialist and you know he's going to pander to the left more often... But Robme is not confirmable as anything! He votes all over the map and changes his positions so often it's like voting in a magic 8-ball as president!
  3. Obomba may not even be a citizen of the US, but at least he hasn't helped start a multi-Billion dollar Ponzi scheme like Robme!
  4. Obomba fleeced the country out of millions for his stupid books. Robme fleeced the country out of BILLIONS and many thousands of jobs with his unethical business practices over the years.
  5. Obomba doesn't pretend that he doesn't want to raise taxes. Robme signed the "no new taxes" pledge then went on to vote for raising it seven more times!
  6. Obomba may have made famous Obombacare; but Robme introduced it.
  7. Obomba doesn't have any ties to the mainstream media outside of his press secretary... Meanwhile Robme's Bain capital owns the corporations that employ Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Savage, and other major media powerhouses!

That's all I can think of now, but surely there are more... This guy is so incredibly slimy and devoid of any sense of ethics that it's nearly impossible for him to not be caught in a major crime at some point... Which we'll hopefully see happen on June 12th for his part in the Ponzi Scheme.

Moral of the story, boys & girls: If Paul can't win, we MUST stop Robme & get Obomba elected!


I can assure you

Even if every registered republican voted for Mitt he will still lose the general election. There is no reason for any liberty loving person to cast a vote (giving consent) to either of them. Mittens is connected to a $800 billion Ponzi scheme, multiple connections financial and political and the first of his buddies is facing sentencing on June 14. I am convinced the MSM has only been holding back on this story until he was the only repub standing. And that story will run all through the general election, he will get no votes from the independents. Only votes he will get is what he's gotten so far. He's now trying to give away bumper stickers because he can't get anyone to buy them. Secondly if he got the nomination, it would be siezed upon to prove the left's favorite charge. GOP is racists. Because they will be running a white man with the same policies that they fought against when they came from Obama. Remember in 2008 the GOP platform was the Dem platform slightly reworded.

The "Anyone But Bush" mentality

The "anyone but Bush" mentality is how we ended up with B. Hussein!

I was just going to post and

I was just going to post and say that! This isn't a new phenomenon. They keep using it and trading it back and forth. And no wonder, it works every time like a charm. Each party takes turns being the bad guy, while policy generally stays the same.

Agree 100%

Just had this argument on another post! Thank you!

Try This

I joined a few ANYONE BUT OBAMA Facebook & Twitter pages..The moment I said I supported Ron Paul I was ask if I would support Romney if he got it..I said no..only Ron Paul...They said this is a Romney fan page..I replied..the title is misleading..You should allow Paul supporters just on the fact..Paul is not Obama..Pauls record, unlike Romneys, is nothing like Obamas ... I was thrown out of all of them..

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

False Advertising

I have encountered the same thing. I used to support Santorum. Then the natural choice to me now is Ron Paul, especially since Santorum and his bloggers and staff showed me how awful Romney actually is. The "Anyone but Obama" rally cry should include Ron Paul, especially since we have spent months showing how Obama and Romney are very similar on many issues. But you should see the reaction when I put something out there on Facebook and Twitter about Ron Paul. It's like total shock--like I brought home a Hell's Angels biker to suburban Thanksgiving dinner. One reaction on Twitter: "@ReservedPowers paul was NOT pro life ! LEARN" But then when I asked her what it was she wanted me to learn, there was no response.