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Save the Campaign Calling Time, Paper Cost and POSTAGE Un-Wanted Contact

This is very simple. Many of us have received calls for donations and follow up Mail in addition to official campaign correspondence. IMO this is a waste of time, effort and MONEY. The committed supporters do not need to receive any of it.

Please do the following:

Before calling the number below have the following info in hand:
- Your full Name
- Your Phone Number
- Number of times called
- The number you were called from (if it is not an official campaign number you have to talk directly with the company that called
- Your Address

Call the local number of 703-563-6620 as listed on the campaign website.

Press 5 . Once you press 5 the voice mail message will tell you that it will remove you from Official campaign correspondence. If calls are coming from other unaffiliated groups, you will have to call them direct.

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Hope this helps