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Illegal Immigrant Scam costing $4.2 Billion a year!

I just had this emailed over to me and had to share this. This is a investigative story into a $4.2 Billion dollar a year fraud committed by illegal immigrants. http://www.wthr.com/video?clipId=7054149&autostart=true

This is the reason I fight for Ron Paul as hard as I do. The Government is inept, the more power they have the more money they WASTE!! Share this with everyone, we must put a stop to this abuse.

Ron Paul 2012

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Is there any doubt that there are forces trying to destroy us? WTF!

Or is the IRS funneling money to troublemakers?

IRS commits fraud, blames Congress and leaves us to blame Illegal immigrants.

Free includes debt-free!

Not really a scam...as both parties are aware of the realities

of the arrangement.