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Help! Where can I find data on how many people have attended RP Rallies?

I want to make a graphic. I'm looking for:
*dates of past rallies
*locations of past rallies
*number of people attended (ballpark)
If anyone has this data gathered already, I would be so grateful

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here you go


Havent updated with latest so if you do use this please post an update in same format

I have a few of the recent ones

You can find all of them if you dig deep into the vault of liberty posts here at the Daily Paul!

5-2 Ron Paul Speech at Town Hall Cal State Fullerton 4,000+ in attendance
5-3 Ron Paul Speech at Town Hall UC-Davis 8,000+ in attendance
5-4 Ron Paul Speech at Town Hall UC-San Diego 5,000+ in attendance
5-6 Ron Paul Speech Tea Party Express Rally 7,000+ in attendance

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!