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Six Michigan State Convention Delegates Needing Some Help (5/11 Deadline)

Good Evening Everybody,

My Girlfriend and I were both chosen at our County Convention to be Delegates at our State Convention. Our State Convention is two days long, Friday 5/18 and Saturday 5/19. Unfortunately, money is real tight as I am personally in the middle of switching jobs, and she is part time. Not to mention our rent is late, lol. However we are really wanting to try our hardest to get to the State Convention in Detroit. The "cut-off" date for hotel reservations with the MI Republican Party is tomorrow.

For us to get to Detroit and participate, it is going to cost us $149 between lodging, travel, gas, etc. Edit: Turns out the hotel itself is $149, and they charge $25 a night for parking. What is up with that?

Does anybody have any suggestions on the best way to get help? I know that the campaign can not help directly.

So you all don't think that I am lying, here is my Precint Delegate form. The girlfriends is in the car at the moment from when we went to County Convention. lol.


We started a Chip In. Never used it before but this is what everyone seems to use.


If anybody has any advice or suggestions, please do share!

EDIT: I posted below about our friends Jamie and Samantha in Montcalm County and Brad and Connor. Thanks for everyones help! You definitely know how to make a grown man speechless.

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Within $80 of Victory

Eleven contributors so far, let's push them to the top!

Go cheaper

Hotwire.com lists a couple downtown hotels for under $80 per night. There are other garages or lots to park in that don't charge $25 per day. Bring a cooler, or book a hotel that offers free breakfast. You can stay downtown, close to the action, without having to pay the exorbitant prices.

Would this fall under

Would this fall under "contributions" per FEC donations concerning foreign donations if some non-US citizen decided to chip in?

We have another couple from

We have another couple from Montcalm County, Jamie and Sam, and two friends from a different county, Brad and Connor, who also attended their county conventions and are on the list for the State Convention. I want all of you awesome and amazing people to know that anything we dont use will be helping them out to get there! Detroit is the very south east tip of our state, so it is quite a drive for many, especially those in the north. I want you to know that anything we dont use will not be going to waste! We have four other eligible people!

There are many State Campgrounds around Detroit.

Average temperature down here in May is 50F. Today it is 62.

For those the enjoy the Great Michigan Outdoors, it might be a plan.

Free includes debt-free!

brr. It may be 62 now, but

brr. It may be 62 now, but it was easily in the 40's/low 50's this morning. lol. Although next weekend does look nice! That's good news!


You are all so amazing!!!!! I

You are all so amazing!!!!! I don't even know what to say. I am speechless right now.

hey, how's the spanish

hey, how's the spanish version of the handouts going?

I sent you this:


5 days ago & never received a reply from you?

To answer your question, the translating was WAAAAYYYY harder than I thought it would be due to certain words or phrases not having a truly accurate translation. I am done with the Paul vs Romney brochure as I really wanted to get this done before Texas & California, but it will take me awhile longer to get to the Obama one due to the fact that I am in the middle of moving to a new place. I assume the Romney one is more pressing than the Obama one at this time anyway.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but judging from your lack of response to the email I sent you 5 days ago, I can't help but think that maybe "wisdom strategies(?)" sent you an email & you also missed that, or in the same way, you sent him/her an email, and he/she also overlooked it. I urge you to ask him/her again if they ever completed the translations.

In the meantime, send me an email where I can forward the finished brochure to.

Have fun you guys!

Good luck - we're pulling for you!

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Aren't Ron Paul folks the best?!

You guys are the best! So neat to see folks helping each other - the very thing we need to do in difficult times as we all work towards restoring our freedoms


I literally call you all "My

I literally call you all "My Ron Paul FAMILY" around my family. They understand. ;) I honestly consider every supporter family.

Help sent from Cali!

Have a great time at the Convention!

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Morning Bump


Thank you again to all who

Thank you again to all who have donated so far. I would like to send Thank You cards to each and every one of you. lol.

lil something to help : )

Have fun!

ChipIn Event Title: Getting Eric and Nikki To The Michigan State Convention
ChipIn Event Organizer: Eric Gibbs (gibbsericjss@gmail.com)
Transaction ID: dc939480f965ef8f
Contribution Amount: $20.00
Contribution Date: May 11, 2012 7:34 AM UTC


Thank you Peggy! We will! I

Thank you Peggy! We will! I actually enjoy Roberts Rules and the happenings at the convention. Lol.

Hey everybody, Sorry for the

Hey everybody,

Sorry for the lack of response. I am currently usingn my phone for internet. I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for those of you who have donated.

Is there still an issue with chip in? If so i will check it out at 7am est when i can get to our computer.

Thank you again to all of those who have donated. I literally just called and woke up the girlfriend from her deep sleep after checking this page. If anybody is willing to help, anything helps! Even a dollar. im not sure when thebdeadline is today. But im hopeful! Thank you again

No problems with Chip In!

At least none that I had. Good luck!

Foreigners can gift anyone

Foreigners can gift anyone they want to, with money..just not any official campaign stuff. ALSO, according to IRS rules, I believe a person can get $10,000 in gifts from one individual without paying tax on it (as the giftor has already paid it).

Stop paying cable

Stop paying for your TV bill, its a waste of money and you are contributing to the problem..

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

No cable. ;) thanks for the

No cable. ;) thanks for the suggestion!

They wanted

a suggestion, and I gave them one.. Why vote down? Save money by getting rid of useless things... Thumbs up :(

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

You got the right idea.

You are assuming that they haven't already.

Me, I am going to sleep in my car. Glock at my side. Booya!

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin


Glock is a good gun and I'd sleep in a car with my girlfriend for America... Heck I have done it for fun before ;)

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

I think I just Been Had...

The chip-in page doesn't have contact just FAQ section that doesn't work. My contribution did not show up.

Sorrybif you had issues. Im

Sorrybif you had issues. Im new to chipin.

My email is gibbsericj@gmail.com

Thanks :)