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Looking for a real delegate count? Look no further, I've done the math for you to share!

Guys! I'm very happy to tell you that, contrary to popular belief, or what the MSM says, the delegate count is closer than they think!

When you see CNN, Fox, MSNBC or other networks give out different delegate counts, you should realize there's something really wrong with them! I mean, if they can't even agree on the delegate numbers, how do they expect the viewers to trust them in giving real news, am I right?

So I took a little time off to do a little something I thought was necessary. After hearing and reading about Doug Wead's calling for help and spreading facts instead of attacks, I thought this could start with the biggest and most important element of the nomination: ACCURATE DELEGATE NUMBERS.

Doing my research on which states have allocated all their delegates, which ones have allocated delegates in the district conventions but not yet in the state conventions and states that haven't allocated any, I got to work and started tallying numbers up and down.

OK, not to delay the suspense of waiting for the real delegate count, here it goes like this:

Mitt Romney has 562 delegates
Ron Paul has 204 delegates
866 delegates are either unallocated or unbound (due to Gingrich and Santorum dropping out)

I'll be doing updates on the delegate count due to states allocating their delegates or if I hear anything, so keep your eyes open.

So all I can say is WE STILL HAVE A RACE GUYS! (P.S. if you guys would like to read a breakdown of the delegates per state, you can let me know and I'd be more than welcome to share this with you)

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This is what we all need to focus on now.

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I'd love to see the break

I'd love to see the break down...not to be skeptical, but I've seen a dozen similar posts get debunked.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
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to put under examination

that's the definition of skeptical. Don't use it to mean cynical it's a wildly growing misconception. Skepticism is the scientific method In fact the Myth Busters have been prominently featured on skeptic magazine. Have pride in your skepticism it shows you're look for the truth.


ROMNEY 312 | PAUL 110 (as of this moment...read on...)



"Actually it is really not that complicated. The process runs like this: Primary or caucus in any given ..." Go to the site for the rest and consider a donation to make the map go from demo to production. 200 pennies is good enough!

great work defe wow!

Now can you try to keep this up to date? and you should try to figure out how many of the unbounds and alternates are likely to go to paul. Not sure how to figure that all out

Good work appreciate it!

My delegate count factors in Santorum & Gingrich & this is what I came up with.

Romney 819

Paul 298

Santorum 234

Gingrich 124

2.74 ratio between Romney and Paul



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See Ben Swann's latest Reality Check.

It doesn't matter because the RNC rules state that the binding of delegates by states is not even recognized at the convention. The binding of delegates can be taken as a suggestion. No one is bound to vote for Romney in Tampa. Every delegate is free on the first ballot to vote based on their own "judgment" and "conviction."

Good work, but this is now obsolete.

John F


seems rather pertinent. explain please.

Apparently most of us

(myself definitely included) are just learning the rules to this thing. Ben Swann's outstanding research--which has been corroborated--has brought out a rule which supercedes the state delegate-binding procedures, although not many knew about it. It's all about the Republican National Convention, and they take the state's "rules" as suggestions. In the end, the binding of delegates is outlawed at the convention, though it is not ever expressed. Delegates are free to vote their conscience at the national convention. Period.

If states get mad because individuals didn't adhere to their directives, who cares?? If we keep allowing the machine to dictate, this thing won't ever happen. Forget 2016. This is probably our last chance. All delegates should vote Ron Paul on any and every ballot and not abstain. Therefore, delegate "count" is obsolete because Ron Paul has many delegates that are supposedly "bound" to Mitt Romney or others. But in truth, they are not in the least bound.

John F

Yes breakdown please!

Am keen to see how you got there

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No more bumps!? :(

No more bumps!? :(

Nice Work!

I've been curious as to what the actual delegate count is.

Amazing and confusing


Has 295 Romney and 108 Paul.

I have no idea who is correct.....

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Strange thing...

The ratio of 295 to 108 is 2.73 to 1

and the ratio of 562 to 204 is 2.75 to 1

almost the exact ratio.

Odd coincidence or is it?


MericanDad's picture

That's good, but...

Assuming the recent update Ben Swann posted reminding us that state delegate binding was overturned at 2008 RNC is true, what would you estimate the number of national delegates that are loyal to Ron Paul? That's the most important question. I know, I know, everyone says we'll just have to wait until the convention.

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.

Yes Delegates By State

Yes Delegates By State

Thank you for your work. I

Thank you for your work. I would love to see a state-by-state breakdown.

please share the state info

looking to share with friends.