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Ben Swann Confirms: Delegates Are NOT Bound, Anywhere! New Reality Check

Ben Swann's Reality Check may have cleared up our bound delegate question.

The take away is...

The RNC does not recognize a state's ability to bind delegates!!!

Take a look below:


"(FOX19) - One week ago, Reality Check told you about one reason why the Republican Presidential nomination is far from locked up.

But one blogger says Ben got it wrong claiming "Urgent, Ben Swann and Matt Larson are wrong about Rule 38 and delegates being Unbound based on RNC rules."

So, was Ben wrong after all?

The answer in a Reality Check Reply All."


LETTER QUOTE from Jennifer Sheehan, Legal Counsel for the RNC:

“[The] RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose.” And, “The national convention allows delegates to vote for the individual of their choice, regardless of whether the person’s name is officially placed into nomination or not.”

Read here: http://utahcountygop.com/blog/mr-jenkins-goes-to-st-paul/

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Even so, the letter that he

Even so, the letter that he read from the RNC legal counsel still applies.

I think you guys should search

for the rest of that letter. It would better help place those 2 sentences in context. Do we know the letter was quoted properly? The situation to which she was responding was regarding a state re-binding unbound delegates against their will. Seeing the whole letter will help make it more clear what she meant. Or instead, get a statement from the current RNC legal counsel. They could have a different interpretation.

Too Bad, So Sad!

Rule 38 is just an old, arcane rule, that our old and arcane candidate is gonna UTILIZE, baby! In yo' face!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

but assuming your interpretation is right

rule 38 would still only help Ron Paul if he had a pure majority at the convention. Romney is going to have far more delegates voting for him than he needs, even if every single stealth delegate abstains. That is, unless Ron Paul starts winning primaries. Win California and New Jersey, and that could keep Romney from the nomination on the first ballot.

Stealth, stealth, stealth

You don't know how many stealthies there are. I heard a few states have very many.

It may still apply here

The RNC legal counsel was very clear: the RNC does not recognize any binding by states, and all delegates are free agents. It is not specific to that situation.

maybe, maybe not

It's still an extrapolation. I see what you're saying and I know that's the interpretation you're hoping is accurate, but there's a very good chance that's not how the RNC is going to see it this year.

Reading through the rules, the RNC goes to great lengths to describe binding rules and to tell states when and how they can and cannot bind delegates. Do you recognize the inherent silliness of having one of the rules invalidate a third of their document? Why not just tell the states they're not allowed to bind delegates in the first place, instead of telling them how to bind delegates then saying in cryptic language about a "unit rule" that there's no such thing as binding?

Troll or not...

Shaz's logic is sound. I don't want to hear it but that doesn't make it wrong. We need to be sure before we start sporting wood.

Too late.

... Way too late. ;)



Stop arguing with Shaz

We can start spelling out what he is... and it starts with a "T".

I told you I was gonna keep an eye on you Shaz... Pretty obvious to me you are a ROMULAN.

is there such a thing as a romulan?

i didn't know he had any REAL supporters. i haven't run into ANY, and i've talked to ALOT of people.

Yes, I support Romney and

Yes, I support Romney and I've never said otherwise. This was not a secret code that you just cracked.

Now if you read the "about"

Now if you read the "about" page, it says, "Much to my surprise, following the conclusion of the campaign, the Daily Paul has remained a vibrant online community of like minded people working towards freedom, liberty, and the restoration of our Constitutional republic."

Now seeing as that's a sort of de facto mission statement for this site, it opens up a broad venue for discussion, since we all have different views regarding what is freedom, what is liberty, and how we go about restoring our constitutional republic. Some people think that means neoconservatism, some people think it means Ron Paul, some people think it's Romney, and some people think it means Obama.

At some point, people got the idea that this site was about getting Paul elected president, and not about constitutional government and discussing his ideas.. if they're right and I'm wrong, and this site is a campaign site and not a discussion site, please let me know and I'll leave without ever coming back.

Personally, I don't see how Paul and Obama are that different, considering there was so much overlap in the campaigns on their platforms. Obama actually did a lot of what he said he would do, like ending that nasty unnecessary war in Iraq and focusing on capturing bin Laden. Yes, Obamacare was a bad idea, but that's why we have federal courts so when Congress does screw up, they get put back in their place.

This is something that needs to be clarified: is this site about discussing constitutional government and liberty, or is this site about discussing Ron Paul's ideas, or is this site devoted to getting Ron Paul elected, and is dissent allowed, or are we required to be in total lockstep, negating the need for any discussion?


Now that we have confirmation of the true delegate process, you now have time to wander around the rest of the forum.
Might I suggest you spend some time getting to know Ron Paul's message of freedom so that you may be inclined to join the r3VOLution with us. Big tent, we have plenty of room. We have some bears in our campground, just do not feed them. ; )


Confirmation from whom?

A small market newscaster using the 4 year old opinion of RNC lawyers? I love Ben, he is a breath of fresh air in a stale media. And I am hoping and praying that this is true, but desperately wanting it to be does not make it so. Stay hopeful, but don't take this to the bank. Because when the GOP somehow in the last second of the last quarter squirms their way into putting the kibosh on this, we are setting ourselves up for yet another disappointment.

Begrudgingly I must concede...

What you say makes sense. Why have a whole shit load of delegate rules only to have a single clause at the end that basically trumps everything previous to seems ridiculous. I want to celebrate but why should we before we know for sure. We are only setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Really? Cause the RNC lawyer's reasoning was based in the fact

that they ain't bound to shit.

Also... I gotta say I'm impressed w/ TheShazzad... less then an hour of this gets posted and he's already got an essay out on the exact intricate details of how this went down in 2008 and why we shouldn't pay attention and it doesn't matter. Nothing to see here. Move along.


I mean... really... does an alarm bell go off at one of Mitten's mansions when Freedom gets leaked out? Sirens blaring... red phones start ringing everywhere... people getting kicked out of bed...

Just spit my coffee out laughing -

that last paragraph was so funny.
—why the hell am I drinking coffee @ this hour anyways? Time to switch to tea...
O and yes, The Shazad can crank out some essays. He wasn't even alive during Carter's presidency, but that kid will do some researching like it's a term paper. That and some serious ADHD... After the election, instead of a Money-Bomb, we can have a Xanax-Bomb so The Shazad can get some much-needed rest ; )

Hope I didn't ruin your shirt! ;)

But seriously... I bet it's not just one guy... it's a Mittens Re-education Strike Team. A bunch of people all cranking out essays and having them at the ready for when various facts leak out, they can immediately pump them out under "The Shazad". Poor guy(s)... the economy is so shitty they don't have a choice.

Hey trolls/Mittens operatives... you know, if you help get Dr. Paul elected you could actually get a decent job. Just sayin. It's an option. ;)

Ben Swann ~ Excellence in

Ben Swann ~ Excellence in Journalism.

Bye -bye RushannityOreallybeckyBair

itsallaboutbalance's picture

My understanding of what this means...

That in the rules it says the delegates don't have to be bound even if it says so in the specific states BUT also that the GOP is a private club and they can change the rules or choose which ones they want to follow in whatever way it suits them to get the man they want in the end. They "kind of" still have to make it look like a democracy... I could be wrong obviously but I so don't trust them AT ALL and listening to Dr.Paul being cautious in his interviews and to what Doug Wead was saying yesterday, I'm being cautiously optimistic as well...

Its gonna be a tough fight but there is still power in numbers. Let's hope and see what happens.

I'm in it till the end no matter what.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

Is the Paul campaign working

Is the Paul campaign working with Santorum and Gingrich delegates to see if some of them would switch and vote for Paul at the convention? I'm sure a good number of them would rather have Paul than Romney.

BEN! I totally have a man crush on you. THIS NEWS IS AWESOME!

Imma go tweet the crap outta this. ALL YOUR DELEGATES ARE BELONG TO US!!

Slight Correction...

The proper slaughtered grammar would be:


But seriously...we need that T-shirt. Someone make it.

Lol, thank you. :)

and we totally do need those!! :)


Very encouraging news and information. We may take this thing yet. :-)

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Get the word out to all the

Get the word out to all the RP delegates and send a message to the nation RP campaign. They must all know this information.

It is vital to have victory at Tampa and then becoming the president.

This is the sort of motivation and feel good news that all RP supporters should know.

But keep this information hidden from the Romney people, they will kick it into high gear if they find out about this little gem of power.



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