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Ted Cruz Inspiring Speech, Crowd Chants "Ron Paul!"

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Cruz is a Fraud

A total fraud

who is endorsed by RP

He is also endorsed by Ron Paul. Paul knows exactly what he's doing. As TMOT said, "O Ye of Little Faith".


He's not a true constitutional hardliner if we weaken after the election he will go with the wind. He won’t hold the line. What’s the point in supporting someone that only supports you because they gain something from it not because they truly believe in the same ideology you believe in? We need to get people in position to hold the line at the very least. The GOP is going to pounce on us after the election and will move quickly to pull in our candidates into the good old boys club to weaken our movement. Ben Swann already reported that 10 Tea Party freshmen are taking money from banks. We have to vote for constitutional hardliners because if they aren’t IDK if they’ll survive when they go to Washington unless they have Ron Paul balls.

The neo-cons play hardball you already see how they treat us now during an election when they need use what do you think is going to happen after the election when the cameras go away. Only vote for people that are constitutional hardliners and that follow the Paul Doctrine at least we can get them to hold the line on the debt ceiling to force the government to make deep cuts.