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Not Mitt

There are those who would have you believe that Mitt Romney is overwhelming choice of Oklahoma Republicans. 72% of Oklahoma Republicans voted for “not Romney” on March 6th, also known as Super Tuesday. That is a significant number of voters who reject the former Governor of Massachusetts. As other candidates have fallen away, only one man stands against the tide: Ron Paul.

Of the 43 Delegates to the GOP National Convention, 25 will be chosen at May 12th’s GOP State Convention, to be held at the Embassy Suites in Norman. These Delegates are referred to as “at-large”, meaning they do not represent a Congressional District but the state as a whole. The State Executive Committee has gone through more than 150 potential candidates and chosen a final 25 for Delegate and 25 for Alternate, after an extensive review of their biographies and an interview (either in person or on the phone). Here is the result:

More than 60% of the “official slate” supports Mitt Romney.

Oklahoma Delegates are “bound”, meaning that they are required to vote, on all Ballots, for a particular nominee (unless you are the Chairman of the Party, the National Committeeman or the National Committeewoman, who are “unbound”). Former Senator Santorum won Oklahoma, and earned 14 Delegates. Former Governor Romney won 13 Delegates. Former Speaker Gingrich won 13 Delegates. Current Congressman Paul won no Delegates – but he has not quit the race. When Senator Santorum’s 14 Delegates and Speaker Gingrich’s 13 Delegates are released, who will win them? Will it be Romney or Paul – the only two candidates remaining?

Supporters of Ron Paul and his message of Constitutional Liberty have rallied to win all Delegates and Alternates in three of Oklahoma’s five Congressional Districts, and a number of Alternates in the other two. This is in spite of extensive violations of the rules and procedure in the 1st Congressional District. Among the other events of Saturday’s State Convention will be the addressing of this lengthy complaint, reported here. It is clear that in spite of a poor finish in the Super Tuesday Primary, Congressman Paul has extensive and dedicated support in Oklahoma.

For the record, Ron Paul opposed TARP, Cap & Trade, raising taxes (that’s a lot of “NO” for as long as he has been in Congress), is 100% pro-Life, 100% pro-Gun, 100% pro-Constitution, and I could go on – not to mention his military service and the fact that he has more donors from active military than the rest of the GOP field – all of them, including those who have dropped out – combined. He also predicted the current economic crisis a decade ago, in a very famous speech on the floor of the House of Representatives (here, from April 24th, 2002).

The other candidate is Mitt Romney. He can’t claim any of the above. At least he’s not a communist….

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.” – Ron Paul

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Given the recent Rule violations; 11 & 38

and the recent updated broadcast by Ben Swann of Fox19 outlining the reasoning behind the delegates being unbound since the RNC/Romney haven't received written approval from the committee members of all the states, are delegates bound or unbound? From what I'm hearing they're unbound.

Any thoughts? I'm leaning toward unbound but I'm not sure either.

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Another Steve Dickson Gem

Thank you, sir!

Remember to elect your National Committeman/woman

This is very important as they are not bound!

Watch out for the fake slates and many "delegates" that arrive late! Demand an actual count of paid delegates, make sure the rules are enforced and the number of delegates match the credentials report.

Don't count on them arriving late again

Make sure the numbers add up. Add how many delegates each district was supposed to send and compare to the official total. remember they claimed it was a "clerical error" in Nevada. Sorry but a math error adding what should have been 338 empty chairs does not create the fake delegates to fill those seats.