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New song for Ron Paul

We wrote a song for Ron Paul, check it out! (Lyrics below)



Yea, they try to stop me,
How about instead of convict music we make patriot music, yea

Verse 1:

Ugh, C4L
The revolution won't be televised, I end the spell like
This, This, I made the whole election flip
I made a new trend, I'm the party whip,

Libertarian, no time for republicrats
I been a patriot, I don't need an act, neo-con conservative I came to take the country back
They seen all my delegates, almost had a heart attack

Tell Chaney that he better grab his pace maker
Cause Ron Paul bout to be the grand race maker
Why you think they turning up their attack
Chris Matthews playing hard ball but I ain't playin' that

I'm taking over the GOP, I just got another chairman in Nevada last week
Louisville is next watch out for my slugger
Tampa ain't ready for my Oklahoma thunder

Verse 2:

This your Ben Swann reality check
I got pundents tryin' to guess what I'll do next
Erase opponents like a etch a sketch
The revolution won't stop even when I'm dead, yea

I'm on that tonic, call it Barry Goldwater
Every time they try to stop me I be gettin' hotter
Wanna trim my grassroots, word to your florist
They gonna have a tough time cause my buzz is enormous

I'm still surging, crowd by the thousands
Lil' Mittens Romney ain't even a challenge
I told you, just let the dust settle, my people taking over at every single level

Don't believe the hype, TV sellin' lies
Wanna shut down the Internet, stop my rise
I mean I got the whole zoo going nuts, the rhinos and elephants try'na to get like us

Let us know what you all think!