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A damaging spin that needs to be countered

I haven't written a post for a long time. Being a foreigner, I prefer to act on the sidelines. But here's a post which I hope gets some attention.

For some time now I have been noticing a particular MSM spin captured by this quote here:

"...his supporters have flooded the party’s snoozy state conventions — and then elected themselves to delegate slots."

>> Source: http://bangordailynews.com/2012/05/10/politics/it-may-be-too...

Here's another example. Two WSJ clowns calling themselves newscaster and reporter discuss Ron Paul's strategy - watch the video here: http://online.wsj.com/video/romney-to-ron-paul-quit-the-race...

Everywhere, and consistently, the MSM is projecting the impression that Ron Paul supporters are barging in on state conventions to elect themselves. It is of course a given that these supporters are actually delegates elected at county level, but the electorate in general hardly seems to know this, strange as that may be.

This spin does not only inspire contempt against RP, it also negates the tremendous feat and validity of the movement.

I believe this spin has to be tackled persitently, not least by Ron Paul himself. The process is obvious to the campaign and to anyone who's been following, but it's not so obvious to the unknowing masses.

There's a whole story to be told and the MSM will not tell it.

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But really there is no ground support for Romney.

Why would there be, he is the most liberal Republican ever.

Funny how Hannity makes fun of Obama only filling half a stadium, Romney can't fill the stadium restrooms.

Dumbing Down of the Electorate Has Been Intentional

I agree, and also think that the dumbing down of Americans re: how our elections actually work, is deliberate. The media and the establishment are horrified that the electorate will figure out that we've been lied to (by them) about our votes being the decisive factor in elections. We have been intentionally misled, and the MSM has been complicit. That's why they're trying to mislead people...again. It has been emphasized to every American how important it is to get out and vote, when it's important to get out and be a delegate! That's because they can control the outcome of the "beauty contests" with voting machines. Once again, Ron Paul exposes the myths for what they are.

BTW, people are shocked once they find out they've been lied to, and then they begin to wonder what else they've been told that's wrong!


Counter by asking why Romney can't do the same thing

The Paul campaign is following the rules. If they are accused of hijacking delegates, they should point out that Romney can use the same so "arcane" rules. The reason why Romney can't do that is because Romney doesn't have the same level of support that Paul does.

I truly believe that Paul is the frontrunner in this race.



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Excellent strategy