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Advice for debating a RINO

For all of you who have ever tried to convert a supporter of another candidate and failed, I have some advice for you..... Don't bash the other candidate. Mitt Romney is a good man but....

Ron Paul is the right man at the right time with the right plan. Use this statement in your efforts to convert people and they will feel compelled to ask you what "this plan" is.

We are better than the RINOs and we will be more effective winning people over by educating them about Ron Paul and his plan to restore America then we can be by pointing out Mitt Romney's flaws.

This approach will be a bit more time consuming but consider this.

When Ron Paul wins the nomination and is going head to head with President Obama, do you want ever person that you ever spoke with to remember Mitt Romney's weaknesses or Ron Paul's strengths and plan to restore America?

Think of this approach as laying the ground work for a November victory.

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Ear of the Listener

Much like the Eye of the Beholder, the Ear of the Listener may interpret any negative argument about Romney as a bash. Still, one can refrain from using harsh words in describing the opponents position so that it would not be mistaken as an ad hominem attack.

I always try to appeal to the numerous positions that they would agree with Paul, while at the same time point out the numerous positions that they would disagree with Romney. I also don't expect my opponent to convert, but usually such conversations, whether online or in person, tend to sway the audience.

Sorry, I gagged at "Mitt Romney is a good man".

I see nothing good about him. Even his MSM allies admit he is a pathological liar. He supports the NDAA, which makes him a TRAITOR in my book. Just this week he changed his position from "pro-life" to "pro-choice" AGAIN. Besides fathering handsome children, what is to like about him?