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Romney is worse than Obama - by far

At a time when deficits and the National Debt are raging totally out of control, Romney wants to dramatically increase military spending compared to Obama.
A recent poll says that Americans support CUTS to military spending not dramatically increasing it like Romney.
When the news of Romney's plans get out to the general public (as Obama will ensure), Independents will turn away from Romney in droves.
Only 27% now support the Afghan war. I.E. GOP and pretty much no one else.

We have just seen Q1 GDP be revised down to 1.5%.
The original consensus by voodoo econommists (Keynesians) was 2.7%.
The headline unemployment rate is being managed by moving hundreds of thousands to disability payments.

This country is in DEEP trouble.
When the focus should be on cutting the debt and stabilising the economy, Romney wants to waste hundreds of billions of dollars on additional wasteful military spending.
Do you want more cruise missiles, drones, Blackwater contractors and a crashing economy?
Or do you want some measure of control installed in the WH and DC?


N.B. The projections for the size of the deficit made Romney slightly worse than Obama before this news came out.

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