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Romney campaign called me for first time

Just wanted to add this to the info we have:

Got a call at 9:12AM here in NY by the Romney Campaign. This is the first call I have received from his folk.

The called lead with "obama made 15M last night via George Clooney. we are a 10:1 underdog and need to keep up with Obama's fundraising. We need to get to 200"

"200 what? Million" i asked

"yeah yeah million" he responded. he sounded nice enough but was unprepared and reading from a script. he passed me on to the the "confirmer" who was to confirm my address and ask again for money. i allowed them to send me a pledge kit just to read it for myself.

When i was tranfered, i was cut off from previous caller, it was choppy, and in the end stood for nothing buut "not obama".

I would have asked if they have any principles that they are running on....but they couldnt deal with the "Anyone but Obama" script they had prepared. SO why bother.

Thats all. THanks.

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its wise to take all free stuff etc. that they offer.

will be missed somewhere else. :]
Ron is 1:200 and 50/50 in the polls against obummer.
Will be funny when romney misses the nomination and rombomba did spent all their money already lol

I've received two Romney calls so far....

probably because I'm on some kind of "super voter" list (means I vote in EVERY election...even "off" years). I LOVE telling them I'll only vote for Ron Paul.


The Romney Campaign can not even win when they have a 10:1 ADVANTAGE

What on gods green earth are they thinking when they think they can beat OBAMA running as a 10:1 underdog.

LOL They need us so bad and they are starting to realize it.

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!