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The Phenix City Story Has Many Parallels to Ron Paul Story. Hopefully It Will End a Little Differently.

I watched "The Phenix City Story" on TMC last night and it struck me as being very similar to the Ron Paul story.

Here's a key scene where the son of the candidate is trying to persuade the people of the city to rise up and take the city back through the ballot box.

It was in the 1950's in Alabama where the city was completely controlled by the mob.

Albert Patterson was a seventy something year old retired politician who reluctantly accepted to run as the Alabama state attorney general in order to clean up the corruption in Phenix City.

After he won, even though the mob did their best to control the voting process through violence and intimidation, the mob assasinated him before he took office. His son was then voted in to replace him and finally the state sent in troops to take back the city from the mob.

I feel it's pretty much what we have now except instead of the mob having control of a small city, they have control of the US government. Instead of making money on gambling and prostitution, they have control of the money supply and steal at will. They have control of the CIA and the IRS in order to keep any would be reformers in line through intimidation. In the movie, they kill a kid as an example of what they will do to the candidates' children. Would it be that difficult for the CIA to instill that kind of fear into any politician who is thinking of stepping out of line? Would you put the lives of your kids on the line in order to try to battle the seemingly invincible establishment?

I hate the thought, but we have a seventy something year old reluctant candidate who is trying to run for office in order to drain the swamp. He also has a passionate son who would be able to step up in his place if something ever happened to him. Let's hope that we too can triumph in the end but pray that it doesn't take a martyr to make it happen. What it will take is a grand movement where the people take back control of the government at all levels and finally end the corruption. It's not up to any one man. It's up to the masses of people who are sick and tired of being and being afraid to challenge the status quo. We need to stand up and become involved. Ron Paul has given us that opportunity, let's make it happen.

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I also watched it last night, and although I knew the reputation

of Phenix City, having grown up about an hour away, the assassination happened before I was born.

I saw parallels to the Battle of Athens, TN, as the son was returning from military service overseas, and found the corruption in his hometown had become unbearable. He found that the enemies he really needed to fight were not foreign, but domestic.

I'm always glad to see the veterans who support Ron Paul, and hoping that the goals of the revolution can be accomplished without violence on either side.