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Two Georgia Alternates Need Urgent Help to State Convention

We need help with 2 registration fees ($120 total) to be able to participate as Alternate to 2012 Georgia RepublicanConvention in Columbus, GA that takes place May 18 -19. Historically 70% Alternates got elevated as delegate in Georgia. Every single vote counts and every vote is worth fighting for.

This is the ChipIn link we set up:

No donation is too small. Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

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Donation goal reached! Thank you!

We are very very grateful for the donations and support you have offered us in such short notice. We have completed our convention registration just now and ready to roll up our sleeves for the cause of liberty at GA State Convention!

It is our goal for the entire Georgia delegation to give our utmost, the very best!!!

Thank you!

Hi I am an alternate delegate in GA but I need info asap!

Hi there,
I am a late start here but I got involved enough to be listed as an alternate delegate to the GA state convention. I am in graduate school and have some upcoming exams next week but I would really like to go. This is my first time getting involved in this part of the political process. Can someone help me out & explain to me what is the benefit of me attending the state convention as an alternate - to try and vote or nominate delegates to national that support Paul, right? I would feel better if I had some contacts or have been able to be more connected at this point but I have not had the time or ability to do so. As of now even if I went and was able to get in as a delegate I don't know who I would nominate and the county conventions seemed like a huge amount of time for people chit chatting, networking, or trying to promote themselves versus a few minutes of paper work. Should I expect the same at state?

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Responsding to the above question

Please refer to the "contact" tab at ga4ronpaul.com. You should find state and district coordinators there. Anyone there can help you. But no offense here, we also need to be absolutely sure you are a true liberty supporter and not just fishing for inside info. I hope you understand our caution. That's why I am referring you to the leaders to contact and they will make the correct judgment.

There is going to be a staffed Ron Paul table on the second floor May 18-19.

Well if the original poster

Well if the original poster is correct and upwards of 70% of alternates get bumped up to regular delegates, then that's reason enough to go. I'm an alternate as well, but from IL. It shouldn't be hard to find the Paul people once there at the convention. they'll tell you everything you need to do, who and what to vote on. The motto is "be the first to arrive and the last to leave." Here is the Georgia section of the DailyPaul: http://www.dailypaul.com/category/states/georgia Find someone who's posted something there and check out how long they've been a member of DP from their profile. If it's been awhile then they're trust worthy and should be able to help you out with a few questions if you contact them.

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Looks like my previous donation was corrected by Paypal and has gone through!

I just received notification

I just received notification as well. =)

ChipIn is updating now

We did receive 1 donation after the email address (linked to Paypal) is corrected in ChipIn. Sorry. The contribution is now updating on ChipIn. The earlier donations are held somewhere. If you can provide a transaction #, I will contact PayPal to research.


Double check that your e-mail address registered with Chip In is correct? I've never used chip in before so forgive me if it sounds like I don't know what I'm talking about :)

Need Transaction ID for existing donations

You are right. The email address I initially entered to ID my paypal account had 2 letter switched around. I corrected it 10 mins ago. But ChipIn does not offer support (ph or email), I do not know how to resolve the issue - the existing donations must be held somewhere. I called PayPal and they did say transaction ID is needed to research.

Can existing donors contact me with the transaction number they had from ChipIn? If you do not feel comfortable posting here, could you use the contact feature to PM me transaction ID?

Thank you!

I sent you an e-mail!

Check your g-mail account for my ID#. Donation was for $10.00 and I was planning to give a little more once everything was figured out.

I want to contribute but not until I know they can access the $

Chipin still shows $0 - what's the status?

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Still checking - ChipIn does not have proper support

ChipIn does not have proper support



Just chipped in

$10.00 until we figure out what's going on. Chip In isn't updating for me either. Are you getting the funds?!

I am checking why it's not updating

Thank you everyone!

I did not have internet connection for the last 45 mins. So far I am not getting funds but I will find out what the problem is.

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Foreigners CANNOT fund Delegate Expenses.

Federal Election Commission Foreign Nationals Brochure If you have any questions after reading this, please contact the FEC in Washington, D.C., at 1-800-424-9530 or 202-694-1100.

The Prohibition

The Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) prohibits any foreign national from contributing, donating or spending funds in connection with any federal, state, or local election in the United States, either directly or indirectly. It is also unlawful to help foreign nationals violate that ban or to solicit, receive or accept contributions or donations from them. Persons who knowingly and willfully engage in these activities may be subject to fines and/or imprisonment. [...]

Assisting Foreign National Contributions or Donations

Under Commission regulations it is unlawful to knowingly provide substantial assistance to foreign nationals making contributions or donations in connection with any U.S. election. 11 CFR 110.20(h). "Substantial assistance" refers to active involvement in the solicitation, making, receipt or acceptance of a foreign national contribution or donation with the intent of facilitating the successful completion of the transaction. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to individuals who act as conduits or intermediaries. 67 FR 69945-6 (November 19, 2002) [PDF].

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Just remember

State and county Conventions are not elections, they are private functions.



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Are you a member of GA4RonPaul?

There are plenty of locals with cash ready to help delegates and alternates from Georgia. Send an email to assistance@GA4ronpaul.com Per Charles there are plenty of donors but, few requests for help.

We have contacted whoever we can contact already

including assistance@GA4ronpaul.com and filling out the Survey. We feel at this point we are on our own. That's why we set up the ChipIn today. We really wish we could go but we must raise funds.

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This person is worthy of your contribution

Ying personally collected left over campaign materials and sent them on to Indiana at personal expense. Further, Ying took down about 30 pole signs that are now being sent to me to be posted here in Montana. He paid it forward, let's help out!

Chip in seems slow to update

But there is a start! Thanks for all you do!


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Very slow

I sent $30, still says zero. Maybe we should post our contributions so Ying can follow up.

Just chipped in

Just chipped in $10.00. Still says $0 on the link :-/

Yes, post amounts. Just sent

Yes, post amounts. Just sent 25 and it STILL says 0!

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Foreigners: Contribute HERE, please!

This is your opportunity to help the campaign. Send a gift to a delegate or alternate!

This sounds like the perfect

This sounds like the perfect way that foreigners can help out. Are there any rule against it though? I just want to make sure.

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It's against Federal law for foreigners to fund delegates

See my comment above and this article: http://www.dailypaul.com/222915/reminder-foreign-campaign-co...

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I would have to disagree with you

If you can show me where county and state Political conventions are part of elections I would love to see it.

Do US Representatives, US Senators, State Representatives or State Senators get elected via delegates?, how about at conventions - the answer is no.

The GOP state processes are nominating processes, they are not election processes.

When you vote in a caucus or primary, you are NOT electing anybody. You are straw polling. There IS NO election, even delegates are not electing anybody, they are nominating. There need be no nomination procedure at all, The Republican National Committee could place someone in nomination without a single vote. That's why delegates cannot be bound, otherwise it would be a real election. However, a campaign is not really spending money in a primary season, it's real goal is the general election, and ALL Conventions state and national have to be over by
the general election. So on a Presidential campaign level, the FEC considers all donations as part of an election, because ultimately it's about the general. A convention NEVER elects anyone, they nominate and it's alway unbound, no matter what they make you think. So I do not believe private conventions come under that law.

State run Primary

If the State pays for it, it's an election held by the government. If they don't, it doesn't fall under FEC rules.

There's a reason the Justice Department can monitor the primary in Ohio...it's a state election.

Caucuses fall under different rules depending on who's funding them and how they're held.