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The REAL cost of the Afghan and Iraqi wars

The headline number for the costs of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars is $1.3tn according to the Pentagon.
But this ignores all sorts of other costs incurred by the wars.
The reality is that if all the troops pulled out tomorrow the cost would be $5tn+



This article ignores some other costs - such as the cost of the extremely high rate of suicides amongst vets, psychological care, a proportion of the rise in the cost of oil since the Iraq invasion and the consequent loss of GDP in the US, less taxes received, higher unemployment rates and benefit payments etc. and consequent higher deficits and interest payments.

Iraqi oil production halved after the invasion and did not recover until 2011.
The Iraq invasion had a very significant affect on the price of oil. Bank speculation on the trend also did not help.
Americans apparently like paying higher costs for gas and transferring wealth to countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

It also ignores costs such as the ongoing $100bn+ Pentagon budget for the continued presence in Iraq of 7,000 "contractors". Is this Blackwater or their ilk?
Or did you think the US had pulled out of Iraq?

Some people have estimated that if the troops pulled out now the cost would be $7tn.

But the real costs of the wars are as follows - geopolitical change for the worse :-
I was against the Iraqi invasion from January 2002, as soon as I realised that was what the Bush regime was planning.
I was against it because it would drastically reduce American relative power, disastrously affect the US economy, put the US in deep hock to China and directly transfer wealth to countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Venezuela.
And so it would prove.

Quite apart from the fact that US Troops were to be used as cannon fodder by the Bush regime for a totally misguided strategy, directly contrary to US interests.

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The obvious goal is World War III, so each step along the way is an account that adds to the final tally - unless we choose to get off that Long Black Train.