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Does printing money, borrowing and stimulus help the economy and consumers?

In a recent Big Talker Radio interview host Ryan Sloper and guest Louis Cammarosano discussed statements by Ben Bernanke, Ron Paul and Paul Krugman. Ron Paul and Austrian economics won the day.

Louis notes the Fed buys the debt with money that they print out of thin air which devalues the dollar. Louis notes that Paul Krugman believes that the government should be borrowing more money, and the Fed should be printing more money to pay for the borrowing to help the economy, rather than encouraging savings and production.

Louis notes that if printing money was the solution to economic woes, all countries would just print more and all economic problems would be solved.

Louis notes that wealth is not created from the production and spending of money but rather from the savings and investing of money and production. Ryan notes Ron Paul's views on monetary policy. Louis notes that gold and silver hold their value.

Listen here:

http://tiny.cc/yhh5dw (you tube)
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Making a 30 year bet based on current job, is risky.

I can't find a silver lining in the stimulus cloud.
Wages lag prices under an artificially inflating money supply. Not much help their for the wage earner.

We (Congress) borrowed the money to provide a recovery. Has that money been paid back? How about the other $14 Trillion [8,750 million OzAU] ( borrowed since 1913 when the national debt was $ 4Billion [200 million OzAU]).

In Gold, our National debt has increased nearly 44 times in 100 years in spite of all the help of inflationary monetary policies.

This myth is busted!

Free includes debt-free!

Ron Paul has suggested that the US default

on the money it owes the fed!
That would be interesting

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agree its like losing your job

and to improve your economic situation you go on vacation because your found flights at a discount

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or its like being hungover and

heading to happy hour because beer is cheap now-it helps the bar not you!

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This discussion was happening on the same day

that Ron Paul debated Krugman

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on reflection the question/title probably seems like

a rhetorical question

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