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Establishment Congressman Says Romney Can't Win

Hey guys, big Dr. Paul fan here. I have lurked around here for a few months without creating an account. So this is my first post here. I hope I'm posting this in the right place. Anyways I have some information that I think will very much interest all of y'all. First a little background about me so what I'm about to say will make more sense. I live in Texas and am in the oil business. My great-grandfather was a noted Wildcatter and we have been in the business for a number of years. My Grandfather and his brothers as well as my dad are very conservative fellows and have been giving donations to politicians for years. As an example my Grandad and his brothers were big backers of George Wallace's Independent presidential bid in 1968. And we also gave money to people like Senator Jesse Helms etc.

Anyways on to the juicy stuff! We still get money grubbing politicians asking for political donations occasionally and the other day an establishment Congressman from Texas came by our offices. I didn't learn about it until later but heard and saw him in the hall and did not know who he was at the time but I heard people saying his name in the hall as well. My dad admitted he did not tell me who it was because he knew I would get into an argument with the Congressman about politics if I was introduced to him. My dad was probably right, haha! Im a big Libertarian here and hate Republicans almost as much as Democrats. Anyways this guy has been a Congressman since the mid 1980's. He is currently in the Tea Party Caucus and is not as bad as many of the politicians in Washington but he is a little corrupt and every inch an establishment guy. He told my grandad he was going to become Republican Majority or Minority leader(I honestly don't remember which) but he got into a lot of trouble in the press about something he said about two years ago and was passed over for the position by the Party leadership. So this is an establishment guy. He was at our offices seeking money for Newt Gingrich's campaign(yes really Gingrich!) but of course got no money out of us. This was probably a little over a month ago. Anyways to the point I was trying to get to all along...........This guy said he and the other Republican Party leaders know that Mitt Romney cannot win! I swear on the bible he said that to my grandfather! It's completely true! I will not give my or my family's name or the name of the congressman for fear of pissing somebody off. So believe what you want about it, but it's 100% true. I only wish I was there in the room to hear him say it himself! This freaked me out because the Republican Party obviously does not care who wins, they still get kick backs and whatever from Corrupt businessman either way so it doesn't bother them. Our system is literally broken. It's sad as hell.

The Congressman is from Texas. Became a congressman in mid 1980's and has been one since then. Was passed off for a leadership position in the party(I don't think that was in the press). And he is also on several high profile Commitees. That's all I'll give on him but you will probably be able to figure out who he is if you dig enough.

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