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Let Me Hear Your Testimony! Your Reasoning Behind Supporting the R3VOLution!

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I have been trying to work on my testimony lately as I am working over my friends, family and strangers.

Just yesterday, I made a huge step forward with a former professor of mine who is a Dyed in the Red Repub. He is all for falling in line behind Mitt. Like, its a train that he gets on at election time every two years or something.

My friend and I have really been working him hard lately. I sent him the article by Rasmussen yesterday on TheBlaze.com and this was the conversation that followed.


(and yes i changed our names)

From: Mitt Lover 2012
I understand it, but I don't think it will work. Romney will have more than enough to win on the first ballot.

From: Paul Patriot
Yes odds are very much in Romney's favor but the point being that the movement is something designed to go well beyond just 2012. Thus, all the recent stories about them taking over local, county and state GOP's.

I think the goal is to actually BECOME the Establishment GOP.

From: Mitt Lover
Ron's views on the budget are easily mainstream, but his other views are not now and unlikely to become that. The world is too small for that.

From: Paul Patriot
I agree the world is too small but that is the same reason people don't perpetually fight with their neighbors. At a certain point is becomes counter to your personal security to keep fighting with everyone around you, causing conflict and such. One would come to expect constant attempts at retaliation, or learn to cooperate with those of differing views, opinions and outlooks.

We as conservatives accept and understand that economic central planning doesn't work but still struggle with with fact that central international policy planning for the doesn't either.
From: Mitt Lover
We agree a lot more than we disagree. But this behemoth has been built up over decades, and it will take time to dismantle and redirect it.
END OF EMAIL: I felt great after this. 1. because hes very confident of himself and doesnt listen much. 2. this is light years ahead of where we were even a week ago. 3.He has TREMENDOUS influence upon people, being a professor and he operates one of the largest email lists ive ever seen by a single person, he constantly sends out political emails. so I feel that if I can bring him over it will in turn have an effect on countless others as well. . .


So I have been working on this idea lately, here's the gist.

I think the right is relatively aware, at least from talking point perspective that central economic planning does not work as well as individuals within the market place. correct? I think most conservatives/ right wingers would tend to operate under that assumption.

Now, if it is accepted that OUR domestic/ economic policy does not work as well with centralized planned as does an open and free market place. Why do they then immediately abandon that same notion, when it comes to international policy planning/ foreign policy?

We(USA) are obviously the current "central player" in international policy, we make or break nations by our discretion. We do not operate from an approach that we should let nations decide what is right for them and learn from them, but rather we dictate what they can and cannot do, we limit them by forcing upon them our limited view of what can and cannot work.

IMO it is not our govt's place from a domestic or international standpoint to tell individuals, states, other nations, etc of what is to be considered right or wrong through the application of regulations, sanctions, war, etc. But rather, support liberty and let the market decide, through the continuous, "up/down vote" as to if these ideas and actions are good, bad, or simply different.

This idea has yet to be really refined, and could definitely benefit from more precise articulation but that is where I'm at currently. I've been obsessed lately with creating an as near perfect "mission statement" or "testimony" that can be articulated in a clear and concise way that embodies the principles of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom.

I would love to hear yours, if you have them copied somewhere, post them!

If you haven't looked at it in a wile don't worry, i can look past any portion(s) that you are not currently pleased.

If want to fire one off right here, DO IT!

Im looking for ideas, and a better way to share this beautiful message!!!

If you have made it this far and are actually reading this line, THANK YOU! I'm kind of a rambler.

For Peace, Prosperity and Freedom

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I was somewhat of a fatalist, thinking

things just have to keep on decaying and Leviathon will just consume us eventually. Then someone told me there is a man with a workable plan to topple Leviathon. I listened, and I listen and still I listened some more, and then my eyes began to open and hope began to revive, awakened from the numbness of fatalism and resignation. I began to support this man and trust in the message. The man said he may not hold the high office , yet he may, but he would hold it as a servant of the people and a loyalist to THE CONSTITUTION. YEEAH YEEAH, YEEAh=H , finally a candidate who gets IT, a candidate worthy of the office. Only a man like that can rightly advance the message that ignites passion and fervent hope in the People. With eyes fixed on a clear vision of a just republic, He leads the soldiers onward in r3VOLution and resolve to always stay vigilant while liberty flickers and yearns for a rebirth in the parched social and political landscape of our once great country. Brushfires everywhere, I cannot go back to sleep, the beauty of an awakened populace and a new generation of patriots illumines my heart and mind each day with the possibilty of great things, yet costly they be, the battle and the journey are worth every cent and and all the energy spent. This experimental republic may indeed be revived, and we who now engage the battle on many fronts have our part in this momentus endeavor, which we shall ever look back to as the most challenging and rewarding time of our lives. NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP, Take a breath, regather your bearings, BUT- NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

To Relive the Meaning of The Declaration of Independence

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."
See: http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/declaration_transc...

You all know the rest of one of our most cherished documents in American history. It is so powerful it invigorates the mind to read and feel the thoughts that express our natural rights as human beings. It is more than words on paper. It is a statement of liberty and freedom and the intended exercise of free will by men to remove themselves from the oppression of tyranny and injustice.

Today, men who would seek to dissolve our allegiance to the king (i.e., “the politicos of the federal government”) would be arrested, charged with sedition and imprisoned. Abraham Lincoln suppressed the southern states from violent separation from the union and engaged in a domestic war that killed 600,000 plus citizens to achieve his scheme of consolidated power in the central government. It could happen again if Americans become so incensed at the vileness and depravity of the elite that there will be no other recourse save to leave the country or resign themselves to absolute and unquestioned servitude to Washington, DC.

I firmly believe our lives will worsen under the continuance of the beltway regime. Since the government will not raise income tax rates to fund its unnecessary global military wars they will keep issuing new debt bought mostly by the Federal Reserve since other countries (e.g., China) will decline to participate in the money machinations. The banks will not lend to the private sector for fear loans will not be repaid which will exacerbate the decline in the nation’s productive capability to the point of economic depression.

The major media outlets are not reporting the country of Spain is near depression (see: http://seekingalpha.com/article/542011-22-signs-that-the-col... ). Almost one out of four of its citizens cannot find work. Because of the economic interdependence of sovereign nations there will be a cascading effect and it will hit North America. The paper money in our wallets will lose more and more value.

It is imperative that Ron Paul be elected President of the American people. He will stop the printing of fiat money for military adventurism. Until the wars end, capital will continue to flow into the military machine and starve the growth of our economy and ultimately the rest of us.

Freedom. I'm in my 40s and my

Freedom. I'm in my 40s and my parents have both passed away. I realize that even they didn't get the full taste of freedom. They thought patriotism was supporting the wars. My mother would've jumped right on board this movement though. She loved learning history and would've taken to all this like a fish to water. This is for my daughter who is 6. I'm teaching her right now what freedom is about. The young voting bloc may be the biggest voting group but right behind them is a huge group of people that will know what's going on as well.

Here's my

This guy is a professor? He can learn much from you, grasshopper

His statement "Ron's views on the budget are easily mainstream, but his other views are not now and unlikely to become that. The world is too small for that". Really?

Where does he get that Pauls views on the budget are mainstream? The guy is either way out of touch with what RP has supported or he is pandering to get you to support Romney. Paul is no way near mainstream on budget issues, examples: End the feds money printing, ending entitlements, cutting militarism, ending aid to foreign countries, opting out of SS, competing currencies transitioning to a gold standard, ending all budget items not outlined in the constitution. That's not mainstream. He fails to define "other views", I would assume its the freedom and liberty issues. If he thinks the world is too small for individual freedom and responsibility, he probably would love the NWO. Grasshopper, now the student can become the teacher. Stay thirsty my friend.

Yeah I think it is typicall of a lot of people

to say "Oh yeah hes right on with wanting to cut the budget" but dont really understand that its all intertwined.

I think its more of a function of, giving a little to make himself look and feel as if hes open minded without accepting other policy positions.

Hes really an intellegent person, was my Maritime Law professor, remained very close ever since. I just think, like so many others, its easy to get lulled to sleep by the MSM, and believe everything they tell you.

But, I have been working him for a little wile now and once he opens up, MAN OH MAN! its going to be great!


Don't stop believing

Good Job!

You nailed him on how Republicans claim to be against central planning economics yet don't really follow that through to it's logical conclusion. We do.

How is policing the world any different (on principle) than economically planning the world?

I would say you did fine and don't need many suggestions. IN some ways what you did was better than what Ron would do. lol

Brought Up To Know

That might sound strange..but its true. I have known all my life what we got now was coming. Before I had a child..I didnt give much of a tinkers damn. When I had her..I started slowly getting involved.
When I found out I was going to be a grandma..I dove in head first and never looked back.
I now have 2 grandsons and I will be honest here..I will not die for this country..not the way it is now..but I will do whatever..even if it means dying..for my grandsons to grow up and know freedom and liberty. When I heard Dr.Paul..I knew this was the chance for my grandchildren I had been waiting for.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

What America has to offer the world.

First let me say I like your approach. Something that has come to me quite recently has helped to sharpen my own understanding of America (I am a Scot living in Scotland) and what America can genuinely offer the world.

At the moment one of the main justifications for American military operations in other countries has been in Woodrow Wilson's words "to make the world safe for democracy". This has given rise to the activities known as nation building and world constabulary. This in turn is built upon the idea of American Exceptionalism insofar as Americans believe that their nation is built on a Constitution that is uniquely suited to effect liberty in any country in which it is implemented.

There is one very obvious problem with this scenario. The United States itself is not governing by its Constitution. It is therefore incapable of enforcing its vision on other people. Whatever it is doing in other countries it cannot be spreading its unique vision of liberty since it has already lost it except in rhetoric. The reality has faded.

You see it is indeed true that the US Constitution is unique in all the world because it is the only Constitution that is concerned in its very essence with restricting the powers of government. That is the main objective of the US Constitution and the Constitutions of all the States. It is this specific emphasis that gives the plenary authority to the People and places in their hands the responsibility to appoint their governments, to restrict their jurisdiction and to recall their representatives if they fail in their duties.

This is why the United States is a Constitutional Republic rather than a Democracy in the fullest sense of that word. The most important concept entrenched in the US Constitution is that of limiting the Federal government to certain responsibilities and leaving the rest to the States or the People. In turn the Constitutions of the various States limit the State governments to certain responsibilities and leave the rest to the People. The People are recognised as the source of authority and all governments serve at the pleasure of the People.

It has taken me a long time to understand this simple truth and I am quite sure that most Americans also miss it. Ron Paul however does understand it, unlike most of his colleagues, and this is what he means by Liberty. Americans are Constitutionally the most free people on Earth if they but knew it, appropriated their Freedom and required their representatives to abide by the clear direction of the US Constitution which is after all the supreme law of the land.

So, you have told your professor friend that conservatives favour limited government domestically but are supporting centrally planned government in foreign affairs i.e telling other nations how to run their countries. This would indeed be a contradiction if it were true. However the United States has been transformed over the past eighty years into a largely centrally planned socialist society.

Your professor friend may wish to have less government as is directed by the US Constitution but the reality is that the Federal government is acting in foreign affairs pretty much the same way it acts domestically. This has happened very slowly as Ron Paul has pointed out. The US Constitution and no doubt all the Constitutions of the various States are now more honoured in the breach than in observance.

You are correct I believe in your desire to contrast the wishes of conservatives with the reality of how these wishes are being implemented by the Federal government. The real contrast however is I believe between what the Constitution states very clearly, that government must be Constitutionally restricted in its powers, and how it has now been set aside and the governance structure of the United States looks very similar to any other governance structure in Western developed nations.

This modern structure places all the power and authority in the hands of the political classes (legislative, executive, administrative and judicial) and these have been co-opted by the corporate and banking cartels through their lobbying firms and lawmaking think tanks at both Federal and State levels. This is the very antithesis of the meaning of the US Constitution and why there is nothing that America can offer the world in spite of her protestations to the contrary.

However if the American People can come to understand that Liberty (political, economic and personal) is indeed engraved in their Declaration of Independence and Constitution and that it consists specifically in restricting the powers of the governments appointed by the People, leaving the political, economic and personal responsibility for governance with every individual, then America will indeed have something of great value to offer the world...an example of a truly free people that others can emulate should they so desire.

This I believe has been the vision of Ron Paul from the beginning.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

It's actually pretty simple as a whole

It it is not for myself or my own self interests as it is for most, it is for the Great Grandchildren of my Grandchildren. One must envision where we will be a hundred years from now after we are long gone.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

To Restore Constitutional Government

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

to pick up chicks

to pick up chicks

Probably a good place to look:-)

If I were not happily married I would definitely have my eyes peeled for a guy on this forum full of intelligent, humorous, liberty lovers. Probably lots of cool single chicks to choose from:-)

Do what RP did

Keep present in the conversation and keep consistent with that central planning theme. The world will do the rest.

If Israel attacks Iran and Russia retaliates: does he support going to war with Russia? (Current border build up and threat of retaliation by Russia is real.) We have a choice. Shouldn't it be left up to the congress at the very least?

If France endorses BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) forming a basket currency and replacing the USD as the world reserve currency, would he support Ron's position? (Hollande already voiced support for this. USD replaced the pound within the century, why not the USD by the BRICS? And how quick do you think the crash will come when people finally suspect this will really take place in the future? Self fulfilling prophecy---overnight.)

If there is a global food shortage would he support the nationalization of US farms? ...or the stimulus to pay farmers for a centrally planned rationing...to the globe? The world is 5-7% down on wheat stores and up on demand... Yemen is in food riots and Obama was making a pact with France to calm the inevitable global uprisings with centrally planned force. Does he stand for that? Does he stand for destroying millions of acres of farmland in Missouri to save New Orleans from another flood? How many are dying worldwide for that loss of food?

Central planning was always a liberal tenet. I wonder if he believes Romney when he says he can't cut 1 trillion dollars because the economy can't stand taking that much out! Every Ron Paul supporter should know the first response: that 1 trillion dollars will remain in the hands of the people who will spend it in the economy with far greater efficiency and benefit. The economy can't stand to the central government waste trying to administer it.