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Gay Marriage, Taxes and why Everyone Should Support Ron Paul

Can you smell it already, the stench of division emanating from the media, politicians and left/right pundits? So now the major issue for the election (supposing obamney is the candidate of choice) is gay marriage. Although we know there are many much more important issues at stake, this is what we get, propaganda meant to divide. But from where do these charlatans suppose this is an issue to be decided by a politician? The answer is simple, Taxes.

The illegal power to tax emanates from the government's need to know your filing status upon getting married. This, I believe, is the core issue in this idiotic debate. Without taxes, and we know how Ron Paul stands on this issue, the central planners in Washington have no say in this debate. We already know Ron Paul's stance on gay marriage: Leave it up to the individual and their respective states. Think about it, if we did not have the "voluntary tax", this debate would be at the state level and there would be no distraction nor division at the national level. We could focus on the debt, the wars, defending civil liberties and regain our voices.

They are frightened of the good Doctor for this reason, that the pursuit of liberty and freedom does not divide but brings people together.