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South Carolina State Convention Saturday May 19th @ 0900!

I shall be waiting for news on the SC state convention throughout the day of Saturday May 19th. While I will not be able to attend the convention, I want all fellow SC Ron Paul supporters that the convention will be held on Saturday May 19th starting at 9 a.m. at the Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, SC. If it isn't to late, I hope that you can become a delegate and support Ron Paul. Show your support in any way that you can!

There are plenty of conventions still to go, and according to (a now more informative) Ron Paul is only behind Romney by 233 delegates with 750 delegates to be determined at state conventions and 638 delegates from remaining primaries and caucuses. This race is clearly not over, and it may be to late to stop Ron Paul's delegate strategy. However, it will take all the support at the remaining conventions.

So, again to my fellow South Carolinians, mark the 19th on your calenders for our convention at the Carolina Coliseum in Columbia. To all others, you can find a chart of remaining state conventions at Look up the date of your convention, and find out if you can become a delegate.

Best of luck to Ron Paul in the Oklahoma and Arizona state conventions this weekend!

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All convention goers:

Study up on the tactics the Romney camp is using. There are many threads on here about Maine and Nevada.

Be prepared for a battle, and pack your lunch!

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

Undetermined Delegates

As of today, there are 1,388 delegates left undetermined. Ron Paul is behind by only 233 delegates at this point, and if stealth delegates are involved, it may be less than that. With how many delegates are left, this game has really just started (I guess Santorum and Gingrich weren't aware of that). Ron Paul has won the majority of his delegates just over the last few weeks, and if the momentum continues, he will win the RNC.

Let's do this for the good Doctor! America is sick, and Dr. Paul has the medicine!

I will be there bright and

I will be there bright and early. In SC you have to be elected as a delegate at your county convention the year prior. I was not so can not be a delegate for Dr. Paul at the convention.

I will however be there in support of all our delegates and try to get some swing voters on our side.

Pray for us in SC the establishment has a tight grip here.

We will continue to fight for Liberty and take this fight to TAMPA!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!


Since you are so far the only one i knoow of so farthat will at this convention, can we all count on you to set up a live stream online the entire convention? I really hope you can help all of us Ron Paul supporters when it comes to a Super Tuesday like weekend. I hope you will be able to help us, and I am sure we can start another Pizza Bomb for you!

Great to Hear

Thanks for the info. I hope to see some videos of the convention, and I will be searching the internet for results whenever I can that weekend. Georgia has it's state convention just a day before South Carolina does. Both of these states went to Newt Gingrich, who is now out, and also not on the RNC ballot, so I only hope we can get those votes in for Dr.Paul.