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Paul Supporters - More Than Meets The Eye

This has been stuck in my head all morning, can someone please finish it up for me?

Something like this...


More than meets the eye

Paulbots wage their battle
To destroy the evil forces
Of - - - the Neo-cons


Probably says a lot about my age.

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The general feeling is the RP supporters are all young "kids"

Before the Michigan primary we set up a RP campaign center and gave out materials, yard signs, bumper stickers, brochures etc. We had well over a couple hundred people stop in, military, old, young, blue collar, white collar, but what was impressive to me were the two who happened by at the same time. One, a attractive young girl with dreadlocks, tattoos and multiple piercings, I would guess mid twenties and a older gentleman, maybe 60s, well dressed, who said he was a John Birch member. Both were very bright, knowledgeable and both supporting RP. They engaged in a very interesting discussion about RP, American history, the constitution, founding fathers, freedom, I wound up just listening to them in amazement. I remember thinking how could one political figure unite what appeared to me to be complete opposites and have them so passionately in agreement? Paul supporters, much more than meets the eye.

Evil is a virtue

I try to stay away from depicting virtue as real. What is good, what is evil. That is the foundation of the central state. To tell us to do something for the "good". Seen the recent Navy minimovie about a "force for good". Really? REALLY?? Protecting 100% of the world's water?

In 74 he could take no more
A man before his time.
Before computers coming would put feet running
He had to take a stand.

The few who heard stopped and stared,
of what they heard they were truly scared.
but in the back and on the side
people who heard stepped in stride.

Then on a fateful November day.
Money flowed his way.
The people faced with no clear decision
threw off their masks and joined his mission.

Paulbots march.

Neo-cons scream war and traitor
Ivy creeps stand by and cheer
Ivy creeps crawl into power
Now the war is theirs to steer.

Paulbots march on.

Now the jig is up,
They've spent too much.
The writing is on the wall.

They have to stop it,
They join to block it,
Everyone googles Ron Paul.

Paulbots march on.

The war calls for blackout
and in the darkness.
The paulbot boots they drum.

The race is over
but darkness hides them
and in vacant booths they've won.

Paulbots march on.

The neocon eagle screams
The ivy tangles its wings
The fight brings both of them down.

Paulbots march on.

The war is started by allies
and retaliation comes from enemies past.
The eagle and ivy call for war fast.
But the man on a mission has his new position
and the people stand with him at last.

Americans stays home.
The world burns.
Americans care for the sick
The world turns.
Americans welcome the lost.
Paulbots march on.

Okay, I'm game.

Paulbots wage their battle
To destroy the evil force
Of "nation-building" Neo-cons
Whose wars we won't endorse.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir