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Important info about Ben Swann and delegate information he left out of the important discussion.

UPDATED : With all the downvoting, you folks deserve exactly what you get for not undertsanding the damn rules, good luck with that!

Ben was incorrect when he claimed I was not entirely correct regarding rule 38, Ben went further than what I corrected him on claiming I was incorrect about something I never even said. Perhaps it was not his intention, I give him the benefit of the doubt, I was in fact entirely correct about rule 38, nowhere in my posts did I state anything other than his argument about rule 38 was wrong and described in detail where he was incorrect. Just because he supports Ron Paul or doesn't support ron paul or just because he is in media doesn't make him correct. My argument was that the way they were explaining rule 38 was not a valib argument and this would have been a huge blow to the delegates taking his advice as gospel. Ben made clear in his story that I was correct about my explanation of rule 38.

Ben was also incorrect about what he claimed about Utah, while the UTAH GOP tried to allow their delegates to become unbound and vote for Mccain, the delegates voted that motion down. Also, Mccain did not win the primary in UTAH, Romney did; however, Mccain did win the vote against Obama in the general election with 62% but did not win the primary over Romney.

Many just don't understand the dynamics of convention rules and this is why they only get things half right. You must look at everything as a whole there are no shortcuts. These rules are confusing and for a reason, they only want GOP attorneys and insiders to understand them so they have complete control.

I am not trying to cause division nor attack Ben in any way, he is doing a great job and he is only human and will get things incorrect he doesn't understand fully.

I didn't want to post this info so early because we have many conventions left to finalize, this recent story has left me no choice.

The reason I was encouraging delegates to look at abstaining is very important.

# 1 : While the RNC does not recognize binding in any way of delegates at the RNC convention the States do recognize their rules and there could be consequences should a delegate go against party rules at the RNC convention.

# 2 : It is important that all delegates read their district/county AND state bylaws pertaining to the potential penalty that could be ensued if any should they break party rules. In some cases there is no penalty, in other cases the penalty could be fines of monetary consequence and worse being stripped of their delegate status for life. Now some will choose to accept the consequences while others may not be so willing or perhaps not be aware there is a consequence.

The delegates for Ron Paul are attempting to take over GOP positions in an attempt to reshape the GOP back to it's conservative and constitutional roots, if they only vote their concious without understanding the consequences that could be stowed upon them, they could lose the positions in power they have recently achieved, making all of their work for naught.

Should Ron Paul not obtain enough delegates to reach the required amount to be the GOP nominee and delegates vote hoping he gets the nomination and not knowing the consequence of just casting a vote because, they are not bound by RNC rules but are bound by state rules could be detrimental.

We can beat them with their own rules but only if the delegates follow the rules and UNDERSTAND THE RULES.

For the record, when it comes to delegate info and parliamentarian procedure I have not been incorrect. I am only posting to make sure everyone becomes educated and knows the rules instead of opinions. Don't even take my word for it, just read the bylaws and RNC call for yourselves, it is in black and white for all to see.

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There You Go Again - instead of admitting mistake you try

to defend. Ben Swann gave historical examples. Delegates are not required to vote for any nominee - no binding get it straight. If not for you (and others) not giing all information I would have attempted to become a "Romney" delegate for my district here in VA.

Report only fact

If I would have made a

If I would have made a mistake I would glady admit I made a mistake, when someone doesn't make a mistake you don't tell them to admit something that isn't true. The FACT is, I was not mistaken in any way. Ben made a comment about me being incorrect on a subject I never even stated or spoke about.

Neverquit? I know you are well versed in this...

Now I am wondering that if you had known about the conversation in Utah would you have made the predictions you made? I am thinking it may have been because you may have over looked this newly found conversation that threw you off a bit? I am following your lead from the beginning my friend about how the process works and very much appreciate your knowledge in making folks go and become delegates. Well done Sir, despite the lack of knowledge questioning your word my friend. Ron Paul would not be where he is now without you. Fact.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Money bomb to reimburse delegates fined for voting for Ron Paul

It won't answer the question of possibly being banned from the party, but I personally have never wanted to belong to a club where I could expect to be mistreated or ignored.

I agree,

the RNC recognition of the rules doesn't mean they aren't the rules of the county and state so be very careful on this issue. Read the rules for your state and county before you err.

So which one takes precedence???

I mean, that's the question, isn't it? The state RNC has its rules, and the national RNC has its rules. So, which rules are the ones a delegate is supposed to follow? Do the national RNC rules supersede the state, or visa versa?

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