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Pentagon Spends Money on Study, to Investigate Money Spent on Studies

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This reminds me of a

report CNN did years ago on whether the media reports fairly or not. They interviewed a CNN anchor and he said that he was never told what to say and that upper namagement never interfered with his reporting(paraphrasing). Yea right... Their fake concern over accurate reporting was designed to make the public "feel" that they had heard the beginning and ending of this issue. Move along, nothing to see here.

The words, fox and henhouse, come to mind.

Government and efficiency are anathma to each other

that is why every buracracy has a revenue(tax) absorbing cancer. The malignancy is irreversible and radical surgery is needed at this time. Is there a Dr. Paul in the House?

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

Didn't the CIA just bust

Didn't the CIA just bust their own false flag "terrorist" opperative?

When I was working for a contractor at a local base...

...we used to have meetings to schedule meetings. Also, there were me and three others being paid 75K each to do a job that I could have done by myself. I had 10 paid holidays and 3 weeks vacation from day 1. We took 2 hour lunchs and nearly everyone left at noon on Friday's. If it was a Friday before a holiday...we would leave at noon on Thursday and then make an appearance on Friday but then head out for the long weekend. Prior to working for the government, I had always worked in the private sector (as I do again now) and it was a serious challenge for me to get used to having nothing to do and all day to do it. BOR-ING! But the pay was too good to quit. I honestly am releived that I no longer work for the government. I felt like I was was wasting taxpayer money and it really did make me feel uncomfortable. People that can enjoy working in an environment that is clearly corrupt and milks the public purse are not normal people. I now have much less money and far fewer "things" but my wife and I have NEVER been happier. Waking up was hard for us but I now take zero pharmacuticals and I even stopped drinking alcohol 3 years ago. Getting off the none stop hamster wheel chasing materialism must have been what caused my high blood pressure and stress. But now, I'm one happy fu

Me too!!

I worked for government too for a while. We had pre AND post meetings about meetings (the government is full of people with meeting fetishes). I spent most of my time looking for things to do (I could usually accomplish a week's worth of work on Monday morning before lunch). I was paid about $70k/ year to do close to nothing all day every day, and it was AWFUL.

Now I own my own business, I work up to 90 hours a week, and I LOVE it. I truly believe that government/civil servant work is bad for the spirit and the soul.

Brought to you by

The Department of Redundancy Department


I read it over three times and couldn't stop laughing , Dejavu will get back to you and you'll be where you've been and then you'll start allover again. P.S. Is this one of those Departments that looks at ways to downsize other departments, but because there is so much to do they have to double their satff and budget every year.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

I wonder

I wonder what they're REALLY spending this "study" money on. Psy-ops? Weapons? Internment camps? Mass graves? Who knows! This country is run by blood-lusting sociopathic megalomaniac control freaks.


They will spend money on a study to see what they learned from a study about doing a study.. They have now figured out how to spend money on infinity.

Wonder if the study will turn up the missing

2.3 TRILLION dollars, "lost" on Donald Rumsfeld's watch, as announced on 9/10/2001. A convenient date?

Did he ever get back to

Cynthia McKinney that?

They don't even care who

They don't even care who finds out anymore. They know nobody is going to challenge them in any meaningful way.

It gets even funnier.


(I meant funny if it weren't so sad!)

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