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On converting Republicans

The following is my line of reasoning to defuse the anti-Paul attacks made by GOP leadership. I play the part of someone at the beginning of the conversion process, just one step ahead of them, so I'm close enough to pull them along. If we act too pro-Paul, we risk shutting off the translation process.

"I just found this out, and I think it will change your mind about RP. Take a look at this...


You know what that means? We've finally found a long-time Republican who's converting liberals and Democrats left and right. We should be congratulating him! Ron Paul gives Republicans a much better chance of beating Obama, whether inside or outside the party. Maybe the only chance.

I'm sick and tired of the wars, the bailouts, and the debt sucking our economy dry, and most of all the government taking my money and giving it to people that don't deserve it. I'm not alone, most of the country feels this way. Don't you? All other issues are secondary. That's what the Republican Party is supposed to be about, principles. Just like Reagan in 1980.

I just want us to win because we can't take another 4 years of someone like Obama. I'm not particularly attached to Romney, so if enough people are excited about Ron Paul because he can end the madness, then I say let's not fight him anymore. If Romney gets the nomination, but loses the youth and the Independents, and Paul DOESN'T run 3rd-party, we're doomed for another 4 years. If Ron Paul can take all those votes away from Obama, he might as well be the nominee.

I'm all in favor of another Reagan Revolution. I'd rather have someone with new ideas who hasn't gotten a chance than someone who is saying the same things that McCain was saying 4 years ago."

Just wanted to get this out there. Let me know what you think!
Updated to be more representative of my personal beliefs.

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You make a good point that

You make a good point that being too in-your-face pro RP alienates people. But please don't resort to using deception to try to win their attention. I thought we were the honest ones.

Thanks for your reply

I noted your point. Deception is the last thing I want. I edited it a bit so it's something I'd be comfortable saying from me, not pretending to be a old-timey "Republican-or-die" which I'm not. My family's always been Republican, but not very political. Not until my generation. I'm trying to argue from common ground points.