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Viral News Network Pre-Launch Analysis - News Only - No Advertising

An idea has been thought up and if we could get enough support to put it into place a lot of folks working for Liberty could get paid quite well to do it. As we all know Mitt Romney's campaign staff is getting paid well. I see no reason why we shouldn't fund our individual efforts to make the TEAM stronger as a whole while promoting their independent media outlets.

It would work like this:

If you have an independent media site (not a Facebook or social network page) then you can join the network at $10 per month. With that $10 per month you will receive up to 50 free news postings which could sometimes travel quite vitally over the network depending on member-interest in that news.

Your posting is a headline and a brief description of the news article/video you are linking to. If it collects interest, it would collect extra time on the network for free. The goal is to create a news network which favors viral news - only based on how many people have viewed it and passed it on. No censoring... no holding the viewcount down... etc. Integrity in these results would be job #1.

The network consists of basically an RSS type javascript you place on your website, and in addition to exposure globally of your news, you would be paid $5 per month for anyone who clicks through the news, sees how well would work to spread their own independent news and decides to get their own membership on the network.

We can even toy with the idea of BLACKING OUT the LAME stream media ;-)

So for $10 per month you would have premium and sometimes near permanent travel of your news on hundreds of independent media sites as well as making a $4 donation (which comes out of the $10) to liberty services and pacs.

4$ per month would go to PACs supporting Ron Paul as well as other organizations such as ronpaulbillboards.com.

1$ per month would cover expenses and upkeep/server load on the site.

If you come... we will build it.

Reply up or down as to if you would be in. We would like to see an initial interest that be a good indicator of how long it would take to get 5,000 people to do an actual launch of the network.

$5,000 x $4 per month = $20,000 which would be donated to liberty related PACs and services in the first month. $25,000 would be going right back into the pockets of Liberty activists who are promoting the network. News would be moderated ONLY to validate that it's news. Again: No advertising of products/services. If you want to have legitimate news on your site but you have advertisements for products on that site that is an obvious exception.

(Think of folks who had no other reason to start reading the news than it's a lousy economy and they decided to try making a living helping us build an independent media network.)

Depending on how it grows... it could eventually fund some major competition to the lame stream media - attracting more viewers/listeners/readers than the likes of CNN/MSNBC/FOXNEWS - and how much do they pay you again to watch their advertising?

If someone wants to steal the idea and do it better than we can. I'm putting the idea out there for free. However the code is already being mapped out. We have no monetary interest other than to be able to keep the lights on and feed ourselves - while continuing the fight for Liberty.

I leave it to your discussion.


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