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Aware 2012 - What If We All Just Stood Up - All At Once - and Counted?

Can we make this go viral? How long would it take?


How many people are really in love with the "government?" Doesn't almost everyone you know have SOME beef with "government" and would like to reign it in?

ONE MOMENT - same time - all over the country - perhaps all over the planet where it would be still safe to do so... everyone walk out their front door... comes to the curb of the street - and looks around. We all step outside our doors, get out from behind our keyboards... and see how many people just are fed up with "government's" crap.

Perhaps it's half your street? Perhaps it's everyone?

Can we make this go viral? I was thinking July 1st - eastern time at 3:00 PM - we could set up a site that gives the correct time zone for whatever timezone someone is in...

What would happen if we all stood up - all at once, and decided to have a discussion about the role of government in our lives?

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I think that's a great idea!

Growing up was so much different than it is now. I remember our neighborhood always got together on weekends and such. Also they would all help each other out with any problems. Today most neighborhoods barely know each other. I recently heard someone say that if you drive around in the evening all you will see is glows through the window of televisions...molding the minds of everyone! This person encouraged people everywhere to talk to their neighbors more often and get to know those around you. Today it does appear that people keep to themselves more than they used to. We do need to get out of our shells and get to know others! Unity can bring about change.

I am in , I willpost this

I know all my neighbors would be standing outside.

Love of God , Love of Country, Love of family, Love of Life, Love of Liberty. I would take a bullet for this man.

We can only pray that will be true.

Thank you brother for your help.

I don't do pledgebank.

interesting idea though.

Do you do Facebook?

Lotta talkers

... no walkers yet - make me a believer people. Please pledge - let's see if we could do 10,000 for starters?

How bout this?


With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

That's what I'm talking about.

I don't see your name on the pledge?

I didn't see any names there

in fact after I signed up, i looked at the report and it indicated that 1of 10,000 (the initial goal amount) had signed up---that's me.
Where are the others, and where Mr. RpvGolmansachs is your name? I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't another fraud site. Reply here please or send me an email.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

All Right all ready!

I'll go put it on there- I will do it. See you on the porch.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

Now That's the Way We do it...

Thanks for stepping forward patriot. Who's next?

All at once

Stop using fraudulent currency.

As in:

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
Henry Ford

Say goodby to this:

Debt Clock


Try to focus on one simple thought:

We're fed up with what we're getting. No need to get into "why" - most others are fed up too. Then let's just take a count of who's on the Liberty train.

One simple thought

Disconnect the link between the Legal Criminals and the victims.

If that isn't simple enough then I don't know what is, the idea of standing outside for a minute sounds about as useful as going on strike.

Legal Criminals are torturing and murdering people

Stand outside


Not enough pay for too much work

Stop working and stand outside carrying signs

A show of force compared to what?


What I was thinking is...

"Standing outside for a minute" is simple enough pretty much everyone could do it. One minute - to stand outside - for the possibility of finally fixing what's wrong with our society? Would you really rather - do anything else? For that minute? Do you have one to spare to slow down and take a tally of where we're at?

Maybe we already have the numbers to win. Not necessarily with just Ron Paul - but with those who believe "government" in general is in the way of Liberty.

Let's get the conversation going about it at the very least. This would be a golden opportunity to talk with our neighbors. Most of us are quite isolated. Local networking is the key.

If I may:

"Standing outside for a minute" is simple enough pretty much everyone could do it. One minute - to stand outside - for the possibility of finally fixing what's wrong with our society? Would you really rather - do anything else?

I respond as in conversation. In other words: I read some, and then I figuratively stop your effort to communicate, so as to respond to the quoted words above, and I have not yet read the rest of your offering (which is valuable).

I do not disagree with your plan, or your effort to get your plan working, and if it were to go viral, then that would be a measurable victor along the lines of the signing of The Declaration of Independence.

I don't think that my responses will cause your fire to extinguish, otherwise I would not respond at all. If I thought the idea was less than very long odds, or even possible, then I'd sit back and watch.

Way to go, if it works, excellent, very excellent stuff, and thank you very much for the effort, and the success.

Now what?

..."for the possibility of finally fixing what's wrong with our society? Would you really rather - do anything else?"

I don't speak the language of falsehood if it in my power to avoid such destructive behavior.

There is nothing wrong with "society".

Society is a concept, and it is a concept made up of an aggregate sum total of individual thoughts and actions: therefore individuals may, or may not, be fixed.

Nazis supposedly tried fixing people.

Bolsheviks supposedly tried fixing people.

Both of those groups of actual people, with actual names, living actually on earth, were financed on the back of honest productive Americans, through the legal money monopoly power, controlled by actual people, who are knowable as Wall Street, The Dollar Hegemony, Washington, the Powers that BE, The Establishment, and other false labels. They, in that specific group. are Legal Criminals - if English is usable to convey accurate meaning.

The pretense of fixing people is the problem.

The solution is to learn how better to avoid two very bad things:

Becoming a victim

Becoming a criminal (or super criminal as crime is made legal)

One possible method of accomplishing both A and B as enumerated above is by way of a thing called government.

If the criminals who took over government have managed to infect your brain with a desire to have and maintain false things, then what is it of my concern that you, and a bunch of other people, go outside and count your number?

Answer one question or consider not replying until you can:

Is government the focus of your antagonism?

"Local networking is the key."

We are at very many crossroads in the history of the human experiment, if I may offer this viewpoint.

Among the crossing paths are many people who have now before them a power that has never existed in human history and this power is in the infantile state, whereby almost anyone, at almost no cost, is able to communicate with almost everyone who will listen.

That power is almost a pure example of the Free Market.

Learn, use, and Liberty may yet win, and we may yet survive a few more decades.


Not looking to fix people... just "government"

But I appreciate all of your constructive criticism - please pledge... and we can only achieve what we believe.

I would also throw in that anyone even looking at anything to do with this movement being about "fixing people" that would require control of people to fix them. The only one who can fix us is the one we most often see in the mirror.

Competitive viewpoint

Take whatever works for you, leave whatever doesn't behind:

Government now is Legal Crime or crime perpetrated by criminals, and made legal by criminals.

You can't fix it. It ain't broke (according to the criminals).

If you had the power you could fix something that is broke.

Government is not broke.

That is absurd.

Legal crime is not broke, it works fine: better than ever.

What do you mean, exactly, when you suggest that government can be fixed?

Do you mean to say that there is a thing that can be fixed and that thing is this right here, and it is this big, and it is this wide, and it weighs this much, and it occupies this much space?

And you can presume that my questions are getting in the way.

Fair enough.

When you get to that point where this thing goes viral, which I think is inevitable, what then?

Your version may not go viral, I don't mean it will or won't, but there will be an awakening, that is factual. If it does not happen, this awakening, then the human experiment is a failure - Liberty is not for Humans - too bad.

So it will happen.

Then what?

Everyone goes outside, all at once, few exceptions, then what?

Again, sure, the rest is history, after that mass, viral, show of power, the tide turned, things began turning back from rapid increases in the rate of acceleration toward absolute despotism and the extinction of mankind, down to a less rapid acceleration toward total despotism, then a steady rate of acceleration toward our mutual demise, then a slight decrease in the rate of torture and mass murder victims made legal, and then a more rapid acceleration toward Liberty, and eventually a salvation of mankind in a measurable way, because this worked.

I could sign onto that, but to me the actual thing that needs to be done is to disconnect the most powerful link between the Legal Criminals and their targeted victims and that is that Legal Money Monopoly Connection.

Do your best, God speed, and if it works, great, and if I'm proven wrong, and things work out fine even with the connection maintained between the Legal Criminals and their targeted victims, then I'll die wrong.

I can live with that


See that's just it...

I don't have all the answers... but don't you think it would be a great start if we could get EVERYONE involved in the discussion?

Without the distraction of TV?

It will be great

When the Legal Crime connection is no longer working (the victims finally figure it out and they no longer tolerate it) then the former victims keep the power they earn and they do what they do best which is to make more (power) out of less (power) and the greatness of that fact, as it will be realized, may be measured by our species lasting thousands and thousands of years into the future, colonizing other planets, and who knows what other measures of greatness will be.

If not, if the Legal Crime to Victim connection (Legal Money Monopoly) remains in place, and working, making crime pay, legally, and pay very well, then our species won't last much longer.

If knowing that inspires people to begin working to choose the better option, and stand outside in show of support for the better option, then how about adding another date to the proposed calender?

"Can we make this go viral? I was thinking July 1st - eastern time at 3:00 PM - we could set up a site that gives the correct time zone for whatever timezone someone is in..."

If it goes viral, and everyone goes outside on July 1st, then how about on July 4th everyone says, OK, there is enough of us, how about abandoning that fraudulent dollar and we all start using something less destructive to our Liberty?

The obvious next question would be:

What is better than that connection to the Legal Criminals for us to use instead of it?

So...between now and July 1st, before we all go outside, and between now and July 4th when we finally cut that fraudulent link between us and the Legal Criminals, we may want to invent, produce, and have ready an alternative Legal Money.

Where does that focus the attention of so many people?

Each focusing attention on inventing, producing, and having ready a thing that will replace the fraudulent dollar?

What will work better for us, these people we call us, these people who stand outside as one?

We have the fraudulent dollar, and it does what it does, like this:

"Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer." Thomas Paine Common Sense 1776

What works better for us than that, since we decide to stand outside on July 1st, and then we decide to stop that, above, and use something better for us instead, what works better than this:

National Debt Clock

Note: That is the official account and it too is fraudulent, but it is the official fraudulent account.

What do we decide to use instead of that dollar that works to make that official fraudulent account real enough for us to agree to using it up until July 4th, when we decide to stop tolerating such crimes made legal; after we did our thing on July 1st.

Between now and then, on the calender, people thinking about how we will get along without The Dollar, may start coming up with ideas like Ron Paul's, where the idea is to allow us to legally use something other than the one very destructive fraudulent legal money.



interesting idea if we can get traction on it...would show our real strength

The goal:

Would be to keep it generic - no polarizing talk of "the constitution" or "limited government" and other "trigger" type words. Simply keep the focus on "we are fed up with what we are getting and want to see who else is too."

The focus would not be on voting. If we had billions we could simply demand resignations. These people work for us. We're paying them. I want to see some pink slips sent out.


I'm IN:)


The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine