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The Chessboard That Will Be The Republican National Convention: "Pawn" Delegates Vs. "Power" Delegates

The poster Neverquit brought up a certain point on another thread....and its a valid point. I believe the Paul campaign will address this particular point during the National Convention... the RP campaign will be treating the RNC like a chessboard....and its delegates...like chess pieces. Wondering if anyone else has an opinion on this "Chess" strategy........

Here is the point Neverquit brought up.......

""""""The delegates for Ron Paul are attempting to take over GOP positions in an attempt to reshape the GOP back to it's conservative and constitutional roots, if they only vote their concious without understanding the consequences that could be stowed upon them, they could lose the positions in power they have recently achieved, making all of their work for naught."""""""

Now, States could have penalties for abstaining or voting for someone else other than the "official winner" if the delegate is "bound". For example...

I live in NJ. NJ delegates are bound. Let's say I go to the convention and I abstain or vote for Paul instead of Romney...assuming Romney wins the NJ Primary.

My delegate vote has to count. I can't be removed from the convention floor. However, the N.J. GOP could punish me with "Censure". The "Censure" would be that I would be "kicked out" of the NJ GOP....not sure if I would be kept out for years...or permanently. I'm pretty sure this is the penalty that NJ enforces.....I'm sure other states are different.

Neverquit has a valid point. Let's say that I have joined the GOP on the local level....and that I have been attending meetings...events...etc....with the hope of taking the power back on a local or state level. Let's say I've been doing this for two years. If I abstain or vote for Paul on the 1st ballot....I won't have any problems at the convention.....but my plans for a long-term takeover on a local GOP level....would be ruined.....because I will be "censured" by the STATE GOP.

This is why the convention will be kind of like a chess match....and that communication with the delegates before and while the National Convention is taking place.... will be the key.

The Campaign will have to use their delegates like chess pieces. There will be "pawn" delegates....and "power" delegates. The "pawn" delegates will be the "expendable" delegates....meaning these will be the delegates who are just delegates and are NOT involved in the GOP on a local level trying to take over the GOP LONG-TERM. These "pawn" delegates will be the ones who will be used to abstain or vote for Paul on the first ballot.

The "power" delegates....those are delegates that you want to protect. These delegates are and have been for a while...involved in their local GOP...and have long-term goals. These delegates will NOT abstain or vote for Paul on the first ballot....the Paul campaign will not want to lose the long-term power of the delegates. The "power" delegates will stay bound...voting for the winner of their primary...on the 1st...or second...or third ballots....until they are "freed" from their obligation. "Power" delegates should only be "sacrificed" (abstaining or voting for Paul on 1st ballot).....if we are desperate...and don't have enough "pawn" delegates to keep Romney from hitting the magic number.(1,144 delegates)

This is how I believe it should and will play out on the Convention floor in Tampa.

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the better question is:

the better question is:

who actually wants to remain in the GOP after 2012?

I would. I vacated the GOP in

I would.
I vacated the GOP in utter disgust in 08. It was full of constitution hating neocons. It may still be the case but not for long. If the Revolution succeeds sweeping out the corruption and returning the GOP to their constitutional core, I would be very proud to serve, volunteer, and even donate to it.
Don't forget that WE become the GOP if this succeeds. And WE need to remain and keep it alive to protect our Republic. A lot of good it will do if everyone that supports Paul abandons it. Who do you think will fill the vacuum?
Now watching that my State Convention takes place tomorrow and are in dire need of every supporter there, I find myself regretting my departure in 08.
I am changing my affiliation from unaffiliated back to Republican in hopes I can help the Revolution from this point forward. Even if Paul is elected he will need a like-minded House and Senate. A lot of incumbents need to either take the Constitution seriously or step aside for someone that will. RINOs such as the NDAA loving John McCain need to be shown the door and swept out.


Good one Pauled.

Don't Abstain, Vote For Ron Paul !

"The RNC does NOT recognize a state's binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose."

Jennifer Sheehan, Legal Counsel for the RNC.

3 minutes 19 seconds into Ben Swann's report...


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

So You Endorse Abstaining & Then Join Libertarian Party!

I like that idea. You can have the GOP. Why takeover the GOP when there is a party that even Paul run as nominee for POTUS through?

Anyway it can be a pincer move, you take over GOP and the Libertarians will grow and work to become more competitive.

I thought it was understood...

Well by most here anyway that this country cannot take another four years with another puppet in the white house.

Now, I'm not going to be a national delegate, and it's not because I don't want to be either, but if I were to be a national delegate, I wouldn't hesitate to abstain every round if necessary. And yeah, I've now spent years in the party.

So I would lose my laminated piece of paper that I get to clip on that declares me as a precinct chairman. I wouldn't get to join in any of the reindeer games. But... I would have kept my integrity and THAT is what I would do.

I'm not knockin' this post, but we are on a precipice and IMHO, it's now or never.

I wonder

How many have read the classic work by Sun Tzu The Art Of War


WHAT IF RON PAUL WINS? Will the delegates who abstained or voted their conscience be kicked out of the GOP? I think not.

President Paul will not let his delegates get kicked out of the party.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

If you have to

Sacrifice the delegate position to get Ron Paul nominated.

First of all, Neverquit is no

First of all, Neverquit is no authority. He has actually quit the DP publicly on two (maybe 3) occasions, in the recent past.
Second, this should probably not EVEN be an open discussion. If you are a delegate YOURSELF, you can find out UNpublicly what people advise, and what you choose to do. If you are not a delegate then it is best to be quiet and just wait to see what happens. ALL our opposition reads this daily or gets reports.
Third, You may be "pretty sure" but you have not found out for sure what NJ will do, much less the other 49. It is my belief that if you make one "mistake" and are otherwise a good party member and volunteer, no one is going to kick you out of the party. If they do, so what? Probably in a year or so you can get right back in, get voted in as an exception, whatever.

I really believe the MSM is continuing to get us to talk about this so they can devise counterstrategies and no matter how interesting some think this convo is, I would not continue it, if I was me. And I am.


Wow....sometimes I'm amazed at the reading comprehension problem we have here at the Daily Paul.....

1) Where in any of my posts did I say that Neverquit was an authority? Heck, I don't even agree with him on many of his posts. What I did say however, was the Neverquit brought up a valid point....A VALID POINT. Didn't say he was an authority on anything. If you are going to respond to my posts Cricket...at least comprehend what I'm posting. Don't put words in my mouth.

2) I am not a delegate....at least not yet anyway. And it doesn't matter if I am a delegate or not. This Chess delegate strategy just popped into my head as I was reading the DP and eating dinner. If I want to post and share MY OWN THOUGHTS on a certain topic....I'm going to. Who are you? The Delegate Thought Police? How about you just keep quiet if you don't like my post?

3) Was in touch with someone who was involved with delegates back in 2008. He told me that N.J. was a censure....being blackballed from the NJ GOP. He was uncertain on how long the censure lasted.

Well, sorry, I have NO

Well, sorry, I have NO reading comprehension problem. On my SAT's I was in the 99th percentile, and the way the language and spelling has gone downhill, I am certain I still would be. When someone quotes another and says they have a valid point, they are giving them authority. Sorry you disagreed with my choice of words.
Next, I often do not comment upon posts I dislike. In fact, there have been many more of them, lately. Sometimes, however, I feel compelled to say something. This was one. I think it is dangerous for us to keep discussing these things over and over. You are way not the only one doing this. I think the MSM wants to KNOW what we are doing, the RNC is building against whatever they think we are doing, and the Romney campaign is already attempting fraudulent crimes against us in snide ways by having gathered valuable information from us.
I firmly believe we should stop discussing any "delegate strategy" we think is happening, IS happening, or we would like to happen. I think we should bite our tongues and talk about other things.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You can and will do whatever you want, regarding my advice.

Win. If you go home and get

Win. If you go home and get censured by a state GOP, it won't matter much with President Paul in office. Once that happens it won't be so difficult to get the message out. The Neo-con GOP is dead after this year.

Hey jazzer....

I'm not saying not to win...lol....just be smart about it. If we don't have the numbers with the "pawn" delegates on the 1st ballot....of course we use the "power" delegates to vote for Paul on the 1st ballot.....

It's after the 1st ballot where things get fun.....and delegates get "freed" from their obligation. :)

Have you seen the Ben Swann

Have you seen the Ben Swann vid? According to Rule 38, the obligation of the state is not recognized at the national level.

Stand up

Take the bullet.

Write it off to 'creative destruction'.

Most important thing for delegates...

...don't play cowboy. Get in touch with the campaign, find out what they want to do at the national convention. A bunch of delegates randomly abstaining and breaking pledges and whatnot without knowing what each other are doing is not going to help anyone, and, as the OP points out, we don't want to needlessly risk our new-found power in local and state party organizations. Again, get in touch with the campaign.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

The Gang in Maine Were Very Organized And Prepared........

If they we're that organized and on point in Maine.....I have no doubt that the RP campaign will have their delegates ready to roll for the National Convention. It's going to come down to communication on the floor during the convention.......they had a great system on the floor at the Maine Convention....it will be even better in Tampa.

They can't censure you if

They can't censure you if Paul gets the nomination.


Explain to me why NJ couldn't censure a delegate if Paul won the nomination?


aren't we taking over the state GOP in iowa, nevada, alaska etc.?
i'm not sure which body does the censuring but if it's our people in the chairmanship positions and such then it should not be a problem.

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they could

but i doubt they would do it if ron paul won nomination

This whole telling our enemies our strategies thing...

Not sure it's so wise.

Duane..you could not be more

Duane..you could not be more right..


C'mon man.....it was just a strategy i was thinking about. It's not like RP called me and said...."Hey Zman....this is the strategy we're going to use for the convention"'....lol....

Think it thru.

Your chances for long term won't be "ruined" because if the RP people continue to take the state parties, they can just overturn that rule, and you're back in. Just like that.

Rules can be changed when we get control.
Don't worry about it. Get the immediate job done, and the rest of it will take care of itself.

Ron Paul left the GOP , ran as a Libertarian in 1988,

and then came back to the GOP.

Doesn't look like leaving the party ruined his chances, even with Newt and the GOP establishment opposing him.

Hey Byte......

We are talking about delegates being penalized here. NJ, I'm pretty sure...has a censure penalty. It could be years....it could be a lifetime ban...not sure. We are not talking about just switching affiliations here....

I wouldn't mind being banned from NJ, either


What're they gonna do Z kick out the entire world.

If they kick us out here's how it hurts them:,

1. They have no support
2. Lifetime bans assume the people in charge will be there for the next 100 year.
3. If Paul wins this wy who cars if delegates are kicked out the liberty candidates for congress and other offices are increasing exponentially and the power will be redistributed through different avenues.
4. I or anyone else for that matter owes no allegiance to the repub establishment and put our country and livelihood ahead of any political party, so if the treason party wants to kick me out, I'm cool with that because I am but a man.

" an idea whose time has come..." I don't need to finish that quote now do I?