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Ron Paul, the Presumptive President in Action

There have been a few comments recently about Ron Paul "canceling" events without identifying which events have been canceled, and sparking unnecessary speculation. This makes it a good time to remember that Ron Paul is busy doing in Washington that which we all know he can do:




These are no small issues. He has to deal with real issues of world importance. He is a true Action Man with no strings rather than a fake action man puppet with strings and little to no experience of the main issues. Ron Paul is acting presidentially in real time, now, and that will sometimes mean he is not available for campaigning. He will always put country before ego and power. He is the experienced Presumptive President against the inexperienced presumptive nominee.

Let's trust in Ron Paul to prioritize his time. Saving the constitution, reining in the Fed and saving the economy, and helping to stop wars are rather important. Another way to think of it is: what better way to win more supporters to become president than to act presidentially on all the key issues facing the country and the world? For real, and not in the MSM pseudo reality of presumptive nominees.

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egapele's picture

He now has what is called "pull"

and tons of it he has. He's set to control policy in Congress, the media and the current Executive Office. In other words, he'd da man.

Brother TMOT got that rumor

Brother TMOT got that rumor rollin'.

TMOT's event cancellation may have somethinng to do with him making a "Rev. Wright-ish" video titled, "Ron Paul - God Damn!"

I doubt the campaign and Ron Paul are looking for that kind of association right now.

Even though I'm with Brother TMOT

MSM = Presumptive stupidity

MSM = Presumptive stupidity