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Take Notice: Schedule For State Conventions, Primaries, And State Meetings By Chronological Date (With Delegate Count)

Delegates who PREFER a candidate:

Willard "Mitt" Romney: 419 Delegates
Ronald "Ron" Paul: 263 Delegates
Newton "Newt" Gingrich: 106
Richard "Rick" Santorum: 41
RATIO: 1.59316 to 1 (Decrease by >2.92 since last delegate update)


8/27-8/30: Republican National Convention!

A federal lawsuit has been filed claiming that no delegates are bound to any one candidate.

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Win in Louisiana

As I'm sure everyone here has known for about tow months or so, Ron Paul was bound to win the state of Louisiana, taking over 100 of the district delegates to the state convention. I am surprised to see however, that instead of a sweep in LA, Paul got less than 60% of the delegates going to the RNC. I thought about some being stealth delegates, but how likely is that when Paul got the majority of district delegates?

Counting primaries?

Why does the tracker include states such as Ohio, where there hasn't been a convention, saying that he won 38 delegates or something? Shouldn't that not be decide upon until after the delegates get elected?

the delegates were chosen directly on the ballot

The Ohio delegates were elected on the same day as the primary, with each candidate having specific delegates associated with his name on the ballot. If they have a convention at all, it has nothing to do with delegates.

Romney Sweeps New York

With the sweep, Romney gains nearly 100 delegates from the State Meeting.


Arkansas has district conventions on June 9th, followed by the state convention on June 23rd.

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Any numbers?

Do you have some delegate numbers for those dates. Thank you for the help. I appreciate it a lot.

The Devil Down In Georgia

Although 2 candidates have dropped out, all 4 major candidates gain delegates. Numbers are now:

Gingrich: 42
Romney: 21
Paul: 10
Santorum: 3

I guess Gingrich is a pretty good fiddle player!

NEW! Ratio Tracker

As the delegate count between Romney and Paul are updated, I shall post a new Romney to Paul ratio. The closer the numbers, the better our chances.

For example: A 1.5 to 1 ratio is better than a 2 to 1 ratio.

Also, there will be an update to update difference on the ratio, to show how the new odds compared to the odds prior to the latest update.

New conventions coming up in

New conventions coming up in NY and elsewhere. Had to bump this along. Any news on NY?

According to Green Papers, NY has a State Committee Meeting...

... rather than a State Convention:

If I understand the difference, the State Committee is composed entirely of GOP insiders. There is no opportunity, therefore, for Liberty patriots to become Convention participants and influence the National delegate selection process. Hopefully, I am wrong about this; if so, someone please correct me (and also post your source). Thank you.

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Minnesota State Convention

Minnesota State Convention page:!/cevans93

Missouri update

Missouri has already elected 24 National Delegates from the CD Conventions:
12 - Romney
7 - Santorum
4 - Paul
1 - Gingrich

That is who they pledged to vote for on the first-round of voting at the RNC per state GOP rules.

At state convention 2 June we will elect 24 to be added to 4 State Committee members at large.

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State Delegate PDF

Greetings forum,

I found a helpful link to dates and delegate numbers that may be helpful:

Flip-flopping Arizona goes for Romney

The numbers in Arizona have changed. Ronmney took 26 from Arizona while Paul only took 3.

We can not allow Arizona to happen again in this campaign! It is something that we can not afford!

We have SIX conventions this weekend, and we need to STAY FOCUSED!

They stole it!

With a completely fabricated false set of "results".
Our job is to f*ck them in the end.

not to worry

While it's true that 26 delegates are bound to Romney, rumor has it that a significant number of those are actually Paul supporters :) I think we did just fine in AZ!

not true

All 29 are bound to Romney. 26 of the 29 are Romney supporters and 3 are Paul supporters.


this is not what I heard. Where do you get your information?
I sure would like to get to the bottom of this one.

Posted on forum

I get most of my information from

there was some early misinformation

The confusion was due to the fact that in Arizona they were penalized delegates (dropped from 58 to 29) but at the convention they actually elected 58 plus alternates. It was also confusing because there were a few recounts. There were several Paul supporters that got spots, but of the 29 real delegate spots (the ones who will actually get to vote), it was 26-3 for Romney. There are a few threads about this on this site. The Arizona GOP posted a list of all delegates who will be going to Tampa. There are also lists available of the Romney and Paul slates at the Arizona convention, and if you cross reference those, you see that Romney won 7 of the 9 Congressional District delegates and 19 of the 20 at-large delegates.

Of course.

You are providing the misinformation, as a troll.

those are the official numbers

Whether you want to believe that the individuals selected as delegates didn't actually win the vote is a completely separate issue. Go ahead and try to fight that in court. But there really are 29 individuals from Arizona who will be delegates at the convention in Tampa. 26 will be supporting Romney. The other 3 are bound to Romney but are Paul supporters and were on his slate. There's no misinformation there. That's who the delegates are.

Thank you

This is what I like to call a constructive post keep it up


for the useful information. Maybe as a community we can get back on track after the distractions of the past 2 days.


The Nebraska and Oregon primaries are underway today. While Ron Paul has stopped raising funds to campagin in remaining primary states, I hope we can finish with a good amount of votes, even though primaries are only considered to me as "beauty contest". I hope the people of Nebraska and Oregon have waken up, but consider the MSM twist on Ron Paul's latest message, I do not believe we will have a high turnout. Regardless, I wanted to inform you all and tell you that every day matters.

For liberty,

Paul Or We Fall 2012

Florida State Convention Confusion

Greetings all,

First time post here and love the site. Please see my email to in quotations.


I follow the site regularly and wanted to say thank you for you hard work, diligence, and integrity. Quick question, the June 2nd date for Florida that is on the map, what is the source of this information? I thought the Democratic State Convention was on that date, not the Republican. Doesn't Florida only have a primary for delegates and it is winner-take-all? Clarification would be greatly appreciated! Again, thank you for updating and maintaining your site."

I tried searching for the Republican State Convention date and location but could not find anything. I wish to attend or help out in any way possible. Can reply with any information pertinent to Florida or direct me to someone who is organizing here? Any help is appreciated!

Thank You

Thanks for informing me on this. I will also email the site to try and figure this out. I am not a member running that site, but I am using it for it's accuracy in delegate count and for the fact it has delegate events on one site. I organized the events by date here to be more useful to members on

Florida State Convention Confusion

I called today and got verbal confirmation that the Florida delegates have already been selected. The delegate selection is now closed.

and according to their state rules...

they were picked by party officers in each county and by a state committee. Anyone could apply to be a delegate, but the Romney campaign submitted recommended names for each district and the at-large spots. Because of the binding nature of the primary, the options available for delegate positions, the people who did the picking, and the fact that the delegates are bound to Romney for the first 3 ballots, it's hard to imagine any of Florida's 50 delegates voting against him in Tampa.

So what happened in Hawaii and Wisconsin this weekend

according to this Hawaii and wisconsin had their state conventions this past weekend. Can anyone tell me anything about what happened. I heard about OK and AR but nothing on the other two. I tried to look them up on Green Papers website but their wasn't any info. Throw me a bone here. am i missing something?