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Take Notice: Schedule For State Conventions, Primaries, And State Meetings By Chronological Date (With Delegate Count)

Delegates who PREFER a candidate:

Willard "Mitt" Romney: 419 Delegates
Ronald "Ron" Paul: 263 Delegates
Newton "Newt" Gingrich: 106
Richard "Rick" Santorum: 41
RATIO: 1.59316 to 1 (Decrease by >2.92 since last delegate update)


8/27-8/30: Republican National Convention!
Sources: http://thereal2012delegatecount.com/

A federal lawsuit has been filed claiming that no delegates are bound to any one candidate.

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According to the source, Hawaii was won by Romney (9 delegates) while Santorum recieved 5, and Paul 3. These numbers match for each candidate with the updated numbers. I will try to figure out exactly what happened in Hawaii. Wisconsin has stayed yellow and many states have turned Romney light blue, but the only change in delegate count is the delegates from Hawaii.

This process is very confusing to me. I am not a member of the site, nor am I 100% sure if these numbers are all accurate. I am only a hopeful Ron Paul supporter attempting to inform others about the state convention and keep them as updated on the delegate count to the best of my ability.

neither dealt with delegates

Delegates are chosen differently in those two states.

Oklahoma Update

Due to the chaos of the Oklahoma Convention, the source has made the state RED with no delegates being rewarded. I believe that Ron Paul had a clean sweep of delegates in this state due to the parking lot convention, but I in no way reflect the views of the source or any view other than my own.

Conventions Schedule

Thanks for posting.


No Problem

It was quick and easy with a reliable source at hand. I have emailed thereal2012delegatecount@gmail.com and asked if they could clarify and give accurate numbers from the Oklahoma state convention.

Victory In Oklahoma! 5/12

After massive confusion on an illegal adjournment made early in the day at the State Convention, Ron Paul delegates and supporters were properly informed of the re-location for the continuation of the convention. Upon quorum, the convention cast votes for slates "A" "B" and "C", with slate "A" (Ron Paul slate) winning the vast majority of vote. After legal convention adjournment, a local news station arrived for a broadcast. It was great to watch the convention live on UStream! Over 12,000 total views from one feed.


This is my quick list that I prepared...

31 contests left that can give Ron Paul's strategy a chance...

852 delegates

Vermont May 19 CD Convention 3
Michigan May 19 CD Convention 28
Kentucky May 19 CD Convention 18
Washington Jun. 2 CD Convention 30
Louisiana Jun. 2 CD Convention 18
Arkansas Jun. 9 CD Convention 159
Texas Jun. 9 CD Convention 12
Indiana Jun. 9 CD Convention 108
Iowa Jun. 16 CD Convention 27
Nebraska Jul. 14 CD Convention 12
Virginia Various Dates CD Convention 3 (1 left)
418 total

Michigan May 19 State Convention 2
Vermont May 19 State Convention 11
Mississippi May 19 State Convention 25
South Carolina May 19 State Convention 11
Georgia May 19 State Convention 31
Minnesota May 19 State Convention 13
Louisiana Jun. 2 State Convention 25
Washington Jun. 2 State Convention 10
Missouri Jun. 2 State Convention 25
North Carolina Jun. 3 State Convention 52
Kentucky Jun. 9 State Convention 24
Illinois Jun. 9 State Convention 12
Indiana Jun. 9 State Convention 16
Texas Jun. 9 State Convention 44
Montana Jun. 16 State Convention 23
New Mexico Jun. 16 State Convention 20
Virginia Jun. 16 State Convention 13
Idaho Jun. 23 State Convention 29
Oregon Jun. 23 State Convention 25
Nebraska Jul. 14 State Convention 23
434 total

What is the point of having free will if one cannot spit in the eye of the destiny others leave you with? #ActorofConscience

CD Conventions

It's good to have those Congressional District Conventions in mind since they are the steps to state conventions, but for the sake of time, I only listed remaining state conventions and primaries.

Many of the CD conventions are final

Like Virginia and Mass., not to mention Colorado, Maine, Iowa and others that simply hold CD conventions simultaneous with state, but they still hold distinct votes within each CD caucus.


"The RNC does NOT recognize a state's binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose. The national convention allows delegates to vote for the individual of their choice, regardless of whether the person's name is officially placed into nomination or not."

Jennifer Sheehan, Legal Counsel for the RNC.

3 minutes 15 seconds into Ben Swann's report...


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

not exactly correct.

While it's true that the RNC does not recognize binding, the states sure do! If a state has you bound as a delegate, and you choose not to honor that, there are many remedies the states might have at their disposal. I recommend all delegates be aware of their states rules! You might be fined, removed from your position as a delegate, or kicked out of the party.

Unbound Delegates

I am fully aware of the unbound delegate situation, and have been for a few weeks. Again, I am not saying that these delegates are bound to any candidate, it is just an estimation, one that I did not make myself.

The cause of this forum was to get Ron Paul supporters aware of major delegate events so that they may show their support if they wanted to.

A lot more confusing than it looks

Sorry to comment again, but this whole process of adding up delegates isn't as simple as referring to websites and looking at the dates of state conventions.

Each state handles the matter of RNC delegates in their own way. We run the risk of inaccurately giving up on a state whose delegates might not yet be decided.

Keep in mind these two discrepancies:

1. Pledged delegates to Ron Paul
2. Actual Ron Paul supporters who are delegates

If you're looking for the answer to #1, http://www.thegreenpapers.com will give you an accurate breakdown of the delegate allotment based on state primary and caucus results. This number will assuredly show a blowout in favor of Mitt Romney.

However, the pledged delegate count can be further elaborated upon by breaking down how many delegates are BOUND to Mitt Romney, which will reveal quite a gap from the hard total.

THE NUMBERS WE CARE ABOUT are from point #2, which is the number of actual Ron Paul supporters who will serve as delegates to the RNC (both as pledged and unpledged). That is the number we NEED to have a majority of, if we're to challenge Romney's nomination bid. Nothing short of a solid majority will do it.

If we have the most delegates following #2, we can abstain from the first ballot at the RNC, and then nominate Dr. Paul on the second ballot.

So how do we tabulate the number which matters?

You need to go state-by-state, look individually at the way the RNC delegates are chosen, get accurate reports (some are chosen at district conventions, state conventions, by GOP committees, etc), and solidly report how many have been chosen, will be chosen, and which processes are unclear.

Kudos to whoever succeeds in doing that type of work. It will take a great deal of effort, especially since not every state is a RP stronghold like Nevada or Maine, and not every delegate is clearly for Romney or Paul.


I know that the delegate process is more complex then I have made it seem, and ultimately we will not find out what delegate supports who until August, but I decided to post this forum just as information for the people to take advantage of the time left and to show support. While delegates can abstain in the first round and there are stealth delegates for every candidate, I do not believe that we should just wait until Aug. 24th (if my memory serves me correctly) to make our best estimate, because by then the estimate will be futile.

sorry ,everyone but i tried!!

here are a few photos from a sign wave in Madison,WV C:\Users\janet\Pictures\2012-05-06 001 , C:\Users\janet\Pictures\2007-01-04 002


Virginia has 11 districts, each allocating 3 RNC delegates leading up to the convention. The remaining 13 are allocated at the State Convention.

Thus far, Dr. Paul has picked up 7 of 9 at 3 district conventions. Tomorrow is when the bulk of district conventions are (I believe 5 pr 6). The following two or three districts go in a week or two.

Looking over all of these

Looking over all of these delegate allotments, I can't help but laugh at how the establishment is clinging to the old ways that is proven to cost them the election by backing someone like Romney. Can't they see that a new paradigm is coming and the easier they play along the better chance they can win? It's not like Paul is virtually tied with Obama or anything...

MSM Brainwashing

This is very true. For many of the past elections, the mainstream media has brainwashed common citizens in both primaries and general elections. We will prove them wrong this time around, and come November the name Romney won't even be on the ballot.

I Apologize To Citizens of Wisconsin

While I was going state by state recording the convention dates and delegates at stake by hand, I mistakenly skipped over the state of Wisconsin. I have now, realizing my error, posted the state convention (occurring this weekend) accordingly.

In such a close race, every state and every delegate matters. If you are able to attend the Wisconsin convention, I wish you a safe trip and hope you will show your strong support for Ron Paul.

Wisconsin isn't choosing delegates there

The candidates and state committee are doing the delegate choosing. A lot of that has already taken place. They aren't picking national convention delegates at a state convention.

Wisconsin may not be

Wisconsin may not be selecting the delegates BUT they are probably voting on new committee members who will can select Liberty delegates NEXT time.

Every convention it is important to show up at and take positions in the party for the Liberty movement.

Just saying, even if we can't get em THIS TIME, we can lay the ground work for NEXT TIME. Look at Iowa, that is how we are doing well there now - because we showed up in 2008! It is a looonnnggg process but well worth it.

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"

I don't disagree at all

I don't disagree at all

I think that Shazad is correct...

... Please click here for my analysis:


Nevertheless, important state GOP business always goes on at these events, so attend your State Convention, Wisconsin Liberty patriots!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

So Santorum's delegates

So Santorum's delegates weren't unbound when he dropped out?

fiddle dee dee

Unbound Delegates

Generally, delegates given to a candidate become unbound if the candidate officially releases their delegates. Santorum has yet to do so, but the source indicates there are unbound Santorum delegates in some states.


FYI - half the national delegates were selected at the district conventions in April. The other half May 18th.


Does this mean that only 38 of the Georgia delegates will be determined on May 18th?


About that, I think it's a few less than 1/2 at the state convention, but we did exceptionally well at the district conventions. A lot of organization went a long way.

Thank you!

This is awesome, BUMP.

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WV State Convention

If anyone can inform me on the West Virginia state convention date, I will gladly mark it accordingly. Romney may have the majority in the state, but every last delegate counts in this race!