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Virginia District Conventions - May 12

Reposting this from the Ron Paul Forums:

"This Saturday (May 12), Virginia's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, and 8th congressional districts are being held. Each will send three national delegates and 3 alternates to the national convention. I can't find any details about where each one is being held and at what time, so hopefully those in Virginia already know or know how to find out."


Hopefully everyone in Virginia that's a delegate can make it. If I understand correctly, it is too late to become a delegate if you aren't already.

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2nd that

2nd that

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3 more CD Conventions on 05/19 can anyone update

delegate results?

This will complete the CD's
Stae Convention to decide 13 at large 06/16

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I won National Delegate in the 1st Congressional District!

I would just like to report that from Virginia's 1st Congressional District, we got 2 Ron Paul National Delegates as well as the Presidential Elector.

I've got a lot of questions on what the next step is. If anyone here in Virginia has any insight please send me an email at jonmelendez8@gmail.com

Ron Paul 2012!!

any news on the possible 16th

any news on the possible 16th delegate for Paul?

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Herman Cain at 2nd Disctrict got interrupted by RP supporters

There was a great moment at the 2nd District Convention this afternoon. Herman Cain was speaking and he said something like "I'm going to tell you how to defeat Barack Obama" and one of you guys (with perfect timing) yelled "Ron Paul" and the auditorium erupted in loud enthusiastic applause and cheers.




skip to 1:30 for ron paul

skip to 1:30 for ron paul applause

VA 1 also selected a Ron Paul elector ...

who can pull the lever for RP in the electoral college in January.
It was Virginia, in 1972, who gave 1 Electoral vote to the first Libertarian Party candidate, the great John Hospers.

update from CD3

Of course we swept it -- we EARNED it! Chris Stearns (RP State Director in VA) organized and got out the vote. Recall that CD3 was the only district in VA that won it for the Good DR.

The establishment was totally outnumbered (shock and awe most probably describes it!) and the existing chairman withdrew before the event convened because he knew he could not win. In a last ditch effort to show his a** he made every individual delegate repeat the pledge of loyalty to ALL republican nominees from now until eternity! It was entirely ludicrous and fortunately people began to call him out on it. Eventually one of his own staffers pointed out to him that he was being an a** and he conceded to having entire delegations affirm the pledge. Sadly for him, he left in disgrace.

CD3 and surrounding districts worked hard for the win and they deserve credit! Kudos to ALL Virginia Liberty LOVERS!!!

PS - I forgot to say congrats to Chris Stearns -- NEW CD3 Chairman!

The best place to shop around is in the marketplace of ideas.


The old chair had a few nasty things to say about Ron and his movement a couple weeks ago so it's great to hear he can't do much damage anymore.

With all the talk of bound vs

With all the talk of bound vs unbound, does this mean 40% of the delegates can vote Paul on the first round in Tampa?

We keep talking about that, and none of us are experts...

... What we can say with confidence is that, at most, being "bound" only affects the Presidential nomination ballot. That leaves a bunch of other meaningful votes in Tampa:

1. Convention Chair
2. VP nomination
3. Party Platform
4. Procedural votes (Today's fiasco in Oklahoma produced competing slates of 25 delegates and 25 alternates each - could be headed to a floor fight in Tampa)

Per the results of the March 06 Primary, Dr. Paul was allocated only 3 of the 46 "bound" delegates. So, for the purpose of the first Presidential ballot, Dr. Paul may control only 3 of the 24 actual delegates selected so far in Virginia. For every other possible vote in Tampa, Dr. Paul controls 15 or 16 out of 24!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Way to Go Virginia!

I used to live in Fairfax County before moving back to Maryland 4 years ago. I'm very proud of you!

Joe in MD


Looks like we got a good

Looks like we got a good number so far.
Adding to the list below:
CD1: 2/3
CD2: 2/3? (Could be 3/3)
CD3: 3/3
CD4: 2/3
CD7: 0/3
CD8: 1/3
Thats so far 10-11 out of 18 which is over half. We are definitely giving Romney a run for his money. If we keep at it and keep getting at least this perentage everywhere else, I wouldnt think its out of the question that Paul will win without much problem; heck, with these sorts of numbers out of all the states, he even could win on the first ballot.(which by the way, Romney would never recover from and would be a national embarrasment for him)
I would love to know exact numbers so far for all the states, but I know no one wants those floating around all in one place.

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I've been trying to compile a list...

I've been trying to compile a list... hard to get exact numbers of delegates though:


Appreciate any help I can get!

CD4 was two weeks ago

April 28
CD4 1/3
CD9 3/3

May 5
CD6 3/3

With today's wins that makes 15-16 out of 24.

Next week May 19 conventions are held in:

Of these CD11 was similar to CD8 in the primary (ie one of the worst), CD5 was one of the best on par with CD9, and CD10 was average.

CD4 - 1/3 or 2/3?

Just wanted some clarification...

CD4 - 1/3 or 2/3?

So, realistically

We could expect about five or six more out of nine in the remaining CD conventions?

That don't sound too bad.

Any eyewitness accounts of your Conventions, Virginia patriots?

Please post your experiences on this thread. Thank you!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

1st District

I went to Gloucester, VA yesterday to try and vote for the 3 delegates and 3 alternates. The hubs and I have children involved in sports. I was nearly at the Convention when he called to let me know their sports equipment was in my car. I had to turn around and head back home....suffice it to say I was running late to the Convention. When I arrived to check in, I was informed that they had closed the registration desk 10 minutes prior to my arrival. DOH! I actually broke down in tears feeling very strongly that I wanted my vote to count. After talking with the registration desk, two things were realized.
#1: No one I'd talked to in our city in VA even knew about the convention as it was never publicized in the local papers or tv stations.
#2: No one knew we had to preregister or get to the location at a certain time in order to vote.
I met tons of really amazing people and decided I may as well stick around to at least watch the process. Several people voiced their irritation at the committee chair because the even was so disorganized and poorly advertised. I was busy all afternoon making hand-written ballots because they didn't even have those.
All of the Ron Paul supporters were "flying under the radar" hoping that the delegates we wanted would get elected based on their speeches about issues rather than candidates. I'm still waiting to find out the results ( I couldn't stick around for the whole thing).
All in all, I'm glad I went, I'm proud to be a Ron Paul supporter but I will be better prepared and informed next go 'round.

Navy-Wife Christian Conservative

Thank you for your dedication...

... Virginia lady patriot!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

My husband has done a

My husband has done a fabulous job of educating me.

Navy-Wife Christian Conservative

So glad you were able to

So glad you were able to go!!

I would have broken down in tears too knowing I missed registration like that, especially after all the hoops and hurdles we have to jump through just to be involved. It's your dedication that counts though. When people like you show up, their voices are heard, and it makes a difference!

Great job!!

Give ear to my prayer, O God...

Your post made me feel so

Your post made me feel so much better. I actually cried the entire way home as well. I was just so frustrated after missing the children's sporting event (I've never missed anything they've been involved in) AND not be able to vote. Grrr But yes I am glad I went.

Navy-Wife Christian Conservative

may 19th

I'll be at the 10th on the 19th with a camera!

Majority of the room were Dr Paul supporters!

Herman Cain spoke at our convention...we let him know who we were there for! Here's a video from a fellow RP supporter:

Which CD was this?

Thank you!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand



Coalition Building

CD1 --

We've heard Dr. Paul talk about the need to build coalitions...and that exact mentality was important in CD1 today. There were a number of us Ron Paul people out and about, but no where near a majority. In fact, I heard almost no mention of Dr. Paul himself.

We focused more on meat-and-potatoes issues, as a large number of Republicans are "Cuccinelli Conservatives". To explain, our State's Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, is a "Constitutional Conservative", cut from the same cloth as Rand Paul. He's quite popular, and is running for Governor in the 2013 primary against the establishment Lt. Governor.

Working with these "Cuccinelli Conservatives", we ran a "Pro-life slate". On this slate, two of the delegates were RP people and one was a well-known member of the State House of Delegates. I wouldn't count on the latter helping us on the Convention floor, but it allowed us more wins than we would have had. In fact, almost the ENTIRE slate won for every position. There were no RP people running for committee roles, but the people on our slate were the most open to our grassroots energy and new members. And in fact, some are in favor of a brokered convention (albeit not a RP supporter themselves).

Just goes to show that not every state is a Nevada or Maine, but by building coalitions, we're able to make significant gains where otherwise there would be none!

This is the way to win the state convention too

Looks like Paul supporters may not be a majority at state despite sweeps in several CDs - clearly CD7, 8, your own 1, and probably 11 as well have a strong establishment presence and they will also be at state if I understand the local delegate process. Allying with Cucinelli supporters, tea partiers, pro-lifers, and Santorum/Newt supporters will be key to capturing those 13 delegates and taking over the party leadership. .