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Rand Paul : GOP Needs Ron Paul Supporters To Grow

Rand Paul : GOP Needs Ron Paul Supporters To Grow

MAY 11, 2012
Reports The Des Moines Register:

Sen. Rand Paul, in Des Moines today, said if the Republican Party wants to grow, it needs to include supporters of his father who bring different views on certain issues.

“People talk about it being a big tent – having a big tent means bringing in the Ron Paul people. And if you do, your party will grow,” he said…

Drew Ivers, a Ron Paul campaign official in Iowa, called the changes “growing pains” that are offset by the benefits of growing the party. He said people new to politics can be “zealous” and don’t always understand customary procedures, but they will learn with experience.

Paul spoke at an event sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, a super-PAC that opposes President Obama’s green energy agenda…

Sen. Paul is right. The Ron Paul people are not only growing the GOP–they’re transforming it.


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Libertarian Party Is Where To Go Even If Paul Gets Nomination

period. End of story. All ths fantasizing about taking over the GOP is not realistic in my view. Why cling to a party that disrespects and cheats Paul?

Because the other parties aren't relevant enough

Our current system has it so it's either one or the other-- the illusion of choice. Third party/Indy runs typically don't go over well unless the person running has a LOT of money, more than RP supporters would be realistically able to cough up.

Also, this 'party' you speak of isn't some living entity; it's mostly made out of people who are literally a dying breed (baby boomers), so why not take their place and return the GOP back to what it originally was? Sometimes the most effective way to change the system is from the inside.

The LP has some pretty screwed up priorities IMO, I'd prefer the Constitution Party if we're going to start with all the third party talk again...

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It doesn't really matter what party we influence. As long as there are enough of us.

We are doing great in the Republican Party so just continue the work we are doing and stop all the distractions from people who want to change the strategy which is always a losing proposition.

The strategy was great from the outset and has been proven successful.

We are winning!

The people who tried to divide us with all the third party talk has been proven wrong. End of story. Now let's get back to work and enjoy our successes!

Ok Bob Barr.

The Libs like NeoCons too.


Don't let them divide us

Rand would be a great improvement on the current president too. If he were not the son of Ron then we would be championing him as a great friend of Liberty. Rand Paul has a tough job following in his fathers footsteps...

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

he can make his job easier,

he can make his job easier, if he tries not to assemble a political machine from the top down.

he just needs to stay principled, stand by the constitution, and don't stray to far from the oak tree.

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Phshew, a voice of sanity and clarity

on this crazy trip we're all on.

I'm not so sure, Rand.

I respect ya Rand, I'd vote for you.

But I know what you're trying to do. You're still thinking the Republican Party is salvageable if you and few others can figure out how to bolt-on your Dad's movement to the GOP.

And for the record, you can research my posts going back a couple of years, and I stick by this: There is no Tea Party.

There were a few moments where establishment Republicans got angry enough to go outside and congregate. Then they went back to watching Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck on Fox News.

That isn't the Tea Party. That's called The Republican Party.

And I'm not really feeling all that charitable with them.

Let's be reasonable and realistic. I'm NEVER going back to the Republican Party of the last 30 years.


I'll vote for Ron. I'll show loyalty to the Ron Paul supporters.

I'll even occasionally ally myself with the Republican Party on a given issue.

But the gulf is too wide.

Maybe I'm playing bad cop, so you can play good cop with the tired out, broken down, self deluded establishment that still holds the reins temporarily ...maybe that can work. I don't know.

But really, WE are the new party.

The Republican Establishment Knuckleheads including their supporters, can bend, and come over to the Ron Paul movement.

I'm going to be stubborn like you've never seen.

On a side note: Fantastic job on doing a real life Mr. Smith goes to Washington! That really is your forte Rand. Huge props.

BTW, it's not really that big of a tent. you're either for totally overhauling everything, or your not.

it's a tremendous, insane scope of work to be done, and most GOP sheeple are not cut out for it.

I can already see that we're going to need to twist both parties arms. That's the next phase.

They don't call it a Tireless MINORITY, for nothing.

So don't call us, we'll call you.


Republican party?

Those who cross the line into darkness don't want the truth revealed. Republicans and Democrats....what's the difference?

Avenging Angel

what's the difference?

there is no difference.

ignorant democrats are no better than ignorant republicans.

does that help you?

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We ARE the tea party

bit it was the the most recent hijacking and we're getting it ALL back.

agreed. but we never really

agreed. but we never really took the name onto ourselves.

we were just Ron Paul supporters.

but if there ever was a real tea party, after the Boston Tea Party, then it was us.

we were anti-establishment.

the so called Tea Party of the neocons was anti-Democrat. Whoa. How novel is that? They came out against, wait for it, the other party and the president. That's really thinking like a rebel!




"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."