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Being "in your face" pro-RP

There's one thing I constantly see in the comments of all the videos and articles about RP that only hurts our cause. Doug Wead also tried explaining this to listeners the other day, albeit briefly, and it hasn't gotten much attention.

Some RP people read or hear negative comments about RP, or positive comments about other candidates, and they get a knee jerk reaction to slam out emotionally-filled comments that seem to be some attempt at winning an internet fight by dishing out the biggest insult and yelling RP's name loudly enough, bolstering their own ego for being right.

Please realize that this only puts other people on the defensive and allows them to easily characterize us in all kinds of negative ways. It doesn't make them think. It just proves their point that we're nuts.

If you're going to post a comment where there are other candidates' supporters reading, please take a moment to compose a thoughtful and polite comment that won't put others on the defensive. This goes for videos as well. Some youtube videos are so negative towards the competition that the only people willing to watch them are the people who already agree with them.

This is about being effective. The best way to do that is to get people to like RP a little better than Romney or Obama, not to try to get them to do a complete 180 and hate Romney or Obama. And sometimes the most effective way to do that is to not even mention the candidates but to explain an issue in detail. The best things you can say are those that make someone not necessarily agree with your point right away but cause them to remember what you said and rethink it a month down the line. That's how people change their opinions.

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When your "telling"...

...your "selling"!
Be cool & smooth...sly but wise!
Understand that liberty brings people together but drawing a line in the sand and challenging someone usually fails.
A man convinced against his will...is of the same opinion still!
They've been told lies about the good doctor and have been bred to believe in voting for evil (the lesser of two).
You can't feed a newborn steak nor can you expect the average American to comprehend constitutional liberty & freedom (no IRS sounds kooky to them). They think the Federal Reserve is a big pile of gold the US owns or something! (at minimum they think it's "federal")
So take a deep breath (and a class on selling retail) and stay calm (don't shake the beehive). When you're "telling" about freedom & liberty then you're "selling" freedom & liberty!

Blew it Big Time

I need a Ron Paul Support Group. I have no one...tonight at dinner for Mother's Day my Brother-in-Law teased me by asking if I was going to get my Ron Paul campaign contributions back...then I started talking to him, my sister got mad, then he left the table because she got mad. I was only telling him that Ron Paul wanted to end the Federal Reserve, whch he did not know, and that he was going to be on the ballot in Tampa, and that he was collecting delegates, and that the MSM did not cover the crowds of thousands that he is drawing. I am sorry, but I also said that Rick Santorum was only in the race to get the Christian right vote for Romney. They did not accept that information from me so I asked why would a good Christian like Santorum come out and endorse Romney? Then I proceded to say that Santorum had to leave the race because he was in debt and his supporters did not fund him. Unlike Ron Paul's supports who fund him and who also runs a frugal campaign. I blew it big time. I am sorry.


are some of the hardest to convince.


because subconsciously: "how can joe know so much about principles? he's just joe. i've known him all my life. he's nothing special. he's not better than me."

I want my freedom back, not my campaign contributions

Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate who can deliver.

Now that would have been a

Now that would have been a great answer!!! You have made me smile!

Keep up the great work.

Keep up the great work. You're doing fine!!! The only way anyone wins long term is by failing forward!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Wow, I did not exect so much

Wow, I did not exect so much kindness from so many! Thank you for your reply Ira.

A memorable Mother's Day dinner

As far as I'm concerned you made only one mistake. Ron Paul doesn't wish to actually end the fed, well, not in the immediate future anyway. As to the rest, I'm sure you helped to create a memorable dinner. And that's what it's all about, right? Making memories. Your mother should be proud of you. And I'm proud of her. She raised at least one of her children to think for himself, which is more than most!

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

What exactly is that want Ron

What exactly is that want Ron Paul wants to do with the Fed? I don't want to get it wrong again. Only mistake, I am a "her"self LOL. Thank you for your kind response :)

Dear Bear

You're right that to end the fed is the goal. I only thought to say what I did because I'd just heard RP clarify things, himself, when a reporter asked. I was taken aback when he said, well, he didn't actually want to END the fed. (What?!) But he went on to explain it was a process, elaborated on in his book. I don't know, but maybe there are some who are trying to scare people into thinking he'd do something drastic (overnight) that would throw us into chaos.

FYI, from the campaign site: "As President, Ron Paul will work for passage of comprehensive audit legislation, and he will also fight to legalize sound money so Americans will have alternatives to the Fed’s inflated paper money. Ultimately, he will lead the charge to end the dishonest, immoral, and unconstitutional Federal Reserve System..."

We can all chant END THE FED with a clear conscience. I'd just wanted to point out the timing in case it might come up in discussion. You gave me a laugh to visualize the dinner scenario. In a similar situation myself. Lastly, true to form you are, re your question and comment. As per my (Bear & Co.) Medicine Cards, Bear seeks "the sweetness of truth."

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Thank you for your kind gift

Thank you for your kind gift of education with information from the campaign site. I should have sought the self evident truth myself and yet it was so nice of you to hand the truth to me on a silver platter!

I am afraid sometimes I apply the sweetness of truth too liberally and its lovely fragrance becomes too over powering for my captive hearers!

I hope our like situations will resolve in a positive move toward Liberty for those we love and care.

Sometimes being right just plain sucks!

I can't be of much help but for what it's worth you probably did just fine. Petting and feeding their delusions (or brainwashed "belief") isn't right. Pretending a lie is the truth isn't healthy.
If it helps any let me point out that your not bleeding in a field knowing death is near like tens of thousands of our forefathers? It's not okay to sit around believing a lie. If you point out the truth amid lies...well good for all of you! I asked a crowd of O'Bomb'a supporters why they were holding signs up that said "bring our troops home"? Isn't it kind of foolish to plan on voting for a warmonger while holding a sign like that? "Christians" who voted for SANTORUM!!! Are they really that delusional? Can they not understand? Can they not envision 100,000 children with limbs blown off? CHRISTIAN??? ...then these same people move their support to Mitt? Can't they think for themselves? (I don't know if this helps you but I'm getting mad sitting here)
They choose to believe the lies told on the good doctor?
oops it's 12:33! Goodnite!

I should have put good

I should have put good Christian in " " in my original post. It was tongue in check. Yes, I wonder between anger and excitement over the possibilities which is why I cannot keep my mouth shut. Thank you for your kind words :)

If telling the truth is blowing it.. I'm not sorry

I decided to stop by Occupy today, registered one a Republican, passed out allot of literature... found out none of them were voting, and next week, plan to return and register more Republicans. I'm not sorry.

You Go Granger!!! Turn that

You Go Granger!!! Turn that Occupy movement into one for Liberty. They need some positive direction and who better to give it than supporters of Liberty!

oh bear....its OK.

I've done it too. This is the hardest part - being patient - because its so OBVIOUS for us.

I know, I cannot figure out

I know, I cannot figure out something that is so OBVIOUS is so oblivious to so many. I do know my waking up was gradual, and no one really helped me. It was one clue and path after another until I finally found Dr. Paul and the Liberty movement. I fear that at times I am drenching my friends and family with cold water. It is hard being the only one.

Poor thing

*Hug* It's ok. The truth is hard for people to hear. I'll be your brother.

Thanks for the Hug! I felt

Thanks for the Hug! I felt it brother!

A good reminder.

Kill them with kindness and don't sweat the small stuff.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

Very good!

I have learned throughout this revolution that simply winning the argument is not enough. It is one thing to have the most facts and beat someone over the head and win the argument, but it is not the goal simply to win arguments-it is to win people. At first I was the "passionate" Ron Paul supporter that could make others look stupid, but now I am the compassionate Ron Paul supporter (passionate in a different way) that tries to have discussions, listen to why they believe what they believe, and gently lead them into facts. This has been hard especially around those who really have no argument and do not care about facts but it has been effective. We must remember that we are representatives of Dr. Paul and what we do reflects on him. It is as if we are baring his political name. Whenever someone makes me want to pull my hair out, I simply go to my of my RP friends or family and "vent" to them. We must always remember that if the person feels that they are just being attacked or made to look stupid, they will have even more anger towards us than before. Listening and responding with compassion and facts is the key. We may not convert them on every issue immediately, but we place a seed that others will hopefully come along and fertilize further. It is foolish to think that we can change people's beliefs in minutes or even hours, when they have held some of these views for years upon years. Just keep the conversation going and try your best to bring some truth into their lives. :) Ron Paul or no one at all!

Just another person trying to change the world... :)


This message is key.

'Inflammatory' arguments are counterproductive.

This applies to face to face conversations as well as on-line message boards.

Respectful communication is effective at changing minds about the issues as well as in changing popular attitudes about RP supporters.

Remaining calm, even while being treated by others with anger, REALLY gives you the moral and intellectual high ground in conversations.

Choose your battles; listen to ignorant claims and smears in a patient way, maybe with a smile on your face. Boom: you're calm and your mind is still working properly, less stress hormone coursing through your brain... suddenly you're the one speaking intelligently and confidently and you now have the greatest leverage in the conversation.

The goal is to educate others about political issues EFFECTIVELY. Doing so requires respect in discourse. Staying calm will go a long way to restoring the RP image as one that embodies civility, respect, and a desire to do good. Just try not to get bogged down in heated arguments - it's destructive. Building rapport with your opponent while introducing ideas in a digestible way is highly constructive. By remaining calm and firm, we will at least be able to reach a wider audience. That is the only way we ever have.

adam t

Critically Important Post that is vital for us all to take to

heart and act upon.

Thank You for this KV.

Please remember that popular/big media programming of our fellow citizens is very powerful. Try not to let a sense of extreme urgency cause you to attempt to rush a process that cannot be rushed and has its own schedule.

The Banker media propaganda is laughably transparent once you have sufficient truth; most of these people we NEED to reach have never seen a shred of the most important truths.

Try to put yourself in their media confused/misguided mindset when planning how to bring them around-slowly, gently.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in