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Be Wary of Americans Elect!

Be Wary of Americans Elect!

During the last several months I have noticed several different posts about Americans Elect (AE) and have wondered who they were and what they were doing, though I had never heard they should be avoided. Mostly I have seen links suggesting people go there and vote or register to vote. I have also seen warnings to Paul delegates to not register as it may invalidate their delegate position.
Aaron Klein at WND wrote an article about AE raising issues about their mysterious funding and their proclaimed grassroots efforts to get a third-party candidate on this year’s ballot. Mr. Klein also asserts that AE itself has ties to Obama and top Democrats and accuses the organization of fraudulent practices to push their agenda.
Please read this article and share it with your friends. I have no idea how much truth there may be in Mr. Klein’s concerns, but it is critical to stay informed. It is also interesting that on the bottom of AE’s home page CNN and FOX have both provided supportive endorsements of AE. Of course these establishment media goons would be happy to support a third-party who is up to no good.


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I am a delegate who voted

I voted weeks ago for Ron Paul on Americans Elect.

I voted yesterday as a Republican delegate in my congressional district.

No one objected to my voting.
[And why would they? I was voting for a slate of Republicans!] *

I emailed the campaign about this rumor. They replied 'all we can confirm is that we heard that this is a rumor among some delegates'.

I urge you to vote for Ron Paul however you can. We need him in the white house.

* If you are a delegate going to Tampa then you may NOT want to vote for Paul in AE. Unlike AE, the Republican Party has been shown to pull all kinds of tricks - and at the point that you are voting for Ron Paul vs Romney, who knows what they may try to do. BUT

There are ONLY 2286 total national delegates. So there are still millions of us to get Ron Paul qualified on Americans Elect - and let him decide.

Terence W.

Americans Elect MAY be a Good Group

BUT.... We should be very prudent, and watch this story closely. I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL if one of the parties (Reps Dems) tried something like this.

Americans Elect--A Different View

I beg to differ--strongly. Americans Elect (AE) is an honest effort to offer Americans a chance to nominate online a third major ticket for president and vice president. Once nominated, the two candidates will run their own campaign. The only thing they will owe to AE is what old-fashioned courtesy suggests--a polite “Thank You!” for ballot placement in all 50 states.

Americans Elect, like all human inventions, is not perfect; but I believe many of the attacks on it are unfair and inaccurate. (Please see: http://www.dailypaul.com/232228/americans-elect-is-not-a-scam.)

It’s certainly important to keep pressure on the Republican Party. But some folks forget that there are lots of non-Republicans out there. The Americans Elect route offers a chance to appeal to all Americans for their votes in November.

Except for Paul delegates to Republican conventions (who have to avoid
possible challenges), anyone who wants the Paul campaign to continue to
the November election can sign up with AE as a Paul supporter. Dr. Paul currently has over 9200 support clicks of the minimum 10,000 needed to qualify for AE’s online primary. But the 9200 are scattered over many states. He needs a minimum of 1,000 from each of at least 10 states.

If you want him to be on the ballot in November, please go to
www.americanselect.org and select the blue “Sign Up” bar. You’ll need to provide some information so they can verify that you’re a registered voter in your state. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican, Libertarian, independent, or Democrat. Just be sure to click your support for Ron Paul!

Mary Meehan

You may very well be correct,

You may very well be correct, but then again, you may not. When the Main Stream Media gives them a thumb up and when they have secretive donors, I am immediately suspicious.

If AE is legitimate then let them open their closet and show us where they are getting their money. If they don't want to do that, then they are part of the bad guys in my book.

Why dont you use your writing skills

to sway people into helping ron paul at the task at hand?

What after Ron Paul is elected Through Americans Elect?
How can we move into congress??? Through americans elect?
Or through the GOP who will hate us for winning against them in '12??

AE is a dead end!
We are taking over the GOP and 2016 latest we are in charge in every state!

I think you like Ron Paul but you are probably paid by AE to move us away to them as you pull out in EVERY AE thread your well written "why we should go to AE" stuff.

If you would put this energy in taking over the GOP then it would help Ron Paul much more.

I see you can be hired as a speaker. So why not speaking for Ron Paul to the GOP and the independents? I bet you would make a good politician!

Response to ronpaulpeace

First, thank you for your commendation of my writing ability. :)
I've done some public speaking about antiwar conservatives--including Dr. Paul and others--and would be happy to give talks about Dr. Paul only.

I am not paid by AE and have never been paid by them. The thought of taking money from them never even crossed my mind. I'm not for sale.

If we could elect Dr. Paul president through Americans Elect, he would have support from congressional Republicans on fiscal policy, and from congressional Democrats on foreign policy and the Bill of Rights.

Focusing only on the GOP is a long-term strategy--for 2016 and beyond. It's important to have people working on the GOP--but also important to have others appealing to the general public.

The huge advantages of the AE route are that: a) the AE nomination should be easy to get, given the dedication and online skills of Paul supporters; b)if Ron Paul accepted the nomination, he and his message would be before the country until November; c) this would enable him to pick up a lot of support from independents (where he already runs strongly in polls) and from Democrats who are disenchanted with Obama over the wars and the continued attacks on the Bill of Rights; d) he might even win.

Mary Meehan

To think...

I had been blasted and flamed for saying no to AE...

Ron said it himself he's fighting all the way to Tampa, why not stick with his decisions instead of parading down the third party bear trap laid by the establishment that hopes you do so they can completely ignore you and get on with their pony clone show.

Tales of Vesperia - Resolution of the People ~ from 'Ring a Bell'

these people are paid shills..

or they dont have the balls to go toe vs. toe against the GOP. They prefer to vote in front of their pc.

Support Ron Paul in all avenues

I'm focused on Ron Paul winning the GOP nomination and changing the GOP from the ground up. I'm a member of the GOP central committee in our county and have fought to take it over. That being said, I don't see why a concurrent 3rd party option should not even be considered? Ron Paul himself hasn't absolutely ruled it out. We should consider all options. It's Ron Paul or no one else. We don't have time to settle for 2016 if our country is gone to hell before then.

It is not supporting Ron Paul to talk about a 3rd party run

He is trying to win the GOP nomination. That's it.

What happens later is another matter and something to be discussed when we get there. Ron Paul may have a decision to make and when he does I will support him in whatever he decides to do.

Until then, we have an election to win.

Their owners

And those who fund it suggest bad intent. Just stay away from it.